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Flowers of wisdom

If there are obstacles, not 'the infinite

If you can count, not the stars

If you tremble or shake, and not 'a mountain

If increases or decreases, is not 'an ocean

If it passes over the bridges, not 'a river

If you can 'grasp, and not' the rainbow

Here are the parables of the six external perceptions



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Duane Carpenter to The Reappearance of the Christ



“One other Master may here be briefly mentioned, the Master Serapis, frequently called the Egyptian. He is the Master upon the fourth ray, and the great art movements of the world, the evolution of music, and that of painting and drama, receive from Him an energising impulse. At present He is giving most of His time and attention to the work of the deva, or angel evolution, until their agency helps to make possible the great revelation in the world of music and painting which lies immediately ahead. More about Him cannot be given out, nor can His dwelling place be revealed.” (IHS 61)

“The development of the new art. This will be expressive of a sensitive response to ideas. The art of the past expressed largely man's understanding of the beauty of God's created world, whether it was the phenomenal wonder of nature or the beauty of the human form. The art of today is as yet almost a childish attempt to express the world of feeling and of inner moods and those emotionally psychological reactions which govern the bulk of the race. They are, however, to the world of feeling-expression what the drawings of the cave man are to the art of Leonardo da Vinci. It is in the realm of words [Page 708] today that this new art is most adequately expressing itself. The art of music will be the next approach nearer to the truth, and to the revelation of the emerging beauty; the art of the painter and of the sculptor will follow later. None of this is the art of expressing ideas creatively, which will be the glory of the Aquarian Age.” (EP 2 708-9)

“The Mysteries will restore colour and music as they essentially are to the world and do it in such a manner that the creative art of today will be to this new creative art what a child's building of wooden blocks is to a great cathedral such as Durham or Milan. The Mysteries, when restored, will make real—in a sense incomprehensible to you at present—the nature of religion, the purpose of science and the goal of education. These are not what you think today.” (RI 5 333)

“It is the balanced relation of these three, consummated at the fourth initiation, which produces the full beauty of the creative fixed design of the individual soul, or—on a different level of initiatory process—of the fixed design of the universal soul of the Lord of the World. The fourth ray being temporarily out of full incarnation at this time is the reason for the relative interlude in the production of human creative art of a very high order. The cycle of suffering is nearing its close, and we shall later see—when the fourth ray again swings into full objective activity (beginning cyclically in 2025)—a recurrence of the arts on a turn of the spiral far more exalted than any lately seen.” (RI 5 245)


"We enumerated the colours yesterday and in a certain order. I seek again to enumerate them thus, only this time reminding you that the one Ray of which all the others are but sub-rays, might be regarded as a circle of sevenfold light. Too apt is the student to picture seven bands, striking down athwart the five lower planes till they contact the earth plane and are absorbed into dense matter. Not so is it in fact. The seven colours may be regarded as a band of seven colours circling and continuously shifting and moving through the planes back to their originating source......These seven bands of color emanate from the synthetic Ray. The indigo sub-ray of the indigo Ray forms the path of least resistance from the heart of densest matter back again to the source. The bands of color form a circulating ring which, moving at different rates of vibration, passes through all the planes, circling down and up again. What I seek to bring out especially here is that these seven bands do not all move at the same rate, and herein lies hid the key to the complexity of the matter. Some move at a swifter rate of vibration than do some of the others. Hence — as they carry their corresponding monads with them — you have here the answer to the question as to why some egos seem to make more rapid progress than do some others."


"These colored rings do not follow a straight unimpeded course, but interweave in a most curious manner, blending with each other, absorbing each other in stated cycles, and grouping themselves in groups of threes or fives, yet ever moving onwards. This is the real foundation to the diamond pattern upon the back of the serpent of wisdom. Three major lines of color should be portrayed as forming the lattice work on the serpent's skin, with the four other colours interweaving. Some day some student of colour and of the Divine Wisdom should compile a large chart of the seven planes, and superimposed upon those planes should be placed a seven-colored serpent of wisdom. If correctly drawn to scale some interesting geometrical patterns will be found as the circles cut across the planes, and some impression will be conveyed occularly of the complexity of the matter of the seven rays." (LOM:212)

Although it is not until 2025 when this great 4th ray begins to cycle in in any appreciated power and influence it can be available to those disciples who have made the correct alignments. Every one of the 7 spiritual rays has seven sub-planes and these sub-planes and their numerical correspondence’s can be accessed by any one of the 7 rays when the correct techniques are developed.

Original video by unknown artist.

Music Gayatri Mantra by Deva Premal


L’esprit, comme la flamme... AGNI

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« L’esprit, comme la flamme, éveille de nouveaux feux et,


tel un aimant puissant, attire.


Dans le jardin de l’amour, fleurissent les illuminations de l’esprit ».


(Feuilles du Jardin de Morya I – L’Appel § 322, 433, Collection Agni Yoga)


119 webinar Dissipation of Glamour M.R.

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Dark matter B.L.

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Wild Love at The Speed of Dark - Bruce Lyon

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Wild Love at The Speed of Dark

BRUCE Bruce Lyon


O dark, dark, dark. They all go into the dark......... T S Eliot, The Four Quartets
Can we just face it already? We are fucked. Humanity is not going to clever its way

out of the mess that it has made on the planet.

Change is not going to come from any of the expected places. The moralists are not going

to shame us into it by banging on about our original sin. The scientists are not going to reason us

into it with sophisticated conclusive climate data.

The IT specialists are not gong to solve everything with whizz bang new technology.

The psychologists are not going to get us through our addictive behaviour with more self love.

We are not going to elect politicians to legislate us into it.

The radicals are not going to overthrow the status quo with their righteous anger.

The environmentalists are not going to break us out of our human-centric focus with yet

another image of a cute species going extinct. Even our children are not going to break our hearts

open into radical change by their longing for a future on a globe that is still habitable.

We are fucked. Finally.

That is so good. It’s an authentic place to start to listen to what is not known and cannot be known.

Only when we are fucked and know that we are fucked can we truly open to a radical intervention.

Einstein said that a problem can’t be solved at the same level that it was created.

He also gave us E=mc2 and the theory of relativity. Space, time, mass energy all intertwined

and tied up with a constant - the speed of light. Nothing travels faster.

Except quantum entanglement - something he himself labelled ‘ spooky action at a distance.’

On earth the speed of light doesn’t seem too limiting. Light travels around the earth seven times

a second and so to all intents and purposes its fast enough for communication.

A galaxy is different. Light takes 30,000 years to reach us from the centre of the galaxy

and will never arrive from other galaxies travelling away from us in space at light speed.

A hell of a way to run a universe. What coheres such a vast entity if light can’t communicate

between its component parts?

Enter the dark. Dark matter and dark energy comprise 95% of that universe according our latest theories.

What is the relationship between this dark substrate and the surface vibrations of light and substance?

How does the dark communicate? Are all black holes simply one black hole?

Are atoms black holes at their core too? Does the dark cohere everything so that when one thing changes,

everything does?
Light is the symbol for consciousness and we have been in love with it at least since the renaissance.

We believed and many still do that more consciousness is the answer.

Education, reason, enlightenment. Get humans to a certain level of consciousness and then boom,

a tipping point, the hundredth monkey wakes up one bright morning in a new world.

Except that its quite obvious now that consciousness is not enough.

Even whole communities of well educated and informed people who meditate regularly,

recycle their plastic, don’t discriminate against minorities and have mastered their orgasmic potential

- are not vibrating fast enough to escape the gravity of our collective narcissism. Back to we are fucked.

What if we directed our attention to the dark instead of light? Not the dark of ignorance but the divine dark,

the holy dark that lives under, in and between both light and matter, consciousness and form.

Perhaps this dark is a portal to a wild love that operates outside of space and time as we know them.

Which is handy because we are almost out of both time and space. What if there is a power

that we have not yet tapped into, a power that can transform humanity from voracious caterpillar

into graceful butterfly? What if it could change things instantly, irrevocably?

What if it is the only thing that ever can and ever has in spite of what we think

about the causes of our evolution?

What if it only required the same thing it has always required to operate?

That we stop trying to find a solution at the level we know. We admit we are fucked.

We ask for help from the mystery. Kind of like a global 12 step programme except

there are only really three steps. And it is collective as well as personal.

Humanity as a whole needs to find its way to its knees before the dark. Can we do that?

Or will parts of us resist to the end trying to figure out how to escape our need for an ultimate act of humility.

Have you ever watched a friend or family member on a determined self-destruct path and tried to help them?

Thought that reason, your love and compassion or even your radical intervention

could make the difference? How painful it must be for cosmic consciousness watching humanity

on earth go through its contortions.

Like watching an addict at the casino or a businessman maxing out his credit cards to pay interest

on his overwhelming debt. When do we declare our bankruptcy of spirit? When do we admit

that our society has lost connection with the sacred well springs of civilisation?

How much more farcical and tragic does it need to get?

Human free will. What a wonderful fire. Nothing can take it away from us.

But we can consent to surrender.

We can let the dark descend upon us. The darkness of god. We can let the darkness well up inside us.

The darkness of the goddess. We can let the darkness pour through the centre of our hearts.

The darkness of wild love.

Bruce Lyon
image: First image of quantum entanglement: University of Glasgow July 13 2019


Wild Love is a global movement that celebrates the shameless emergence of a culture of embodied love and freedom.

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