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Flowers of wisdom

If there are obstacles, not 'the infinite

If you can count, not the stars

If you tremble or shake, and not 'a mountain

If increases or decreases, is not 'an ocean

If it passes over the bridges, not 'a river

If you can 'grasp, and not' the rainbow

Here are the parables of the six external perceptions


The Diamond Sutra

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Nice passage from Bruce in Agni Yoga. Jon

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Nice passage from Bruce in Agni Yoga. Don't worry so much about the esoteric lingo, but just try to get the essence. The process he discusses here is the same as the Sacrifice to the Life Force meditation I invited people to use for the Wednesday shares: https://www.shamballaschool.org/sacrificetolife

It's all about that utterly sacred point on the path where the soul says yes to being electrified open at its core by the Power and Presence of Life.

"A time will come when the alignment, commitment and triadal powers of the soul are not enough to finally anchor the soul’s work in the three worlds and not enough to anchor the soul finally in the base chakra. At this point the soul must ‘give up’ in the higher sense by increasing the tension—rather than in the lower sense of ‘giving up’ by letting go altogether. This higher surrender creates in effect a ‘hole’ or opening in the substance of the soul itself through which monadic force can flow. This ‘hole’ is created by the abstraction of identity into the monad. This is possible because the soul IS essentially the monad, in the same way that the personality IS essentially the soul.

When the soul has used all its own resources and drawn all the aid it can receive from ‘external’ sources—be they triadal or from the three worlds—it must find that energy source which lies unrevealed at the very heart of its own nature and thus open the door directly into Shamballa and the Life aspect. This cannot be explained but must be experienced. It can be expected and looked for however in the very depths, the dark centre of the soul’s ashramic adventure.

If the relationship between the personality and the soul can be likened to the relationship of a planet to the Sun, then the relationship of the soul to the monad can be likened to the relationship between the Sun and the black hole at the galactic core. At the centre of a solar system we do not find a bigger planet or more matter; we find matter being consumed in solar explosions. At the centre of a galaxy we do not find a bigger sun, but suns being consumed in a black hole. The centre of a system contains the principle which both negates and gives rise to the principle demonstrating in the system itself.

Of course the Sun has relationship to other suns and forms solar ashrams of larger and larger degree. At the centre of this vast solar ashramic life however, lies an energy that swallows suns in the same way that monadic experience results in the end of consciousness. The lesser ashrams on the buddhic plane are all part of Hierarchy and themselves form part of the ashrams on the monadic plane. There is really only one ashram, the ashram of Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World. That ashram contains souls which are really aspects of the one Soul, the Christ. A galaxy revolves around a central dark core from which not even light can escape, even though the galaxy contains countless suns in organised systems which are an expression of light itself. The cosmic Christ is the principle of ‘Sunship’, the light of the galaxy expressing through all the suns. When the Christ returns to the Father then light and consciousness disappear. When the light of the triadal soul encounters the darkness of pure Spirit then the Life of the monad is known. The paradox is that the part of the soul or consciousness which at-ones with the monad is no longer available to carry the awareness of that contact back into the soul itself. Light does not return from the event horizon of the black hole.

In the heart of the Sun matter is continually being destroyed in vast nuclear explosions which generate the light and heat needed to sustain conscious life. In the heart of a galaxy light itself is being consumed in the peaceful silent Will of a cosmic Shamballa.

Darkness therefore has two meanings to an Agni yogi. There is the darkness of matter which has not yet been ‘Christed’ or solarised with the light of the soul. Then there is the darkness of Spirit which lies on the far side of light. In order for the soul—which is light itself—to complete its work, it must know both types of darkness and use the second to combat the first. Caught between these two darknesses the soul burns brightly, irradiating matter and using up all its solar fuel before collapsing back into its origin in Spirit.

Thus the work of a soul undertaking Agni Yoga is to fuse itself as the triad with the three vehicles of the personality. In the final stages of this fusion the soul must draw upon the power of the monad to complete its task. As the monadic Life continues to pour into the solarised personality it eventually consumes the soul itself so that no conscious separation exists between Spirit and Matter, the monad and the personality."


Bruce on Monad

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Amore, Saggezza e Bellezza T P S

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Love at the speed of Dark Bruce Lyon

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