Complementary by Duane C.

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Webster’s dictionary defines the word complementary as “something that fills up or completes”.
If we look at the definition of complete, we come up with the definition “having all parts or elements", “brought to an end and “fully carried out”, “absolute” or “to make whole or perfect”.
A quote by the Tibetan says:
“ This absorption of extra-spherical emanation is the secret of the dependence of one sphere upon another, and has its correspondence in the cycling of a ray through any plane sphere." (TCF
The idea of the rays as colored bands passing through the planes which are also colored bands, and both have an opposite magnetic charge presents spherical lives on the inner planes which are brought together into one integrated life.
During manifestation a ray is attracted towards a plane because in their mutual interaction something new becomes known or recognized, Something is made whole or completed.
All work with triangles is the study of how diverse forces work in unison for some greater expression of divinity to evolve, but each
one of these occult lives may express a different ray polarization, exists on a different level or plane. "
Thus three divine aspects , that are differentiated into the seven rays, present their complementary colors in the process of involution and evolution.
in the study of magnetism and electricity the chakras or force centers can change or shift to accommodate more advanced relationships during the initiatory experience. A center which is positive can reverse its polarity while under the influence of a greater and more powerful life than itself.
Some centers the Tibetan has also pointed out are dual and under certain conditions can exhibit both positive and negative poles . Like solar plexus, which can express the sacral energy subconsciously and throat centre via the concrete mind..
For evolution and growth to occur between two different polar forces some new force must intervene or mediate. Opposites we say attract each other, but that may be only when the organism or entities we are reviewing may have reached a fairly high stage of development, and
can often be antagonistic or repelled in their early contact or relationship".
When a chakra is properly functioning and balanced the color surrounding it will be very pale, and that will be the pure color of that chakra. The pale color indicates that the energy emitted from the chakra is fine and subtle.
A dense, dark color indicates a chakra that is not properly functioning.
Brennan indicates that each chakra has seven layers, and that each layer corresponds to a layer of the auric field. In order for the energy to flow from one layer to another, according to Brennan, it must first go to the root or the heart of the chakra ( laya centre, mentioned by D,Carpenter), where there are seals that control the exchange of energy between the layers of the aura through that chakra
It is only when solar plexus is connected to the heart, via aspiration, devotion , that it become depolarised , and receptive to the mind, controlling instinct.
The point is that polarisation on different planes of consciousness attracts different frequencies of waves substance, and therefore different colors qualities to the chakras, which due to their different nature and polarisation - produce different effects: psychic, spiritual , illuminating.
The colors observed in each chakra are related to the frequency of energy being metabolized at its particular frequency.
Each chakra is associated with an endocrine gland and a major nerve plexus. The metabolic path of Incoming Primary Energy is its absorption by the chakra, which breaks it up into component parts and sends it along energy channels, called "nadis", to the nervous system, the endocrine glands, and then to the blood to nourish the body and produce refining of the mental body, or spiritual integration and later enlightenment.
Psychic development is the improvement of communication on the emotional plane.
Spiritual development is the development of one's consciousness into
higher states.
In essence, there are two types of etheric webs associated with the major etheric chakras:
a) a web that blocks the flow of energy between two chakras, which could be called a developmental web of specific subtle bodies, principles;
and b) a web that blocks the flow of energy between an etheric chakra and its emotional counterpart, which could be called an opening web. Because the emotional body is more old, and is negative to mind,
When a developmental web is removed, its associated etheric chakra is said to be developed - and resonates to its complementary centre;
and when an opening web is removed, its associated etheric
chakra is said to be opened, by the compementary chakra's color and resonates to its higher opposite.
The purpose of opening an etheric chakra is to improve communication between it and its counterpart on the emotional or
astral plane and change its polarisation towards the mental body.
The common psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance and clairaudience, occur by opening the solar plexus, which provides access to information in the astral or emotional plane.
The opening of the solar plexus also provides access to lower emotions from the emotional plane, such as positive
regard, anger, fear, and desire. This opening can also provide for out- of body experiences, called astral projection, but the traveler generally has no conscious memory of traveling.
The opening of the heart chakra assists in receiving higher emotions from the higher astral plane. Higher emotions can still be positive or negative, and they include compassion, devotion, and sensing the weight of humanities grief, but they are of spiritual origin.
The opening of the crown chakra creates an illumined seer, one who can receive an influx of light, information and inspiration, which is a higher form of clairvoyance and clairaudience. The opened crown chakra can also provide a higher form of out-of-body experience, called Samadhi, which means "self-awareness conscious union with Spirit" in Sanskrit.