Tuesday, 10 April 2018 17:59 Leni


What is the difference between a chemical weapon attack, versus the dropping of bombs, some with depleted uranium or phosphorous? None really, “chemical weapons” is a weaponised mantra used by propagandists to portray extreme suffering and cruelty, particularly of children – to create mass media emotional blackmail and guilt; to make people react and not think clearly; to “manufacture consent” as Noam Chomsky says. The alleged use of chemical weapons has been used so many times to create a mythical “red line”, that once crossed, will bear a response from NATO forces – USA, Britain, France etc.

And so the failed poison propaganda campaign against Russia by the British MI6 or other agencies, now distracts everyone back to Russian-backed Syria with an obvious false flag gas attack – allegedly by the monstrous tyrant Assad upon his own people. Why would he do that, how does that serve his international cause? This is such a tiresome pattern where the rest of the world are treated contemptuously as utter idiots - to believe this quite transparent fairy tale – it must be starting to wear thin with greater numbers of independent thinkers by now. Unfortunately however, many intelligent people still believe unquestioningly and undiscriminatingly, are virtually hypnotised by this tired old narrative.

And now these NATO nations, particularly the US, are entering an extraordinarily dangerous phase where a “response” will be decided in the next 48 hours. Transiting Mars with perfect timing, is moving into position to oppose USA’s Cancer sun in the next day and could very well be a trigger. Foolhardy action like this could escalate to all out world war.

The Mars transit will trigger the Sun square Saturn in Libra aspect in USA’s horoscope, that might bring in the forces of restraint. Also, transiting Saturn is in Capricorn is in the vicinity of Mars, adding its restraining forces to the opposition of USA’s sun.

If reckless action is taken now, with an idiot president egged on by the likes of his new National Security Advisor and warmonger, John Bolton – then the karmic consequences of “unleashing hell” in Syria will be dire for USA and the world.

Feeling powerless about this situation? Contribute your energy through subjective individual and group meditation to offset this blind and senseless aggression - and diffuse these forces. Make others aware of this deception by the world’s leading nations, very much a re-run of what occurred in 2003 when “weapons of mass destruction” was used as a pretext to invade oil-rich Iraq.…/russia-us-un-security-council……/warning-serious-consequences…

President condemns ‘heinous’ attack and vows to take action against those responsible