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Flowers of wisdom

If there are obstacles, not 'the infinite

If you can count, not the stars

If you tremble or shake, and not 'a mountain

If increases or decreases, is not 'an ocean

If it passes over the bridges, not 'a river

If you can 'grasp, and not' the rainbow

Here are the parables of the six external perceptions


Luce Amore e Potere 2020 TPS

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Signs of the Heaven 2020 TPS

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Set the controls ...by Duane C.

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Duane Carpenter to The Reappearance of the Christ
After the disciple integrates their own astral body they begin to integrate the astral body of the group of which they are affiliated with on a higher turn of the spiritual spiral. So important is this work that the Tibetan has devoted the first of seven Group Integration Formulas to this important task. Keeping in mind these are not soul formulas but "Life" Formulas.
"Formula One concerns, as I have told you, integration into a Master's group, and it has two uses - if I might so express it from your particular point of view. One produces a group inclusiveness, which integrates you with your group brothers into my group and brings a revelation of the hidden side of a chela's life. When I say this I refer to his new astral conditioning. This is given the name of the Revelation of Group Feeling. This subject is vaster in its implications than you might surmise, for it concerns united group sensitivity or response, outwards to the world of men, inwards to the Hierarchy, and upwards to the Monad. It does not concern the sum total of the petty moods and feelings of the personalities of the group members...." (DINA 2 p- 248-9)
“There are two points of vital light within the solar plexus centre, which makes this centre of dominant importance and a clearing house for the centres below the diaphragm to those above it. One of these points of light is connected with the lower psychic and astral life, and the other is brought into livingness by the inflow from the head centre. I would here remind you that the centres above the diaphragm have only one vital point of energy, whilst the centres below the solar plexus also have only one, but that the solar plexus itself has two points of dynamic energy—one most ancient and awakened, being expressive of the life of the astral or lower psychic body, and the other waiting to be brought into conscious activity by the soul. When this has happened, the awakening to the higher issues of life makes the disciple sensitive to the higher "psychic gift waves" (as the Tibetan occultists call them) of the spiritual world.” (DINA 2 p- 115)
“The secret of life lies hidden in the serpent stage,—not the life of the Spirit, but the life of the soul, and this will be revealed as the "serpent of the astral light" is truly approached, and duly studied. One of the four Lipika Lords, Who stand nearest to our planetary Logos, is called "The Living Serpent," and His emblem is a serpent of blue with one eye, in the form of a ruby, in its head. Students who care to carry the symbology a little further can connect this idea with the "eye of Shiva" which sees and knows all, and records all, as does the human eye in lesser degree; all is photographed upon the astral light, as the human eye receives impressions upon the retina. The same thought is frequently conveyed in the Christian Bible, in the Hebrew and Christian recognition of the all-seeing eye of God. The application and value of the hints here given may be apparent if the subject of the third eye is studied, and its relation to the spine, and the spinal currents investigated. This third eye is one of the objects of kundalinic vivification, and in the spinal territory there is first the centre at the base of the spine, the home of the sleeping fire. (TCF 894


AGNI - SUTRA 332 - HEART - from Quando i fiori cantano insieme. Floriterapia Acquariana

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Sutra 332 - HEART - AGNI

" The SUBTLE WORLD has many varied confirmations
of the earthly world.
Even a prototype of the season of the year passes in accordance with the consciousness in the
Therefore, the images of plants or mountains, or the surface of waters are not foreign to the SUBTLE WORLD,
of course in a transformed condition.
The heart that knows the SUBTLE WORLD
knows flowers and mountains, and snows, and the seas.
Flowers thrive in richness of forms, and their colors are indescribabily more complex than the colors of the Earth; the snows are whiter and more crystalline and richer than those of Earth.
One can begin to discern a complete structure of the HIGHER WORLD, thus, the man who has stored up a clear and benevolent consciousness on Earth will also
be a good builder in the SUBTLE WORLD.
Instead of monstrosities, he/she will bring with him/her
beautiful proportions and rhythm which correspond
to the magnificence of the Infinite "


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