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Fiori di saggezza

Se ci sono ostacoli, non e' l'infinito

Se si possono contare, non sono stelle

Se trema o si agita, non e' una montagna

Se cresce o decresce, non e' un oceano

Se passa sopra i ponti, non e' un fiume

Se si puo' afferrare, non e' l'arcobaleno

Ecco le parabole delle sei percezioni esterne


FORMULA 4 for group integration Duane C.

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0:29 / 2:48
FORMULA 4 for group integration
A cautionary note is warranted here. The animated symbol shared here is not simply the personal work of any particular artist but is a symbol given by the Master DK for group integration and use. It is specific constructed to stimulate the etheric body of the viewer and its use should be discontinued if any discomfort is experienced.
The use of this type of symbol can become a type of ritual enacted upon the high mental plane when the full creative participation of the students imagination or picture making faculties are engaged. “Energy we know follows thought” but only if the interior focus and concentration is powerful enough. This is an important consideration since the higher initiations take place primarily in the causal field and only in the personality or physical brain as a reflex or grounding agent.
A few key quotes by the Tibetan Master DK on this 4th Group Formula.
Formula 4 . . . Concerns dynamic energy and is the basis of the true Laya-Yoga; this yoga deals ever with the point within the circle and its relation to other points which condition the evolutionary process. (DINA 2 366)
Formula Four has a specific effect upon the "jewel in the lotus," awakening it to life; this it does (through effects produced) upon the three planes of the three worlds, thus bringing about changes in the seven wheels (centres) so that the "dynamic point at the centre of each wheel obliterates the lesser points of force, and thus the wheel begins to turn upon itself." DINA 2 250)
Formula IV . . . Lead us from chaos to Beauty.
“This formula is presented in the form of a symbol—one which is in such constant movement that it is most difficult to describe or to make it live before you.
There lies before the investigator a square or oblong, composed of a kaleidoscopic mass of inchoate colours, moving, pulsating and in constant indescribable confusion. Superimposed upon this square is a radiant sun with a penumbra composed of the seven prismatic colours; these radiate from the sun in regular rhythmic bands and produce a marvellous blaze of colour. The background of the square appears to have its confusion of colours shown of a heavy, brilliant kind and quality; the scheme of beauty emerging (even if it appears as superimposed) is translucent and delicate and radiantly living in hue. The heavier background can be distinctly seen through the translucence. This formula differs according to the polarisation of the one who visions it and who studies it. If he is focussed in the personality, and is therefore conditioned by his personality ray, one type of energy will impinge upon his consciousness; if he is soul conscious and soul focussed, another type of energy will have its effect. Thus two different pictures will emerge. Both will be correct, but the interpreting agent will be different.
This formula, if carefully considered and studied for a number of years, will become a key form by means of which aspects of the creative process will come to the attention of the student, plus revelation as to some of the divine objectives which are wider and of greater and richer implication than has yet been realised. I would here remind you that these formulas are not symbols of what already is, but are indicatory key forms of what may or shall be—a very different matter and one which you should bear in mind. They are symbols of the future and not of the past; they are predictive and not consummating; they reveal what is on the way as the result of the divine thought and are not pictorial presentations of what already is.
Therefore, they are not easy to grasp and interpret, because it is only the activity of the intuition which will enable you to understand and move forward into the new impulsive causal area. Difficult though this task may be (and, my brother, is), it is of major importance to disciples in training for initiation, because it will steadily tend to facilitate their entry into the world of causes and their emergence from the world of effects. You can see also from this that this formula is related to the Law of Karma; in fact, in the ancient records from which these formulas are taken, Formula IV has the symbol of one of the four Lords of Karma at the four corners of this square or oblong design. This formula is sometimes called that of "the Sun upon the Square." I have no more to say anent this theme at this time or about this formula in this Instruction. All that I am giving you is intended to be suggestive and to develop in you the power to use the interpretive sense—one of the new senses as far as experience and experiment are concerned, but which is latent in every man.” (DINA 2 306-7)

Planetary upgrade TPS

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The harmonic System of nations TPS

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Assolutamente....by Leni

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" ....La rotondità del movimento
poi la spirale del vento che spinge,
che leviga, che accarezza,
senza temere che si fermi,
la mano che prende aspetti diversi,
prima piccina,
poi adulta,
in questo tornado di sensitività
mi scopro nel punto del centro
assolutamente libera,
universale!...." by Leni
1Cecilia Di Domenico


The Cosmic Sutratma and Shamballa -Jon Darrall-Rew

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The Cosmic Sutratma and Shamballa as a 3-Fold Centre
*Welcome to the occult playground that is my mind while I'm wiping baby sick off my clothes and feeling passionate about the work we're doing. ;)

Ok, so for a while now I’ve wanted to share something on this diagram. It comes from Occult Cosmology, which is one of the books of transmissions Bruce received in his first phase of working with DK between 2001 and 2007.
This is basically one of the most important diagrams in the whole teaching. Especially for those of us working with monadic energy. And I wanna invite we spend some time with it.
This diagram shows the cosmic sutratma. In human beings, the sutratma is the stream of monadic life force that extends from:
  • The monad
  • Through the core of the soul
  • And anchors in the heart chakra of every being.
The sutratma is different to the antahkarana – both are super important parts of our esoteric anatomy to understand.
The antahkarana is the bridge in consciousness that we gradually build between the different levels of our multidimensional being – from personality to soul to monad.
As we do our practice and walk our path, slowly we establish this bridge in consciousness between these levels of ourselves.
The personality first builds the bridge in consciousness with the soul, and we come to sense who we already are as a soul, what we are up to already as a soul on the soul planes, and who we are already connected to as a soul. This covers the first three initiations.
Then, between the third initiation and the fifth, we build the bridge between soul and monad, so we increasingly come to awaken to the truth of what we already are in our monadic core.
This takes a while. It all unfolds over the whole of the 5 major initiations of the soul. They happen over many incarnations.
The sutratma is different. It isn’t build over time in consciousness like the antahkarana. It is a cable of monadic life force that is already fully alive, online and complete between the monad, the core of the soul and the heart chakra.
We don’t have to build the sutratma to connect to our monadic energy. We just have to uncover it within the core of our hearts.
Then, no matter what level of initiation a person is at, they can access monadic energy at least as a temporary state to add power to their soul’s journey through the initiations. Identification speeds up initiation and individualisation.
This is why we work with the heart so much in Shamballa School.
The diagram I’ve attached here is the cosmic sutratma. Remember, as above, so below. The structure of the human being is a smaller reflection of the structure of the great lives that ensoul the cosmos.
The cosmic sutratma connected to our planetary life runs between:
  • The black hole at the galactic centre – cosmic monad
  • The core of our sun – the core of the solar soul
  • The core of the earth – the core of the earth’s heart chakra
From the heart chakra, the monadic current then anchors a seed of dark light in the crown chakra and the base chakra.
Remember in the most recent transmission from DK he describes the Arctic (north pole), the Antarctic (south pole) and the core of the heart as the physical correspondences to the crown, base and heart chakras as they relate to the physical planet.
*It's interesting to consider that the magnetic north pole of the earth has been moving at high speeds since the 1990's more and more in the direction of Siberia, and I'd suggest maybe toward the Gobi desert which is where Shamballa as the planetary crown chakra (the energetic north pole) is located in etheric matter. This would involve a synching up of the etheric and physical levels of the planetary life, which we are told is reflective of the integration between the planetary soul, which operates on the etheric, and the planetary personality, which operates on physical levels.
In Occult Cosmology, DK says that not only is there is a black hole at the core of every atom, but that there is a black hole at the core of the earth (and the sun). He said that in 2007. Now that is starting to be explored in science: https://www.express.co.uk/news/science/1120558/NASA-news-black-hole-inside-earth-Louise-Riofrio-space-news
What this means is that the monadic life of the earth is anchored in its heart chakra in the core of the earth, just like your monadic life is anchored in your heart chakra. The earth has a 1st ray monad, a 2nd ray soul and a 3rd ray personality.
The great shift happening on the planet at present is from our society being run by the earth’s 3rd ray personality that is now past its use by date for running things, to the earth’s 2nd ray soul.
In Shamballa School, we work with accessing monadic energy via the sutratma to empower the evolution of our souls, the fusion of our soul with our personality, and our emergence as expressions of the One Life.
And, remember the dark light of the monad is anchored in three centres of our being.
  • Crown chakra - the will of the soul
  • Heart chakra - the will of the monad
  • Base chakra - the will of the body
If we look at the full picture of how we can work with the dark light in service of the planet as a whole, we can work with each of these three centres of the planet.
Normally we are told that Shamballa embodies the planetary crown chakra, where the will of the planetary Logos' soul and the will of the solar Logos' soul are anchored.
My suggestion here though is that Shamballa is actually a 3-fold system - not just the planetary crown chakra as it is most often referred to as, but that there is a division of Shamballa which holds the dark core of the planetary heart, and a division that holds the dark core of the planetary base too.
If we're working with the dark light in service of the planetary shift currently happening, we can choose to work with each of these three centres of the planetary life. And as we are told in the recent teachings, this will have different effects depending on which centre we invoke:
  • The planetary crown chakra - empowers the breaking opening of consciousness
  • The planetary heart chakra - empowers radical identification as the One Life
  • The planetary base chakra - empowers the clearing out and liberation of our embodiment
In terms of your engagement with the monadic dimension of the planetary process, feel into which centre of dark light you feel most alive to invoke.
Which is it?

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