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Flowers of wisdom

If there are obstacles, not 'the infinite

If you can count, not the stars

If you tremble or shake, and not 'a mountain

If increases or decreases, is not 'an ocean

If it passes over the bridges, not 'a river

If you can 'grasp, and not' the rainbow

Here are the parables of the six external perceptions


the-next-100-years-entering-the-age-of-aquarius Jon Darrell Rew

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2020 - An Initiation for the Heart of Humanity

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2020 - An Initiation for the Heart of Humanity


In the life of mass humanity the times of the eclipses are

particularly valuable in making a collective approach to

divinity. The higher octave of the eclipses that will be used by

initiates occur twice a year when the sun/earth axis also

forms a relationship with the direction of the galactic cent

re in Sagittarius.

When the higher and lower alignments are both present - i.e.

a lunar or solar eclipse occurs when the sun and earth are

aligned with the galactic centre then an opportunity of

. Occult Cosmology p 204


2020 is a critical year in the collective awakening process for

humanity. Looking back I think we will see it as a watershed

year that launched a decade more influential than the 60’s.

It marks a time of civilisational change and the emergence of

the world soul.

Looks like an amazing movie in the making here: http://changingofthegods.com/

In January we have the conjunction of Pluto and Saturn at 22

degrees capricorn( january 10 heliocentric and January 12

geocentric ) The forces of restriction and the status quo meet

the forces of irresistible transformation.

This transit has sparked wars, revolutions and economic

crises. It should mark the point of deepest crystallisation and

calcification of the power structures of our modern society.

When fully crystallised they are also the most brittle and can

therefore crack easily.

Look for that crack in whatever world events are manifesting

that will let the dark light of the eternal in.

This is also a good time not to get embroiled in the tension


between the forces of suppression and revolution but to wait

for the third option -

the emergence of the the heart through the middle point of

the crisis.

At the solstice of june 21 we have a solar eclipse ( interesting background take on it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTT8KTp6DxU and here https://grahamhancock.com/harpert1/ )

that fulfils the hint given in Occult cosmology

that an opportunity of particular potency is available for the collective.

This is when we plan to launch the Wild Love tour and encourage people all over the planet to simply emerge as the Love they are. To follow the emergence of the planetary soul through the crack.

This impulse is reinforced by the conjunction of Pluto and

Jupiter ( the empowerment and transformation of the heart ).

This will occur heliocentrically on Jul 31 but have its

geocentric impacts on Apr 5, June 30 and Nov 12.

In August Pluto will also square Eris ( a dwarf planet the size of Pluto discovered in 2005

coinciding with revelations about dark matter and dark light ).

Eris was the greek goddess of discord who threw the apple which sparked the Trojan War.

At the end of the year Saturn conjuncts Jupiter

( heliocentrically on Nov 2 and geocentrically on the solstice

of December 21 )

The joining of these two planets indicates the opportunity for

new societal structures based on Love.

So to sum up we have a year of tension resulting in crisis

which could produce the emergence of the soul of humanity

in unprecedented ways and result in the beginnings of a

civilisation based on the inherent qualities of love and

freedom in the human soul.

Big picture astrology offers us the insight to prepare ourselves

in advance and to add our conscious cooperation and willing

consent to the archetypal forces shaping evolution

. We can use the precious gift of free will to choose the path

for ourselves and support others to make that choice. An

initiation lies ahead for the heart of humanity and all

initiations reflect that which we choose with all our strength

at the times of greatest tension and deepest vulnerability.

Bruce Lyon

Wild Love at the Speed of Dark


In Dark We Trust


Last Updated ( Saturday, 30 May 2020 17:08 )

Changing of the Gods

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Earth has a great investment in human beings. At the moment it seems rather a high risk investment. Our potential for transcendence, creativity and self realisation is well-matched by our addiction to consumerism, exploitation and self preoccupation. There is no doubt we are at a critical initiation point in our relatively short but explosive journey on this planet. In the first half of 2020 we got ‘sent to our rooms’ to take a little time-out from the headlong rush into extinction. Have we been there long enough? Are we butterflies yet? Or perhaps a plague of hungry locusts ?
How are you emerging?
This is an invitation to emerge as wild love, as and for the earth.
June 21 2020 sees a solstice eclipse and an alignment between the centre of the galaxy, sun, earth and moon. It is a unique opportunity for planetary tantra. In the human being the equivalent is an alignment between the monad ( or spirit aspect ) the soul, the personality and the unconscious.
Anyone who has made progress on their own tantric journey knows that when the energies of the body, of sexuality, heart, mind and soul come online together then profound awakenings can occur.
Kundalini is the name given in the east to the energy of spirit coiled up in matter, the serpent power which, when it rises, purifies the chakras or energy centres and vivifies cosmic consciousness.
Earth is in this kind of awakening and human beings can serve as a calibrated instrument for the transmission of powerful energies of transformation. Let me explain. An awakened tantric human is a vibrating pillar between heaven and earth. A global group of these pillars, synchronised and consciously connected forms an earth sized temple and an energy transmitter. Science achieved something similar when it linked telescopes all around the world to capture the image of the black hole at the centre of M87. Infact this is a perfect analogy because it is the energy of the galactic centre that symbolises the monad or spirit aspect - the dark mystery that all our stars ( souls ) orbit.
In the human being it is the dark of spirit flowing down the sushumna or central column in the spine that awakens the dragon power sleeping in the body. This dark current is the core of the life principle. It provides a ‘jolt’ or lightning strike that accelerates the awakening of consciousness, the empowerment of the body and supernovaing of the heart. Humanity is at the point where such an experience is both necessary and inevitable.
So on the solstice small groups of tantrically vibrating human beings can gather all over the planet. Connected together through the heart and their shared love for the earth they create a single living instrument or organism. Via mediation and the crown centre they connect to the centre of the galaxy which at the time of the solstice is directly opposite the sun. Via their base centre they connect to the core of the earth and run the dark current together. At the time of the eclipse ( six hours after solstice ) our unified will is to call up the planetary kundalini, the dragon power of the earth so that whatever blocks the emergence of humanity as an expression of love can be shaken out and released. Following the eclipse we run the ecstatic dark through our bodies in dance, love making or other rituals that celebrate the emergence of the world soul.
We also use the time of the solstice to listen deeply to where we are called, who we need to be with and what part we need to play in the global emergence. We stay connected and share on an energetic level with those others around the world that are vibrating in temple with us. In the day after the ritual we harvest our experience and share online together. This is like getting all of the data from each telescope and combining them into a coherent picture. Insights, images and experiences come together to form a living oracle - a vibrating dark seed for the emergent civilisation.
If you would like to join a fire or hold point for your own during this critical alignment then please follow the link here:

Glamour Michael Robbins Webinar

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The YouTube Playlist link for Dissipation of Glamour Initiative is:


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