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If there are obstacles, not 'the infinite

If you can count, not the stars

If you tremble or shake, and not 'a mountain

If increases or decreases, is not 'an ocean

If it passes over the bridges, not 'a river

If you can 'grasp, and not' the rainbow

Here are the parables of the six external perceptions


To The Dead - BRUCE LYON

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To the Dead inside me ( many of whom I have murdered myself ).
It’s time to release you. I can feel you thronging together in the underworld, your cries disturbing my sleep and your longings like breathless sighs in my chest.
As an immature god alone in my inner universe, nursed on the worn out ideologies of a decaying civilisation, I used a sometimes heavy hand. Not knowing love and truth were inherent in my nature I tried to make myself conform and be more worthy of love by ruthlessly slaying many of you.
Periodic pogroms, inner gender wars, genocide of a whole race of erotic impulses I internalised as unacceptable. I even sought through spiritual bypass to impose a final solution. Others of you I simply allowed to wither, unwatered by my gaze, slowly suffocating to death.
Some I offered up as sacrifices to my ambitions. Others I let go to their deaths as scapegoats, keeping quiet at the gallows or the stake. Some I let be killed by friends, partners or potential partners whose love I sought. Or parents, teachers and those whose validation I craved.
Others, too feisty to kill, I demonised, disowned and sent on shady undercover missions. I killed bits of others too and told them it was for their own good. I took an axe to the fine trees of my children and to everyone brave enough to love me or desperate enough to seek my aid.
Finding no real love or truth at the core of my culture I allowed my own knowing to falter and fall mute inside me for a time. I abandoned my direct knowing for the sake of being known and traded my inherent wisdom for the knowledge of the world. I let the temple of my soul fall and be overrun. But that which is unborn can never die and my soul simply waited for me to return again, rebuild the temple and make of myself the flame on the hearth.
Gradually the world that was always waiting within and without began to show itself again, lit by the glow of all those who had rekindled their fire. Nourished by nature, inspired by the courage of the heart, watered and tempered by those who had already walked the path of reclamation. A world of the light of love permeated by the dark radiance of spirit that pierces illusion and shines through matter and consciousness alike. A world that always was, coming again to be in us.
Now it is time to raise the dead. To thank them for their sacrifice and celebrate a world where all those impulses and drives that our temporary insanity sorted into angels and demons are welcomed to the feast. Like Aragorn taking the perilous path through the mountains in The Lord of the Rings, we need the army of the dead.
For I not only used my death dealing power as a trainee god but also my power to create. I replaced authentic impulses anchored in life with self created orcs hatched in underground cells out of rejection, dreams of dominion and unfulfilled desires. We created global systems of ownership and slavery. We let the hungry ghosts propagate themselves in the name of necessity. Our unawakened consciousness fought to control and repress our instincts with religion and immature philosophy.
Now the sun and serpent have worn out their battle and the star is shining forth against the black sky of emptiness. It’s time to clear the remnants of a civilisation that tried too hard to become worthy of its own divinity and is way past it’s use by date.
Rise up the dead, in me and all around me. Join with those that have yet to live and make those of us in bodies now honest and faithful to that which we can never not be. Wield the dark light that tears open the veils between this world and all others. Breathe life into those zombies in us that have lost their way and seek to turn the whole earth into something barely alive, flapping weakly like a fish in the bazaar. Gather above and behind those in us where the light of the soul shines. Send your aid.
I release you from your lamentation and your damnation. The gates of heaven and hell are open. Arise from the ashes of Auschwitz, the graves of Cambodia and the baby cemeteries of Ireland. Come, mummies of Egypt, let the tombs and the crypts break open. Let all those killed in all wars gather. All those who slaved and died with barely a breath of love in their bodies. And all you murderers, rapists, thieves and betrayers. We will not betray you now. It’s time to remember what we all came for and tried and failed to be.
Come the souls of animals slaughtered in uncountable numbers. Come whole species who have been lost without care or consciousness. Come the rainforests and the whales and coral reefs. Come the angels and the aliens, the sun, moon, the planetary powers and the dark shamanic powers of the earth itself. Come all beings in all worlds that have an interest in the fate of humanity.
Stand with us now as we re-member the earth. Fight with us now as we turn this ancient tide. Let love and truth prevail in the battle for the soul of the world. The enemy is not other than those places in ourselves that have gone to sleep or fallen under the spell of fear and separation. Help us break the spell, awaken our hearts, minds and bodies. Put the sword of our soul destiny back in our hands. We are so much more than this. It’s our time to prove it.
Full moon eclipse January 21, 2019
Bruce Lyon



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Shamballa School - Sharon Lyon

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Seven ray institute in Support of a United Europe

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Please Join With Us
for this 2nd Vigil
at this crucial time in
World Events.

We extend this invitation to all those who would like to
come together in Support of a United Europe.

Dear Friends of Humanity and the Ageless Wisdom,

We are holding another Broadcast Vigil to invoke forces of Good to help the Divine Plan manifest in Europe and throughout humanity. We can easily see that the forces of materialism are rising in power through many forms of human expression. This year, 2019, is again a year in which the New Group of World Servers is again celebrating its “Festival Week”—from December 21 to December 28th. It is the responsibility of this serving group to invoke the Will-to-Good and express this type of Will as goodwill towards humanity. During such a year the power of the New Group of World Servers is highly concentrated and through the power of intensified invocation reaches a true effectiveness in contributing to the goals of unity and integration. The European Union, under the threat of fragmentation, is especially in need of these qualities.

The United Kingdom is a part of what can be called the “Destiny Triangle” of humanity and the right interplay of the nations involved is necessary for the successful entry of humanity into the Age of Aquarius. We invite you all to stand with us for collective invocation of right thought and right action regarding the new vote on the latest Brexit Plan for most of the UK to sever itself from the EU. This vote, occurring in the evening of Tuesday, January 15th, in the House of Commons will determine, for the moment, whether the UK will separate itself from the European Union or whether other alternatives are possible

Below is a synopsis of the situation of the United Kingdom at his decisive hour and is written by Alexandra Ratcliffe. She is “on the ground” in London and has been following these developments closely and in detail.

We see in many parts of the world, the forces of light and darkness battling for the soul of humanity. It has been said that “what undermines Great Britain undermines the whole world”. Because of this we are giving attention to one of the most consequential moments in recent political history taking place in the UK next Tuesday, 15 January 2019.

The UK government’s final deal for exiting the EU will be put before the House of Commons and voted on by Parliamentarians. If it fails, which is expected, this will not be the end but just the beginning. This lack of resolution opens up numerous possibilities as to what is to happen next, and the prospect of tumultuous events. Thus, Tuesday and the days following, will be a critical period for the UK, Europe and the world. It is also a crucial period for disciples everywhere to focus their attention on supporting the forces of light and unity, so that significant decisions made, will lead to the eventual continuance of the unity and integrity of Europe.

Since, at the Tibetan tells us, the fate and destiny of humanity is held very much in the hands of the United States, the United Kingdom and Russia, separative or selfish action on the part of any of these three will have very negative repercussions on the advancement of humanity into greater light, love and acquiescence to the Will of God expressed through the Divine Plan. The purpose of our Vigil, again, is to stand for the unity and integrity of Europe at a time when the materialistic forces are seeking to weaken the EU and divide it.

We will be sounding the Great Invocation and other powerful mantrams on an hourly basis and every twenty minutes or half hour or so will be offering quotations from the Tibetan Teacher Djwhal Khul for contemplation. Our task is to INVOKE THE GOOD and help to create an atmosphere of thought and intention in which decisions may be made in line with the Divine Plan and not against it.

The Work of the Master R. (as Regent of both the United States and the United Kingdom) has been to unify and harmonize the states and nations involved. Now, just a few short years before the Hierarchical Conclave of 2025, it is obvious that the Materialistic Counterforce is at work sowing disunity and chaos. The preservation of harmonious interrelation with the United States and within the United Kingdom is of the utmost importance. Russia has its own problems associated with its sixth ray Leo personality and its present leadership. Attention will later be given to think towards Russia with similar invocatory intent, but the focus now is upon the United Kingdom and the votes which will determine whether it, or any part of it, leaves the European Union—clearly a disunifying action and presumably against the intentions of Master R.

The broadcast begins at 1:00pm GMT/UT on Tuesday, January 15th—the day of the vote re whether to accept the formula which the Prime Minister of the UK, Theresa May, has crafted with the EU. Rejection of this formula is anticipated, and this will open a whole new range of volatile possibilities necessarily pursued under the pressure of time—deadlines which are in place.

If the vote is not delayed it will be taken at 7:00 PM GMT/UT. The broadcast will probably continue for another hour or perhaps two, after the results of the vote are apparent. Our task, again, is to INVOKE the energies of the Will-to-Good, so necessary for advancing the manifestation of the Divine Plan.

Program on Tuesday 15th

1.00pm Welcome and opening. The Great Invocation III
2.00pm Mantram of Unification 
2.30pm Lord’s Prayer
3.00pm The Great Invocation II
3.30pm Mantram of the Disciple
4.00pm The Great Invocation I
4.30pm Mantram of Initiation
5.00pm The Great Invocation III 
5.30pm Mantram for Peace
6.00pm The Great Invocation II
6.30pm Mantram of Unification
6.50pm Global Silence for 10 minutes
7.00pm Guided Meditation 
7.30pm Mantram for UN
8.00pm The Great Invocation I
8.30pm Mantram of the Disciple
9.00pm The Great Invocation III
9.30pm Mantram of the NGWS
9.50pm Closing. Gayatri

The LINK is our Morya Federation Esoteric Education LINK:

Morya Federation

Standing 2019 for Unity

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