Saturday, 11 April 2009 14:00 Leni


A sealed glass vessel will open only in response to sympathetic vibration.  This is already known, but the coordination of the harmony of reverberation with all its astonishing diversity and variation is not sufficiently considered.  Is it not strange that the same glass will resound either to glass or metal or wood, and to the most varied bodies?  Such harmonization of reverberation reminds one once again of the multiplicity of coordinations of combinations.  This example is useful for human leaders.  Is not the greatest harm inflicted by monotony, which penetrates into all human strata?  The law is one, but its vibrations are as varied as the Universe is multifarious.

One must rejoice at this multiformity, for precisely it gives the path to refinement.  What would become of the human heart if it reverberated to only one note?  Hence, let all leaders remember about multiformity and diversity.