Social Sculpture Joseph Beuys by Leni

Tuesday, 01 September 2020 16:40 Leni

is a phrase to describe an expanded concept of art that was invented by the artist and co-founder of the German Green Party, Joseph Beuys. Beuys created the term "social sculpture" to embody his understanding of art's potential to transform society.
As a work of art, a social sculpture includes human activity that strives to structure and shape society or the environment. The central idea of a social sculptor is an artist who creates structures in society using language, thoughts, actions, and objects.
Some of the 7,000 Oaks planted between 1982 and 1987 for Documenta 7 (1982).
During the 1960s, Beuys formulated his central theoretical concepts concerning the social, cultural and political function and potential of art.
Indebted to Romantic writers such as Novalis and Schiller, Beuys was motivated by a utopian belief in the power of universal human creativity and was confident in the potential for art to bring about revolutionary change.
These ideas were founded in the social ideas of anthroposophy and the work of Rudolf Steiner, of which he was a vigorous and original proponent.
This translated into Beuys' formulation of the concept of social sculpture, in which society as a whole was to be regarded as one great work of art (the Wagnerian Gesamtkunstwerk) to which each person can contribute creatively .
Beuys' most famous phrase, borrowed from Novalis,
is "Everyone is an artist ".
(Inspired by the Sept. Letter of the Arcane School).
-We are going to enter in the Fourth Ray Art and Harmony through Conflict , the beginnings are already under our eyes!
This ray will come into power soon and will be prominent in the destinies of India, Germany , Italy , Austria and Brazil . The turmoil in these countries is a preparatory step....


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