While I was writing Occult Cosmology ...Bruce Lyon

Friday, 03 May 2019 17:13 Leni

While I was writing Occult Cosmology there were a number of times I was struck with a sense of the future - one of them was during this piece.

"In the life of mass humanity the times of the eclipses are particularly valuable in making collective approach to divinity. The higher octave of these eclipses that will be utilised by initiates occur twice a year when the sun/earth axis also forms a relationship with the direction of the galactic centre in Sagittarius. When the higher and lower alignments are both present ( ie a lunar or solar eclipse occurs on the solstice ) when the sun or earth is aligned with the galactic centre an opportunity of 'peculiar potency' is available." OC 198

I had the distinct sensation that this bit of information had an aura around it to draw my attention to it and made a note to look up just how frequent this could be. Strangely that year there was a lunar eclipse on dec 21 2010. I then forgot about it for a decade until now when researching the astrology of 2020 and seeing that this phenomena will occur - this time an annular solar eclipse. I did some research and it seems that in 2000 years there has only been one solar eclipse on a solstice and that was dec 21 1638. What is more it occurs at sunrise when the earth sun axis is aligned with the galactic centre.

All levels in cosmos are represented in a line - sun, moon, earth and gc - in this order which also seems significant. The sun and the black hole are at opposite poles. The moon is eclipsing the sun and the earth is closest to the gc. Archetypally we could say that the solar consciousness which dominates western society is being overshadowed by the lunar unconsciousness and the earth is able to receive the dark light directly. The psychological equivalent is a mini shamballa impact as the monad personality connection is direct. At the same time there will be a jupiter/pluto conjunction which indicates potential for a cathartic opening of the heart which is where the dark light enters.

There will also be significant alignments at the great pyramid in Egypt and at Mt Kailas in Tibet.

I wonder if any Shamballa School people might be interested in being in those places.

I will be in Glastonbury developing a death/rebirth initiation for the masses which seems fitting for this alignment. Bruce Lyon