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If there are obstacles, not 'the infinite

If you can count, not the stars

If you tremble or shake, and not 'a mountain

If increases or decreases, is not 'an ocean

If it passes over the bridges, not 'a river

If you can 'grasp, and not' the rainbow

Here are the parables of the six external perceptions


LISTEN, ARISING ONE! Duane Carpenter

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Duane Carpenter to The Reappearance of the Christ

For the sound of the Solar Angel whose sonorous cry can be heard thrilling through the Ethers.
I HEAR: ------------------------- I SEE:
Do you hear the sounds of the Great Mother whose heart-beat can be heard rumbling from ancient times?
Do you hear the etheric-cry of the Christ as he attempts to lift poor broken humanity up into the future of Love and into the Golden Heart of the Sun?
Do you hear the rumblings from the subtle Worlds of the Divine Will as they echo from far off stars and from the immense distance of space ?
A few quotes by DK to help us understand the importance of sound in the study and recognition of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings.
He who lives under the sound of the AUM knows himself. He who lives sounding the OM knows his brother. He who knows the SOUND knows all." (EH 132)
“It is not my intention here to deal with the creative sound, beyond calling to your attention the fact that it is creative. The Sound which was the first indication of the activity of the planetary Logos is not a word, but a full reverberating sound, holding within itself all other sounds, all chords and certain musical tones (which have been given the name of the "music of the spheres") and dissonances, [Page 689] unknown as yet to the modern ear. It is this Sound which the "Rising One" must learn to recognise, and to which he must respond not only by means of the sense of hearing and its higher correspondences, but through a response from every part and aspect of the form nature in the three worlds. I would remind you also that from the angle of the fourth initiation even the egoic vehicle, the soul body, is regarded and treated as a part of the form nature.” (EH 689)
One of the most important recognition for the modern disciple is the sound of his soul vibrating on its own plane. Without this recognition and realization all attempts at white magic will be hindered and have limited success. Without the recognition of this “Lost Word” all spiritual and occult rituals along the 2nd and, 7th ray line will be empty and have little meaning.
Those who take the responsibility to guide others to this important recognition must demonstrate that they have done this work themselves. Note that I have used the word “guide” since soul recognition is self-initiated and cannot be conveyed through mere conventional modes of communication. We must seek out those environments, groups or communities that have demonstrated clear thinking, clarity of vision and can support this type of self-discovery and inner work.
Each group, as we know, is the sum total of its participants and during meditations generate a high voltage of electrical stimulation. This radiation emanates light, color and sound and is directed upwards towards soul levels where it eventually makes a demand upon the inner ashramic life. It is in this way the group auric field building in potency eventually creates an invocative vibration that by law will demand recognition.
Senior disciples on the inner planes and eventually the Master respond to this group invocation and send forth the ashramic note. The Master then waits to see if the individual, or the group is capable of responding to that note, and using it creatively. If this note is not recognized by a sufficient number of group members, or if the energy transmitted is not used in the appropriate way, the Master knows that sufficient integration has not yet taken place within the ranks of the group and consequently withdraws this stimulation from a lack of response to a latter date. Let me here refer to the Tibetan on this subject:
"I seek to sound a word of warning: In the failure to respond, in the failure to turn the inner ear to those voices on the subtler planes which utter "the words of reconstruction" may come the ultimate transference of the forces of reconstruction to other channels, the consequent withholding of opportunity and the ultimate discarding of the instrumentality of the group as a medium of service." (TWM 137)
The question I have for my readers is should more time be spent in meditation on tuning the etheric ear of the group to higher impressions, registering those impressions and attempting to swell those egoic and ashramic sounds for the benefit of the group and service to humanity. This area of work is a part of the curriculum for new Esoteric Schools as outlined by the Tibetan. Esoteric Education and Psychology, Astrology and Healing can only come alive in an occult sense when the personality and soul rays are known and used creatively by the imagination and picture making faculties of the disciple.Audioization, (a word we will coin for the lack of a better one), or the clear sounding of these inner notes should be considered as equally as important as visualization when the student has reached a certain point of development and when the inner notes of his different bodies and sheaths are demanding recognition. This is the essence and central teaching of building the Antahkarana or Rainbow Bridge, that we build equally with sound as we do with light and equally with electric vibration as we do with color. On this subject of the recognition of the inner sound current or ringing Master Morya from the Agni Yoga Teachings has this to say:
Fiery World – Book 1 (1933) – 441:
441. “The final dates are often accompanied by spatial ringing. This ringing proves that the current of energy is like a string that reverberates upon contacting a countercurrent. Indeed, each such ringing indicates tension. During such ringing one should first of all reject all futile thinking, in order the more harmonious to unite with the guiding current. Perhaps earthly events produce such tension. Perhaps also the events of the Subtle Worlds are approaching, and one must be ready to receive them. But when the ear is open to the ringing of the far off currents, then the consciousness is also expanded for the appraisal of events. Thus Agni Yoga transmutates all that exists.”
HPB in the Secret Doctrine also reaffirms the importance of recognizing the seven strings of Apollo’s heptachord.
“Lead the life necessary for the acquisition of such knowledge and powers, and Wisdom will come to you naturally. Whenever you are able to attune your consciousness to any of the seven chords of ‘Universal Consciousness,’ those chords that run along the sounding-board of Kosmos, vibrating from one eternity to another; when you have studied thoroughly ‘the music of the ‘Spheres’ then only will you become quite free to share your knowledge with those with whom it is safe to do so. Meanwhile be prudent. Do not give out the great Truths that are the inheritance of the future Races, to our present generation. Do not attempt to unveil the secret of being and non-being to those unable to see the hidden meaning of Apollo’s HEPTACHORD - the lyre of the radiant god, in each of the seven strings of which dwelleth the Spirit, Soul, and Astral body of the Kosmos, whose shell only has now fallen into the hands of Modern science….. (H.B. Blavatsky The Secret Doctrine 1, 167)
The visual animation presented here is from an unknown artist.
The music is from the Great Bell Chant by Thich Nath Hanh, and chanted by brother Phap Niem



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The Dissipation of Glamour Initiative webinar 120, Michael Robbins

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The Dissipation of Glamour Initiative webinar 120, reading no. 60, held on July 26, 2019 has been posted to Makara at: http://makara.us/04mdr/webinars/glamour.html


The Portal of the final Way & Magnetic Resonance

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A portal is a place of entry and a place of exit that exists between each of the 7 rays,

and the 7 planes and is an entry and exit point between all chakra systems and spiritual bodies

linking the great Macrocosmic forces of the universe and their Microcosmic reflections.

This idea of a graded series of energy impacts that man must master and come to understand

will rise in ascendancy as he studies his own hidden constitution and learns more

of the teachings of Laya yoga or the yoga of the fiery force centers that connect everything together

on the inner as well as outer planes.

DK has also spoken of the vortex-wheel idea extensively which is the crossover point

between two or more forces throughout his many revelatory teachings.

Even contemporary science has validated the vortex –spherical dynamic where atomic

and sub-atomic forces are created, sustained and eventually destroyed into even greater

congeries of evolving energies and forces. When the electrical vibration of the disciples

three lower bodies are vibrating at a similar frequency as the soul or one monadic life on its own plane

the initiate will pass through this obstructing door and into a greater light.

The attached NASA video indicates that even on the most mundane levels scientific inquiry

has demonstrated that there are multiple levels of electrical and magnetic force that connect

everything together into one composite whole. That these many diverse lines of electrical force

are connecting, dissipating and reconnecting all the time and drive the entire system from the tiniest atom

to a complete solar system.

A few quotes by the Tibetan that reveal some important insights on this subject and what the disciple

is expected to accomplish.


“Again, this time in relation to the soul, comes the repetition of the discovery of the Door,

its use and its appearance, finally, behind the initiate. This time the door must be found upon

the mental plane, and not as earlier upon the etheric level; this is brought about by the aid of the soul

and of the lower mind and through the revealing power of the clear cold light of the reason.

When discovered, the "revelation of a terrible though beautiful experiment" faces the initiate.

He finds that this time alignment is not his need, but the definite undertaking of a creative work—the building

of a bridge between the door which lies behind and the door which lies ahead.

This involves the construction of what is technically the antahkarana, the rainbow bridge.

This is built by the disciple-in-training upon the basis of his past experience; it is anchored

in the past and firmly grounded in the highest, rightly oriented aspect of the personality.

As the disciple then creatively works, he finds that there is a reciprocal action on the part

of the Presence, the Monad—the unity which stands behind the Door. He discovers that

one span of the bridge (if I might so call it) is being built or pushed forward from the other side

of the gulf separating him from experience in the life of the Spiritual Triad. This Spiritual Triad is essentially,

to the initiate, what the threefold personality is to the man in physical incarnation. (RI 5 43-4)

" When these three aspects of the manifesting Ego, the God within, are brought under control,

co-ordinated, and utilised, then, even unconsciously to himself, will the voice of the disciple be heard,

demanding the opening of the door. When the lower life upon the physical plane is fertilised,

the emotional stabilised, and the mental transmuted, then naught can prevent the latch upon that door

being lifted, and the disciple passing through. Only synchronous vibration to that which lies

the other side of the door produces its opening, and when the key of the disciple's life

is attuning itself to that of the hierarchical life, then, one by one, the doors will open, and nothing

can keep them closed. (IHS 195-6)

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