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Flowers of wisdom

If there are obstacles, not 'the infinite

If you can count, not the stars

If you tremble or shake, and not 'a mountain

If increases or decreases, is not 'an ocean

If it passes over the bridges, not 'a river

If you can 'grasp, and not' the rainbow

Here are the parables of the six external perceptions


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Thoughts for Pondering








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UN Climate Change Conference, Cancun,

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UN Climate Change Conference, Cancun,

29 November - 10 December 2010


Dear Co-workers,


As of today, the Cycle of Conferences will be working to help prepare a lighted atmosphere in which the Climate Change Conference taking place in Cancun, Mexico at the end of November can take place. The official website informs us that “Over a decade ago, most countries joined an international treaty – the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) -- to begin to consider what can be done to reduce global warming and to cope with whatever temperature increases are inevitable. More recently, a number of nations approved an addition to the treaty: the Kyoto Protocol , which has more powerful (and legally binding) measures.


The Earth Charter reminds us that Humanity is part of a vast evolving universe. Earth, our home, is alive with a unique community of life. The forces of nature make existence a demanding and uncertain adventure, but Earth has provided the conditions essential to life's evolution. The resilience of the community of life and the well-being of humanity depend upon preserving a healthy biosphere with all its ecological systems, a rich variety of plants and animals, fertile soils, pure waters, and clean air. The global environment with its finite resources is a common concern of all peoples. The protection of Earth's vitality, diversity, and beauty is a sacred trust.1. Thus Humanity must recognise its place in the scheme of things – as an intelligent intermediary between the higher states of planetary consciousness and the lower kingdoms of nature. This recognition requires a universal outlook.



It has been said that nothing binds people together more than in the face of a common enemy. The coming together of nations to rise to the challenge of climate change has marvellous potential to bring humanity together.


The visualisation outline and some Thoughts for Pondering are the original ones used during our work on the theme of Earth Stewardship. There is also a link to our blog which will keep you informed of news and relevant journalistic comment leading up to the summit, as well as a link to the official site for this conference.



In lighted group companionship,

Headquarters Group,
Cycle of Conferences



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Uriel.jpg (16770 bytes)







Uriel, Gabriel, Michael and Raphael are
the four archangels mentioned most often in
Hebrew, Kabbalistic, Islamic, and Christian
traditions.   The name Uriel literally means
"Fire of God," "Flame of God," "Light of God,"
or even "Sun of God." 

Some accounts place the Archangel Uriel at the head of the third order or company of angels.  Others identify Uriel as one of the Seven Spirits before the Throne.  Kabbalists assign Uriel to the middle pillar of the Tree of Life, and specifically to the sephirah Malkuth, the Kingdom.   Malkuth is often associated with the Shekinah, the Glory of God and the divine presence in the world.   Malkuth represents the lowest point of descent of the divine force, from which it ascends again to complete the cycle of manifestation and pralaya.  The penetration of divine force to the physical plane is of particular interest, at this time, because of the increasing intensity of seventh-ray energy in the world and growing emphasis on healing work.

The Archangel Uriel has been called "the Lord of powerful action" [Helena Roerich.  Heart.  Agni Yoga Society, 1932, 268].  Uriel personifies the Divine Fire that comes down from the Third Aspect of Deity--Universal Mind--penetrating each plane until It reaches the physical.  There, the Fire ignites the fusion in the center of the Sun, the fission at the center of the Earth, and the kundalini at the base of the spine.  It creates worlds, universes, and life--which then await the quickening impulse of the Second Aspect to evolve and grow.

The Book of Enoch describes Uriel as "one of the holy angels, who is over the world... the leader of them all."  Later we read in the same book: "Uriel showed to me, whom the Lord of glory hath set for ever over all the luminaries of the heaven... the sun, moon, and stars, all the ministering creatures which make their revolution in all the chariots of the heaven." 

In Paradise Lost, John Milton mentions "Th' Arch-Angel URIEL, one of the seav'n, Who in Gods presence, neerest to his Throne... Regent of the Sun."  In his oratorio, The Creation, composed in 1797, Franz Joseph Haydn has Uriel announce the words from Genesis: "And God saw the light, that it was good... And God said, Let there be light in the firmament of heaven, to divide the day from the night, and to give light upon the earth... He made the stars also."

Colin Wilson describes encounters between Uriel and the 16th century scholar, Dr. John Dee.  Dee's scrying assistant, Edward Kelley, saw a cherub in a crystal ball.   Dee identified the cherub from his Kabbalistic knowledge as "Uriel, the angel of light."  Later, in 1582, Dee had a vision of a child angel floating outside the window, holding a crystal egg.  Again he identified this with Uriel.  Wilson claims that the crystal egg is preserved in the British Museum. [Colin Wilson.  The Occult: A History.  Random House, 1971, pp. 273-4].  Whether Uriel appears as a child, a powerful man, or a woman of regal bearing (as the artistic depictions show below), the archangel continues to command the imagination, reverence, and devotion of people around the world.

Uriel is often referred to as the Great Archangel of the Earth.  One contemporary account describes the archangel thus: "He (or she) is the keeper of the mysteries which are deep within the planet, underground and in the hidden depths of the living world."  Additional information is provided along with the artwork reproduced below.

The feast day of the Archangel Uriel is celebrated July 28.   Uriel's influence is believed to peak during the summer months.  According to Corinne Heline:  "The beautiful Uriel stands guardian over the activities of the summer.  The ripening of grain and the floodtide of blossom are under his guidance.   He also supervises the Nature Spirits, those fascinating little sprites who inhabit the elements of earth, air, fire and water, and who lend so much to the beautification of all nature.  The highest initiatory teachings belonging to the New Age... are under the direction of Uriel."  [Corinne Heline.  The Blessed Virgin Mary.  New Age Press, 1971, p. 110.]


Thin_Red_and_Blue22D1.gif (1558 bytes)

Invocation to the Archangel Uriel

Glory to God and his deeds,
for everything is good and wonderful.
Holy Archangel Uriel,
protect and look after rivers,
their waters we drink,
life springs up from them;
make grass sprout for cattle,
make man yield bread out of the land,
wine to enliven his heart,
oil and food to give him force.

[This beautiful invocation was translated from the original Spanish by Pedro Pablo Parrado of Bogota, Colombia--to whom we are also indebted for letting us know about three of the pictures shown below.] 

Thin_Red_and_Blue22D1.gif (1558 bytes)


Who (or What) are Archangels?

The archangels are near the top of the Devic Kingdom, which includes entities ranging from the lowliest elementals and nature spirits to the highest ranks of angels.  They are under the direction of the 3rd Aspect of Deity--or what Christians call the Holy Spirit.  Archangels are mentioned in both the Bible and the Koran.  For example, Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary and also to the prophet Mohammed.  They are also referred to in many Jewish, Christian and Islamic apocryphal texts.  Archangels play a major role in the Kabbalah, where one is assigned to each sephiroth, or divine emanation. 

Artists have usually depicted archangels as male figures, whereas lower members of the devic kingdom have often been portrayed as female.  Since there is no evidence that gender as we know it extends to the archangels, the male bias in artistic representation is simply cultural. 

Thin_Red_and_Blue22D1.gif (1558 bytes)

Uriel in Art

The Archangel Uriel has never been a popular subject of artistic representation.  A few images once graced churches in Rome, but Uriel fell out of favor with church officials in the early Renaissance period.  Pope Clement III reportedly ordered the removal of Uriel's image from the church of Santa Maria del Angeli in Rome, and a painting in the church in Piazza Esedra was painted over.  The reason seems to have been a mistaken notion that Uriel was somehow connected with the Johannine heresy which claimed that John the Baptist, not Jesus, was the true messiah.   Needless to say, there is no evidence of such a connection.  Uriel escaped unjust criticism in the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries, and it is in South America that we have found--and still find--the greatest reverence for the archangel.   However, as discussed below, interesting centers of devotion are found in the Church of England and the Episcopal Church in the United States.

Several pictures are reproduced, spanning several centuries and three continents.  They also represent different types of symbolism.  One of the paintings shows Uriel holding a gun, a common symbol of power in the 17th century, and a recent portrayal shows a female image.  The stained glass windows from Tansley, England, and Salisbury, Maryland, are of special interest.  Accompanying the Tansley image is the following information: "Behind the head of Archangel Uriel can be seen a flaming sun with a face on it.  The flames from the sun can be seen at the top of the sun and two eyes and eyebrows can be seen just above the turban.  A closer look at the cloak shows that it is covered with the signs of the zodiac, animals and figures."  And accompanying the Salisbury image: "St. Uriel is the angel depicting 'God is my light' and is the leader of the sub-group of angels called Seraphim under the class Counselors.  He is said to be the angel who guarded the sepulchre of our Lord.  He is looked upon as the interpreter of prophecy.  His symbol is usually a scroll or a book, which he carries in his hand. (In this window he is shown with the blazing sun in hand symbolizing the light of God.)  He appeared in a vision to Esdras in the second book of Esrads in the Apocrypha, 4:1, "And the angel that was sent unto me, whose name was Uriel ...." Nancy Lee alerted us to the beautiful stained-glass window of St. Peter's Church, Salisbury, MD, shown below:


Thin_Red_and_Blue22D1.gif (1558 bytes)


Uriel-Milton.jpg (19247 bytes)

Archangel Uriel with the Fallen Satan

Engraving in The Poetical Works of John Milton
by W. Harley, 1794


Uriel, Fuego de Dios

Anonymous 17th-century painting. 
Chapel of Parroquia de Sopó, Bogota, Colombia

Uriel-dancing.jpg (14044 bytes)


Uriel-gun.jpg (55198 bytes)

Uriel, Dei

Anonymous 17th century

Art National
Museum, La Paz, Bolivia


Further information


Oracion al
Arcangel Uriel

Anonymous painting,
Caracas, Venezuela

Uriel-boy.jpg (16825 bytes)


Uriel-UK.jpg (27164 bytes)


Archangel Uriel

Brodie Mais Window
Holy Trinity Church
Tansley, Derbyshire,



Further information



Saint Uriel

Stained-Glass Window at
St. Peter's Episcopal Church
Salisbury, Maryland

Further information



Uriel.jpg (16770 bytes)


Archangel Uriel

Based on a painting by
Margaret Gregg
Tennessee, 1998


Thin_Red_and_Blue22D1.gif (1558 bytes)

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Copyright ©, John F. Nash, 1998-20010.

G20 Summit, Seoul, 2010

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G20 Summit, Seoul, 2010

Dear Co-workers,


The Cycle of Conferences is placing a focus on the G20 Summit taking place November 11-12 in Seoul.  The visualisation outline and some Thoughts for Pondering can be downloaded by clicking on the links to the right.  There is also a link to our blog which will keep you informed of news and relevant journalistic comment leading up to the summit, as well as a link to the official G20 site.


As you will be aware from recent mailings, the theme of World Goodwill’s upcoming seminars in New York, London and Geneva is: “The Spirit of Money and the Divine Circulatory Flow”. For more information please click on this link.



The Cycle of Conferences focus on the G20 meeting should complement the above work and make a significant contribution to new ways of thinking on the theme of money. We last focused on the G20 meeting back in April 2009 and a passage from the e-letter we sent out is included here again due to its relevance to the upcoming seminar themes as well as the G20 gathering in Seoul.


“The approach of the Cycle of Conferences group to this particular crisis is that of an opportunity for new ways of thinking about money and a more equitable world circulation of the pranic force that it represents. The severity of the crisis demonstrates that greed and selfishness run counter to divine law which demands the free circulation of energy through all the kingdoms of nature. When this divine circulatory flow is interrupted a crisis will inevitably emerge as surely as it would in the human body. While the selfish and shameful behaviour that has recently been exposed in the banking and financial markets is extreme, it is only the tip of the iceberg, and humanity collectively needs to awaken to a new vision of money as a means of loving distribution rather than a means of satisfying desire.

Sharing through the circulation of all things is a fundamental law on all planes of the solar system, and the stymieing of this process on the physical plane is a serious problem that must be resolved as is apparent from the following passage in the book, Esoteric Healing, written around the time of the second world war: “The circulation of the blood stream is the symbol, and the clue to the establishment of the world order...free circulation of all that is needed to all parts of the great framework of humanity. The blood is the life, and free interchange, free sharing, free circulation of all that is required for right human living will characterise the world to be.  Today these conditions do not exist, the body of humanity is diseased and its internal life disrupted.  Instead of free circulation between all parts of the life aspect, there has been separation, blocked channels, congestion and stagnation.  It has needed the terrific crisis of the present to arouse humanity to its diseased condition, to the extent of the evil which is now discovered to be so great, and the diseases of the 'blood of humanity' (symbolically understood) so severe that only the most drastic measures—pain, agony, despair and terror—can suffice to establish a cure.” [p. 128]


These words of the Tibetan apply equally to the present for the lesson is still in process of being learnt. There is a growing point of crisis and tension in the world as a result of the rampant materialism, unequal distribution and misuse of resources; and as a consequence of this, the world is facing a time of decision. On their own, short term measures such as protectionism and the pumping of more money into that which is bad and in need of change can only lead to temporary relief at best, and an even more severe crisis at a future date. If the right decisions are made through a change of attitude and behaviour towards money, a new era of peace and harmony can emerge. But this can only be accomplished if the energy of goodwill is sufficiently applied.”

We are told that the secret of the will is closely related to the recognition of “the unconquerable nature of goodness and the inevitability of the ultimate triumph of good.” It is in this spirit that we join together again in group service to humanity. May the transformative energy of the will-to-good condition all of our subjective work throughout the seminar period and contribute towards an enlightened atmosphere of goodwill in which the G20 meeting can take place. Our work together on this project begins immediately and lasts until the end of the G20 meeting on November 12.  


In lighted group companionship,

Headquarters Group,
Cycle of Conferences

Thoughts for Pondering





Keynote of Libra:I choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force.

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Full Moon Meditation Meeting
Join us on Friday, October 22, 2010
at 7 PM EDT
New York Theosophical Society
242 East 53rd Street
 (between 2nd & 3rd Ave.), New York, NY

Keynote of Libra:

I choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force.

Libra governs the legal profession and holds the balances between so-called right and wrong, between negative and positive.  Libra has been the "sponsor of the law".  The law must become the custodian of a positive righteousness and not simply the instrument of enforcement.  Just as we are attempting to eliminate force out of our national relationships, and just as it is obvious today that the process of drastic penalties has not succeeded in preventing crime or in deterring people from violent selfishness (for that is what all crime is), and just as the social attitude (in contradistinction to the anti-social position of all law-breakers) is being regarded as desirable and taught in our schools, so it is beginning to dawn upon the public consciousness that the inculcation of right relations and the spread of self-control and the growth of unselfishness (and these surely are the goal, subjective and oft unrealised, of all legal procedure) are the needed approach to the young.  The key for growth is the cultivation of harmlessness.  Harmlessness is not negativity or inaction; it is a condition of "perfect poise, a completed point of view and divine understanding".

At the time of each full moon Festival, energy qualified by the constellation influencing the period flows into the range of human awareness, establishing the divine attributes in the consciousness of humanity.  This spiritual inflow can be channeled in meditation into the minds and hearts of all people. The technique of meditation governs all expansions of consciousness, all registration of Plan or Purpose and the entire process of evolutionary unfoldment.

The monthly full moon work is providing the seed of the coming new world religion.  In the future all people of spiritual inclination and intention everywhere will keep the same holy days.  This unanimity of effort will bring about a pooling of spiritual resources and a united spiritual effort.  Individuals involved in this invocation work will increasingly be able to act as mediating points, bringing in great spiritual energies and stepping them down for the benefiting and stimulation of the masses and the three lower kingdoms.
Tmoon he 2nd Libra full occurs on
October 22, 2010
at 9:38 PM EDT

Download a PDF copy of the FESTIVAL OF LIBRA talk here.

The purpose of this meeting is group meditation as an act of cooperation with the Plan of Hierarchy for humanity.  The meeting will start promptly – please arrive on time.

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