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Flowers of wisdom

If there are obstacles, not 'the infinite

If you can count, not the stars

If you tremble or shake, and not 'a mountain

If increases or decreases, is not 'an ocean

If it passes over the bridges, not 'a river

If you can 'grasp, and not' the rainbow

Here are the parables of the six external perceptions


JULY 29 2020 Mercury Bruce

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JULY 29 2020 Mercury

We have explored the triplicity of money, sex and power. As with all triplicities there is that which lies behind, a fourth synthetic energy which lies at the core of all three in the same way that the three fold personality expresses the soul. The monad, soul and personality are also a triplicity through which our divine nature, the fourth quality of deity, is revealed.

Let me make this clearer with some diagrams. Three aspects making a nine fold system in a sevenfold matrix. The power or first aspect of the soul is the third aspect of the monad and the third aspect of the soul is also the first aspect of the personality. The planes of power are therefore 1,3,5. The planes of sex, 2,4,6 and the planes of money are 3,5,7. A-tone-ment proceeds as follows. For the third degree initiate: The identity is centred in the causal body on the mental plane and the task is the fusion of soul and personality.

The buddhic is connected to the astral and then the first aspect of the soul ( which is the third aspect of the monad ) is bought into contact with the third aspect of the personality. This last results in the rising of kundalini. The first aspect of the soul and the third aspect of the personality are revealed as two expressions of a single reality - the monadic will or it’s third aspect - in effect the money of the monad. In order for a soul based civilisation to manifest on earth the intelligence aspect of the soul ( the money of wisdom accumulated over many lives ) must first of all supersede the power aspect of the personality based as it is in concrete mind or scientific materialism.

Then the love of the soul, buddhi must supersede the desire body of the personality and finally the power of the soul, the will of Hierarchy must penetrate into the etheric plane and lift the serpent of matter aspect via the jewel in the lotus. This you know. The procedure for a fourth degree initiate, freed from the causal body is somewhat different. It involves seven planes instead of five. The threefold soul itself is the middle principle centred on the buddhic plane and its work of unification is the monad and the personality. The soul brings through its own being the third aspect of the monad into relationship with the first aspect of the personality. This breaks the control of mind.

Then the second aspect of the monad is bought into relationship with the second aspect of the personality via buddhi and finally the first or power aspect of the monad is bought into connection with the matter or third aspect of the personality. This last can only be done once the work of fusion between soul and personality is done otherwise destruction of the form would result. This is why there are so few first ray monads in incarnation at this stage of evolutionary unfoldment. However when the highest and lowest meet, which is the promise of the seventh ray age, then the temple of power is made manifest on the physical plane. What is lifted is the matter itself - i.e. the lives of the three lowest planes of the physical plane. This is not the kundalini as we know it which raises at the third degree.

This is the true resurrection of the body or the activation of the black dragon. Matter itself is revealed as a polarity to and therefore one with, the pure spirit on the highest plane. The fifth degree sees this mastery achieved which is why a Master is able to manifest a body at will - via the will or third aspect of the monad. These are abstruse matters but if you take the essential relationships and apply them up and down the fractal scale of the planes, much will be revealed. The relationship therefore between the fourth and third degree initiates is critical to the unfoldment of the coming civilisation. Indeed it could be said that human beings are truly the marriage of the fourth and fifth hierarchies centred on the buddhic and mental planes respectively.

These are sacred to mercury and venus making together the hermaphrodite. The third degree initiate is centred in venus, the solar angel which provides the causal body while the fourth degree is centred in, and indeed is, mercury. It will be the role of the group of fourth degree initiates to link the highest and lowest planes of the system while the third degree initiates link the third and the seventh planes. This group however will not simply be the uniters of the highest and the lowest, they also form the pupil in the eye of the whole cosmic physical plane. The third degree initiates as a group are the pupil in the eye of the five planes and they reveal the monad when the soul and personality has fused. The fourth degree group reveal that which lies behind the triangle of the monad, soul and personality. Power, sex and money are one. Electric fire ( monad ) , solar fire ( soul ) and the fire of matter ( personality ) are expressions of a single energy - cosmic buddhi as it enters through the cosmic astral plane and permeates the cosmic physical. This fourth quality emanating along the fourth cosmic path and arriving through the time eye of 2025 will bring what is known as the ‘great revelation’ Here are a few indications that it is possible to convey at this time.

It will come at an extreme point of tension in the global life. That tension must be recognised for what it is - a necessary precursor to revelation. The temptation will be to ease the tension through a fourth ray expression of international and internal drama and conflict. It will be accompanied by a breaking fourth of that quality which is faintly experienced when the human soul registers what it feels as ‘beauty’. Political, economic and sexual/relationship issues concerning gender will come to a head together playing out through all levels of human society. The mineral kingdom will reveal some of the secrets of its sentiency and radioactivity. Precious metals and gems will undergo a reappraisal of their value and by this I do not mean purely their economic worth. Look for new revelations concerning the core of the earth itself. The relationship of earth humanity to its cosmic origins will bring to an end the sense of alienation and isolation.

A new energy source linked to what lies behind spirit and matter when mediated by conscious human beings will emerge, bringing far reaching consequences. The concentration of populations in high density cities will begin to change as revelation of the inner life of nature occurs. All of these changes and many more will simply be the outer expressions of the revelation of the life which lies behind creation and is entering in to it. Divinity will not be an abstract concept. Mankind will know their god and goddess intimately and directly. Not only as an inner experience but also as an outer one. Not only as a private communion but also as a collective arising in the heart of all individualities and revealing its innate, intelligence, love and evolutionary will. The soul of the world will be embodied and this undeniably.

This is what we experience as the breaking forth of beauty. One further hint concerns the group of fourth degree initiates who will need to hold the eye, to stand and withstand the shamballa force and to reveal that which lies behind the trinity. They form the core of the cosmic physical plane and so represent in a certain sense the refined lives of the densest body of the Logos.

They are the flower of the mineral expression of cosmic monadic life.

Think this through.

Therefore the processes of alchemy, the refining of gold, the forming of diamonds out of carbon, the masonic shaping of temple stones - all have reference to way in which human souls are bought through the initiatory process. The group will be drawn inexorably together as a direct result of the growing global tension. They will be refined and fused through the process of group initiation and then form a radioactive centre within the heart of humanity.


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