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Flowers of wisdom

If there are obstacles, not 'the infinite

If you can count, not the stars

If you tremble or shake, and not 'a mountain

If increases or decreases, is not 'an ocean

If it passes over the bridges, not 'a river

If you can 'grasp, and not' the rainbow

Here are the parables of the six external perceptions


B. Creme: "Artists and their Rays"

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The following information is taken from the article by Benjamin Creme "Artists and their Rays", which appears in Maitreya's Mission Volume 3. All the artists mentioned in the article were inspired by Masters and have since themselves become Masters: Cimabue (2.35) (1240-1302), Giotto (2.4) (1267-1337), Rembrandt (3.0) (1606-1669), Leonardo da Vinci (4.4) (1452-1519), Raphael (3.0) (1483-1520), Michelangelo (3.3) (1475-1564), Paolo Veronese (3.0) (1528-1588), El Greco (3.0) (1541-1614), Albrecht Durer (2.4) (1471-1528), Velasquez (2.4) (1599-1660).

Cimabue is now a sixth-degree Master working on one of the higher planes of this earth. Giotto is now a sixth-degree initiate. Michelangelo is now on Sirius but has taken the equivalent of seven initiations. Paolo Veronese is now a Master on the 7th Ray and will be very active in the world in the New Age. He will be the inspiration behind the first 70 or 80 years of New Age architecture and so will powerfully affect the architecture of the next 150 years. El Greco is now a sixth-degree Master and working on one of the higher planes of this earth. Durer is on the sacred planet, Vulcan. Velasquez is now a Master on the 4th Ray, working on one of the higher planes of this earth. He is working with the devas – 4th Ray Masters seem often to do that. His aim is to get to Mercury. See below for comments about Leonardo da Vinci.

Another not mentioned in the article is the Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens (3.0) (1577-1640). He is now a Master on the 4th Ray and works exclusively with the deva evolution. Lorenzo Lotto (2.5) (1480-1556), the Venetian painter is also now a Master of the fifth degree. He is not at present in incarnation but is planning to be so around the turn of the century.

Aurobindo Ghose (3.7) (1872 – 1950) Indian mystic

Baha'u'llah (3.0) (1817 – 1892) Founder of Bahaism. He was mentally impressed (not overshadowed) by Maitreya with the Bahai teachings.

Bailey, Alice A (3.2) (1880 – 1949) Amanuensis of the Master D.K. for thirty years, during which time He dictated a 18 books through her and they co-authored a further two., These books constitute the second or Intermediate Phase of Revelation by the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters (the works of H P Blavatsky constituting the first or Preparatory Phase). Alice Bailey also wrote several books in her own right. All of the Alice Bailey books have been published by the Lucis Trust.

Besant, Annie (2.15) (1847 – 1933) President of the Theosophical Society during the time of Krishnamurti. She is considered to be the most reliable of her generation of Theosophical writers.

Bingen, St Hildegard von (1.47) (1098 – 1179) Musician, healer and abbess. Currently in incarnation in a male body, working in the social field and is 3.5 degrees initiate.

Blavatsky, HP (4.0) (1831 – 1891) Major work was The Secret Doctrine which was given through her by the Masters Morya, Koot Humi, and DK. Works to help the Master Morya in His manifold endeavours along the 1st Ray line. This includes the stimulus of the various esoteric and occult societies, in an attempt to being their thinking along more correct lines. More recently has taken birth in a male body in Russia and will take the fifth initiation in this life. She was Count Cagliostro (3.2) in a previous incarnation.

"The Boy"(4.0) (early 20th Century) The subject of the book The Boy and the Brothers by Swami Omananda. He was a slum child from the East End of London, and suffered a great deal. He was simply a hollow personality, which was taken over by the Masters and used as a medium to teach through. The Masters very, very rarely use trance mediumship and this is the only example that we know of. Their normal method of communication is telepathy, which is the higher clairvoyance, through the medium of the soul. The telepathic method was how they gave the teachings through HP Blavatsky, Helena Roerich, Alice A. Bailey and now Benjamin Creme. (Note: The Boy is a different person from the subject of The Boy Who Saw True – see Cyril Scott )

Brunton, Paul (1.8) (1898 – 1981) Spiritual writer, whose books include A Search In Secret India. A disciple of Ramana Maharshi.

The Buddha (Master) The Buddha is the brother of Maitreya. They were among the first group of our humanity to take initiation and have been at the forefront of humanity ever since. He overshadowed Mithras, Memnon and Gautama. He now dwells on the highest centre of our planet, Shamballa. He acts as the Divine Intermediary between Shamballa and Hierarchy, and is deeply engaged in the process of Maitreya's mission as World Teacher. He will send two initiate disciples to reform Buddhism.

Buddha, Gautama (c563 – 483) Avatar, overshadowed by The Buddha. Now on Sirius.

Sri Caitanya Maitreya overshadowed Sri Caitanya

Cayce, Edgar (1.7) (1877 – 1945) Clairvoyant known as "The Sleeping Prophet".

St Charbel (Master) (1828 – 1898) One of the rare instances of a Master living among men. Known as "the hermit of Lebanon" and still held in high regard even now, a century after his death. The Catholic church was convinced of his sanctity by miracles which happened in his name after his death and as a result he was officially beatified. Benjamin Creme's Master has also confirmed miracles connected with Charbel which took place in Sweden in 1992, and also revealed that Charbel is one of the Masters currently living in the Middle East.

Confucius (5.0) (551 – 479 BC) Philosopher

Djwhal Khul (Master) The Tibetan Master is on the Second Ray and took the fifth initiation in 1875. He does a great deal of work for the Masters Morya and Koot Humi


Le maitre Koot Humi sur la crise financiere mondiale

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Le Maitre Koot Humi

Quand vous etiez en Indie, mon fils, et ecriviez sur la necessite' d'etablir una vision internationale des choses, vous n'auriez jamais imagine' qu'une crise financiere mondiale creerait bientot une situation qui pousserait les hommes a` prendre conscience de cette necessite' pressante (voir: 'Initie' durant le cycle obscur' , chapitre X). En ces jours ou` les finances sont devenues si internationales qu'une panique a` Wall Street a pu se repercuter aussitot sur la Bourse, et le Stock Exchange, il parait evident que la civilisation Occidentale moderne ne peut plus etre geree selon la loi de la jungle. Malheureusement, ce fait n'est pas encore percu par vos financiers et vos administrateurs, qui sont pourtant appeles a remedier soudain a` des erreurs passees-principalement heritees de leur predecesseures- sans avoir la sagesse spirituelle necessaire, ni la discipline personnelle exigee par ces terribles circonstances.

Il n'est pas exagere' de dire qu'au sein de la Grande Loge Blanche, nous avions prevu cette situation, et nous avons oeuvre', autant qu'il etait en notre pouvoir, afin d'attenuer son developpement en insistant sur la necessite' de la Fraternite' et de la Cooperation pour que survive la civilisation.


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The Master Morya

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The Master Morya

Dwelling Place: The Master Morya resides at Shigatse in the Himalayas. His house is close to the house of the Master Koot Humi.

Description: He is very tall and impressive, with dark eyes, hair and beard.

He is a Rajput Prince and used to participate in Indian affairs in an official position. He is well known in the West and takes a number of pupils from around the world including Europeans and Americans.

He works very closely with the Master Koot Humi a Second Ray master and has done so for many centuries. He also works very closely with the official who is now the head of His own ray known as the Manu. The Master Morya will take over that position when it becomes vacant and will then preside over the next major race, the sixth, when it comes into being.

For a long time He has been carrying out the vast plans of the Manu. This involves many lines of work, one of which is the inspiring of statesmen around the globe. All those who can respond to the concepts of Brotherhood and are idealistic, with far vision and an international outlook are helped and inspired. He is working with His initiates and disciples, to produce a synthesis, which is based on the preservation of the principle of freedom in unity. This will eventually bring about peace on earth.

Another aspect has to do with those activities which have to do with racial evolution. This covers the founding, direction and dissolution of racial types and forms. Plans are laid thousands of years in advance and places prepared long before they are needed.

Since He manipulates forces in his work, He necessarily works closely with and through the deva or angelic kingdom. One aspect of His work has to do with keeping energised the thoughtforms of the Guides of the human race. He is assisted in this by three groups of devas or angels on the mental plane.

He also works on the esoteric or spiritual side of many organisations and is the head of occult groups which follow the noble ideals of the Great White Brotherhood.

The Master Morya is also assisting in the work of preparation for the Second Coming of the Christ. Many other Masters are engaged in the same work.


Quote of the Month

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Quote of the Month
The germ or embryonic capacity for all types of planetary contact is inherent in every man and will not be frustrated in the long run. In this knowledge of goals already achieved in the three worlds lies the guarantee of achievement in the more subjective worlds which are present within the aspirant's surroundings but to which he remains as yet unawakened and unenlightened. I am seeking to make the matter as simple as I can, for much of the abstract formulations of the occult sciences and the academic psychologists are incident to the over-activity of men's minds and emotional natures. If you can grasp certain broad and relatively simple facts and recognise that you possess the key or the clue in your already developed capacities, then you will go forward with simplicity, making no undue intellectual difficulties when dealing with these more subtle phases of your ever-existent environment. It is, in the last analysis, just a question as to what "impresses" you at any given moment, and then in what manner it conditions you. (Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle, p. 55)  

Life of Alice Bailey video

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