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Fiori di saggezza

Se ci sono ostacoli, non e' l'infinito

Se si possono contare, non sono stelle

Se trema o si agita, non e' una montagna

Se cresce o decresce, non e' un oceano

Se passa sopra i ponti, non e' un fiume

Se si puo' afferrare, non e' l'arcobaleno

Ecco le parabole delle sei percezioni esterne


Webinar Treatise of The Cosmic Fire Bailey D.K. Robbins

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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire .
You can find the recordings and information here:


Gayatri Mantra Deva Premal

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Webinar 128 on dissipation of Glamour

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But nothing at all is in-essence illusory.   MIchael Robbins



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Duane Carpenter to The Reappearance of the Christ
A collaborative work between Justin Wilkinson and myself. It demonstrates what two disciples can do when they work in synchronicity but have somewhat different talents or specialties. I did the graphic image in this case and Justin the animations. Here are a few excerpts from DK on the Rods of Initiation. Those who visualize these images and symbols presented here with the right intension and the right interior focus will experience a powerful inrush of force. Many of the symbols and animations presented here are Hierarchacal in nature and impressed from soul levels.HPB has affirmed that we must get inside of each symbol and imagine we are the center of this powerful symbol that veils even deeper meaning and purpose.
“One Rod is charged anew at Shamballa for each new World Teacher; the Rod of Sanat Kumara is charged afresh at each recurring world period, and therefore seven times in the history of a planetary scheme. The Logoic Rod of Power is electrified at the recurrence of each new period of creation, or for each solar system through which the Logos manifests, as a man manifests through his physical body life. The first two ceremonies take place at Shamballa, the sacred point of planetary manifestation, that central location in our physical planet which corresponds to the heart of a human being. Many of the places on the earth's surface, for instance, which are famed for their healing properties, are thus noted because they are magnetised spots, and their magnetic properties demonstrate as healing influences. The recognition of these properties by man is but the preamble of a later and more definite recognition, which will eventuate when his etheric sight is normally developed.
These magnetic spots are magnetised in three ways:—
1. By Sanat Kumara working through the Manu. This occurs when it is desirable to form a central magnetic point which, by its attractive power, will draw into a coherent whole some race, nation, or large organisation. Every nation has its "magnetic point," formed in etheric matter by the application of the "Flaming Diamond" to the ethers; it is the national heart and the basis of the national character. Usually the chief city of a nation is built up around it, but this is not invariably so.
2. By Sanat Kumara working through the Bodhisattva. In this case, the electric force in the Rod is wielded in order to draw closer together those influences which demonstrate in the great religions of the world. The lesser Rod of Power is used here in conjunction with the greater. By their means the attractive quality or keynote of any religion is struck, and of any organisation with a religious basis.
3. By Sanat Kumara working through the Mahachohan. By the wielding of the Rod of Power the magnetic focal points of those great organisations which affect the civilisation and the culture of a people are brought into coherent activity.
All physical plane organisation—governmental, religious, or cultural—is the working out of inner forces and causes, and, before they definitely appear in physical manifestation, a focalisation—if it might be so expressed—of these influences and energies, takes place on etheric levels. The organisation of the Freemasons is a case in point. It has two magnetic centres, one of which is in Central Europe. In all the cases cited, the Lord of the World was the officiating agent, as is ever the case in the founding of great and important movements. In all lesser movements for the helping of the race, initiated by the Masters working through Their disciples, the aid of the Bodhisattva is invoked, and the lesser Rod of Power employed.
When disciples initiate a movement on a relatively tiny scale, the Master with Whom they work can similarly assist them, and though He wields no Rod of Power, He has methods whereby He can stimulate and cause to cohere the little endeavour of the faithful followers. Thus in all departments of human life the Rods of Initiation and the Words of Power are used. The entire world government functions under law and order, and the whole scheme is interdependent.
To return to the subject of human initiation, and these Rods of Power. At the time of the Initiation ceremony, after the two great revelations there comes a moment of utter silence, and in the interim the initiate realises within himself the meaning of "Peace." He stands, as it were, in a void, or in a vacuum, wherein naught seemingly can reach him; he stands betwixt earth and heaven for a brief second, conscious of naught but the meaning of things as they are, realising his own essential divinity, and the part which he must play when he again returns to earth service from the Council Chamber of Heaven. He is conscious of no anxiety, fear, or doubt. He has contacted the divine "Presence," and has seen the vision. He knows what he has to do and how he must do it, and peace and joy unutterable fill his heart. This is an interlude of stillness before a period of renewed activity, which begins at the moment that the Rod is applied. Whilst he has been thus withdrawn within himself, with all his forces centred in his heart, the attendant Lodge of Masters have been performing certain ceremonies and chanting certain words, preparatory to the appearance of the Initiator upon the throne, and the wielding of the Rod.” (HIS 132-34)

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