Brexit from Alexandra - "We Stand for the Integrity and Unity of Europe"

Thursday, 11 April 2019 15:01 Leni

Dear Co-workers,
This single article explains everything if you are interested to know.
We hold the line because every delay and every extension opens up possibilities to Revoke Article 50. Everyone pretty much knows this is the right course of action, but there is not the courage to do it in Parliament.
Boris Johnson is now being questioned about lies and illegalities in the Leave campaign.
Now the UK is half in and half out, in purgatory. Leave EU was to "take back control", but now the PM sits in a separate room whilst the EU 27 decide what to do about the problem child UK. You could not make this up.
Esotericists may find it significant that the new deadline is 31 October, Halloween . From twitter:
"Has the European Council discovered a sense of irony - UK to leave on All SOULS day and 27  EU members to have a new President on ALL SAINTS day."

We hold the line:
"We Stand for the Integrity and Unity of Europe"