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Flowers of wisdom

If there are obstacles, not 'the infinite

If you can count, not the stars

If you tremble or shake, and not 'a mountain

If increases or decreases, is not 'an ocean

If it passes over the bridges, not 'a river

If you can 'grasp, and not' the rainbow

Here are the parables of the six external perceptions


Bailey - D.K. the seven types of Monads may be found on the monadic plane ...

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the seven types of Monads may be found on the monadic plane and correspond to cells within the planetary Logoi. The three major types of Monads may be found upon the Logoic plane and correspond to the three aspects of the Solar Logos (Brahma, Vishnu or Siva). Thus we would learn that the monad is that which has its home within the Sun, with its three qualities. Brahma, Vishnu and Siva represent the three qualities, and the Sun represents the synthesis.

DK telling us that each Monad is part not only of a systemic wheel but is even more essentially a part of a “monadic cosmic wheel”.. We may say that the Monad is “that which finds its place within the sun” but if this is the case, it even more essentially finds its place within that ‘Sun’ which is a Cosmic Logos.
137. The lowest of the many types of cosmic wheels is that wheel for which seven suns are as chakras.

each is being [ swept into some form of activity upon the lesser revolution of this particular systemic wheel, but not all in any particular cycle are to be found revolving upon a specific planetary wheel.

That is - some planets are in obs curation, not active in some particular scheme, chain.

of the human Monad is analogous to a solar systemic wheel.

The monadic ray is the “primary ray seen by the illumined seer as the combined blending of the primary colours of the three solar systems.

Yet one human monadic cycle occurs in one solar system
is distinguished by being the totality of the seven colours of the seven Heavenly Men,
We note that the “monadic cosmic wheel” is represented by three primary colours and the monadic systemic wheel by seven other colours (perhaps illusory appearances).
Thus we have the important number ten when combining the monadic cosmic wheel and one monadic systemic wheel.
If we consider the three solar systems, we will have the number twenty-one. Adding the three of the monadic cosmic wheel, we will have a significant number of completion—twenty-four (the number of Shamballa, and perhaps the number of the prototype of Shamballa).

Two potent streams of energy—cosmic and systemic—reach man via the conditioning planetary centres of force (the seven planetary schemes in the solar system and their corresponding seven centres in the planet on which we live) and pour into the symbolic "twelve houses" through their medium - the precipitation points of the 12 zodiacal energies. ( 7+12- 19 - the symbol of monad and the soul.
The seven rays express themselves, each through three of the zodiacal constellations.

The theme of duality and trinity, therefore, runs through the whole story of man's development.

Upon all the three planes of human unfoldment the reconciliation goes forward and that the major task of man is the "regulation of the pairs of opposites."

Man will, therefore, have to be studied as a threefold entity, a composite individual, expressing (in the three worlds):
a. The spiritual soul, reflecting the Monad.
b. The human soul, reflecting the divine soul.
c. The form nature, which should be the revealer of the two higher

Initiation. Vision. Education. Intuition. Liberation. Idealism. Organisation - are the effects of the seven ray energies, as they pour forth from one or other of the seven stars of the Great Bear into our solar system and planetary human kingdom.

These energies are the life-quality of the seven great Beings Who are the Prototypes of the planetary Logoi of the sacred planets, seven in number. These latter are Their reflections in time and space, as the soul is the reflector of the Monad where human beings are concerned.

These seven great Beings express Themselves in our solar system as the custodians or the exponents of the Will aspect of Deity. These seven ray aspects of the will - is that which flowers in the Monad when souls have reached perfected expression through humanity.

The nature of the will is as yet undefinable for only the Monad responds to its impact, and only after the third initiation.

But behind all quality lies That of which the quality is the expression and behind that is to be found the dynamic "out-going" of the precipitation of will and quality.

Just as desire has produced this "son of necessity," our solar system, there lies behind all the energies of the Heart of God and all the forces which have produced the manifested universe that which is the result of divine need.

It is that synthetic something which produces cohesion and results in fruition or synthesis as the effect or final result of manifestation - as it manifests through God and through man,which emerges in the human consciousness after the third initiation—the point at which personality or form life is transcended and the Monad becomes the object of the desired attainment.

All that can be hinted at is that three galaxies of stars ( G. Bear, Pleiades, Sirius) are the three aspects of that Indescribable, Absolute Monad, the Ineffable Cause of the seven solar systems—of which ours is one.

The twelve constellations of the zodiac, form—each of them—part of a triangle of energies.12x3 = ( 36- 9x4)

Each of these triangles is a unit in itself but in conjunction with the other triangles forms part of that major quaternary which is the cosmic analogy of the quaternary of the One Life—soul and the dual psychic nature, called in some of the esoteric books kama-manas, plus the vital nature.
These four are the expression of the One Ineffable Cause.

Our solar system responding to the rays 2 and four ( The solar Logos is on the second ray and is express the heart, forth centre of the higher Logos)- is a tiny reflection or replica of the 1, the 3, the 7, the 12.

Because of that innate, inherent correspondence, it has within itself the capacity to respond to the energies emanating from this fountainhead of light and will and, kept alive by its "grace," fused by its will, and preserved by its "Intention." Because these Forces are, we are; because They persist, we persist; because They move in form, in space, in time, we do the same.
fr .A BAILEY ,E.A.


Sound IS LIFE!

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Mantras of the Seven Rays A.Bailey D.K.

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Mantras of the 7 rays. There are a few, but here is one set from the Bailey books.
Feel into where you have most resonance. Normally there will be 2 or 3 that resonate most for people.
The next question is which is your soul ray, your personality ray, and if you have an opening to monadic life, your monadic ray.
First Ray:—"Let the Forces come together. Let them mount to the High Place, and from that lofty eminence,
let the soul look out upon a world destroyed. Then let the word go forth: 'I still persist!'"
Second Ray:—"Let all the life be drawn to the Centre, and enter thus into the Heart of Love Divine.
Then from that point of sentient Life, let the soul realise the consciousness of God. Let the word go forth,
reverberating through the silence: 'Naught is but Me!'"

Third Ray:—"Let the Army of the Lord, responsive to the word, cease their activities. Let knowledge end in wisdom.
Let the point vibrating become the point quiescent, and all lines gather into One.
Let the soul realise the One in Many and let the word go forth in perfect understanding:
'I am the Worker and the Work, the One that Is.'"
Fourth Ray:—"Let the outer glory pass away and the beauty of the inner Light reveal the One.
Let dissonance give place to harmony, and from the centre of the hidden Light, let the soul speak:
Let the word roll forth: 'Beauty and glory veil me not. I stand revealed. I am.'"

Fifth Ray:—"Let the three forms of energy electric pass upward to the Place of Power.
Let the forces of the head and heart and all the nether aspects blend. Then let the soul look out
upon an inner world of light divine. Let the Word triumphant go forth: 'I mastered energy for I am energy Itself.
The Master and the mastered are but One.'"
Sixth Ray:—"Let all desire cease. Let aspiration end. The search is over.
Let the soul realise that it has reached the goal, and from that gateway to eternal Life and cosmic Peace,
let the word sound: 'I am the seeker and the sought. I rest!'"

Seventh Ray:—"Let the builders cease their work. The Temple is completed.
Let the soul enter into its heritage and from the Holy Place command all work to end.
Then in the silence subsequent, let him chant forth the Word:
'The creative work is over. I, the Creator, Am. Naught else remains but Me.'"


Verso un'Età di Luce Lucis Trust

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by Leni the descending electric fire of the spirit

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"...If the phenomenon of lightning can be used as an example of the descending electric fire of the spirit aspect as it operates to make adjustments within the form, then the phenomena of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes represent the emergence of the latent kundalini fires of the planet...

* Occult Cosmology - Bruce Lyon & D.K.


Pluto is very active in 2020 bringing at the surface the aspect of the Will which has to do,partially,
with Vril the other aspect of Agni ,
Both Energies must BE in Balance in the HEART!

Empowering the Heart of Humanity, and Revealing Life and The Divinity in us all ! L.S


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