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Fiori di saggezza

Se ci sono ostacoli, non e' l'infinito

Se si possono contare, non sono stelle

Se trema o si agita, non e' una montagna

Se cresce o decresce, non e' un oceano

Se passa sopra i ponti, non e' un fiume

Se si puo' afferrare, non e' l'arcobaleno

Ecco le parabole delle sei percezioni esterne


by Leni the descending electric fire of the spirit

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"...If the phenomenon of lightning can be used as an example of the descending electric fire of the spirit aspect as it operates to make adjustments within the form, then the phenomena of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes represent the emergence of the latent kundalini fires of the planet...

* Occult Cosmology - Bruce Lyon & D.K.


Pluto is very active in 2020 bringing at the surface the aspect of the Will which has to do,partially,
with Vril the other aspect of Agni ,
Both Energies must BE in Balance in the HEART!

Empowering the Heart of Humanity, and Revealing Life and The Divinity in us all ! L.S


Power, Love and Light: fourth aspect of Power and Light TPS

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****Ashram of Synthesis **** Shamballa Scool

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Leni Sibilio ****Ashram of Synthesis ****
- a particular ashram within the Trans-Himalayan School of the Planetary Lineage, or subtle level of community of initiates, masters and souls that the master Djwhal Khul first mentioned the formation of in his work with Alice Bailey, and that then played a central role in the teachings of the master rakozci through Lucille Cedercrans. Within Hierarchy, or the meta-sangha of liberate beings on Earth, it is understood in the Trans-Himalayan teachings that there are seven fundamental groupings pf initiates, masters and souls, each within the energetic aura or, and trasmitting one of the seven rays. The Ashram of Synthesis, however, is a subtle level community gathered around the energy of the 1st, 2nd and 7th Rays - those of Divine Power, Divine Love-Wisdom - and Divine Embodiment and Ritual. These are the three major energies of the Aquarian zodiacal age and this is an Ashram whose principle focus is understood to be relating of the consciousness and energy of Shamballa , Hierarchy, and Humanity - the planetary crown, heart and throat chakras - so that the cosmic purpose of the planetary Logos of the Earth , described elsewhere as the founding of a station of awakened civilization in God-realization in the universe through the medium of humanity, may be increasingly grounded...in his work with Bruce Lyon, Djwhal Khul describes this Ashram to be composed of being awakened to the One Absolute Life from all kingdoms. He teaches that it is composed of buddhas and codmic spirits within Shamballa, master and devas of Hierarchy, awakened human beings as well as devas of all other kingdoms also. Shamballa School - 

Deep OM Mantra Chants

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