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If there are obstacles, not 'the infinite

If you can count, not the stars

If you tremble or shake, and not 'a mountain

If increases or decreases, is not 'an ocean

If it passes over the bridges, not 'a river

If you can 'grasp, and not' the rainbow

Here are the parables of the six external perceptions


Base Chakra dance - Leni Sibilio

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The Unknown Journey


to the Base Chakra


and the Earth,


down and up,

in motion,

in Their Divinity,


the Two Most Material Powers


in connection and Synthesis,





and Free from Identification... - L.S.


Group Initiation Bruce Lyon

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What is Fohat and what is its role in Emanation? by Duane Carpenter

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Dear Steve Hope this post helps answers your question about Fohat.

What is Fohat and what is its role in Emanation?
In the process of Emanation Fohat plays an important role.

4.1 What is Fohat? 
The main verbal root foh is a Tibetan-Mongolian word which could be translated as Buddha-life or Buddha-vitality. Fohat is a philosophical term, having the general meaning of cosmic life or cosmic vitality, ever guided by cosmic mind or intelligence [2]. Why did the Mongolians use this term? Because they refused to see in the wonderful, symmetrical, mathematical and harmonic structure of the Universe, a play of blind and soulless forces on dead matter such as has been the dominating way of scientific thinking in the West for so many years. They gave it the name Fohat because their consciousness conceived of the cosmic vitality under its proper meaning – Buddha-life:
- the intelligent buddhic foundation of the manifested universe;
- the cosmic life, conveyed by universal consciousness, universal wisdom, and therefore correctly understood to be universal life, embodying and directed by universal intelligence.
In the Secret Doctrine I (p. 107-8) this is expressed as follows:
Fohat is the steed: the Cosmic Thought is the rider.

The source of Fohat is Cosmic kama or desire in the Cosmic Thought [3]. In a specific meaning it is identical with the old mystic Greek word Eros. In the Symposium of The Dialogues of Plato Socrates discusses with his friends the characteristics of the god Eros. They conclude that Eros can neither be beautiful or good, because you only desire what you don’t possess yet. Subsequently Socrates speaks of the lessons he learned from a wise lady called Diotima who described Eros generally as the desire (the love) of the everlasting possession of the good ..... and that, through this desire, man seeks immortality [4]. From this we may conclude that Fohat or Eros is the desire, the driving force, to bring a being from its present - relative - disharmonious state into a state of balance, of harmony. This force is expressed as a delta, a difference in “voltage,” “pressure,” “height,” etc.

So we can say that on the human plane Fohat corresponds to desire or passion. In another way, we also might call it kama-prana or prana-kama; desire combined with vitality. Those two are inseparable, because there is vitality in every one of the human principles. Fohat is the incessantly operating, ever moving driving force in Nature. It is incessant action and is both constructive and destructive. For through the incessant operation endless transitions take place from one phase of manifested existence to another. Fohat is operating both at macrocosmic and microcosmic level: between the suns of the Milky Way and between the electrons of an atom and between the atoms.

4.2 What is the role of Fohat in the process of Emanation?

What is exactly the relation between Emanation and Fohat?

As human beings, we can say it means that we are living in the emanated force-field, the life-sphere, the fohatic sphere, the pranic sphere, of the divinity of our solar system. In a similar way the cells and atoms of our physical body are living in the emanated force-field, the life-sphere, the fohatic sphere, the pranic sphere, of the divinity of our human constitution. In The Secret Doctrine I p. 16 Madame Blavatsky describes the essential character of Fohat as: the "bridge" by which the "Ideas" existing in the "Divine Thought" are impressed on Cosmic substance as the "laws of Nature." Fohat being the cosmic life in the sense of the vital flow in a universe, is divisible into seven or ten principles or elements [5]. Each one of them is a vitality with its own svabhava or characteristic, and their unity forming the generalized Fohat of which Madame Blavatsky wrote in the Secret Doctrine I p. 143: "Each world has its Fohat, who is omnipresent in his own sphere of action. But there are as many Fohats as there are worlds, each varying in power and degree of manifestations.”

4.3 How to recognize the operatings of Fohat?
How to recognize the operating of Fohat?

Please remember that the universe - from the Theosophical standpoint - is alive because it is filled with living beings, whatever we call them: cosmic spirits, planetary spirits, divinities, etc. We are all living in the life-sphere, the fohatic sphere, the pranic sphere, of the divinity of our solar system [6]. Now with respect to all movements of the world that we see around us: the earthquakes, the meteorological phenomena, rains, lightning, moving of clouds, thunder-storms, hail-storms, sunny and bright days; all those are movements of the vital essence of the planetary spirit working in and with the co-operation of the solar spirit, as that solar spirit moves within the life-sphere of an entity still greater, the galactic spirit, which in its turn moves within the life-sphere of a still vaster spirit. All those movements are based on Fohat: the driving force, which expresses itself as a delta, a difference in “voltage,” “pressure,” “height,” etc.

We see the same image with the countless beings which compose a person’s body, where they live and move and have their being, within the hierarchy of the constitution of the vehicles of spirit. It is a wonderful image to recognise the symmetry, harmony and beauty of the universe. Please be aware that on every occasion when you see the action of a natural force, you are seeing the automatic workings of the vitality of our own particular planetary, or it may be solar spirit. We may call those automatic workings the habit patterns of those cosmic beings. For us human beings, this is difficult to imagine. If we compare it to the human plane: a being living on an electron, helping to form one of the atoms of my body may not have understanding when I raise my arm, but nevertheless all the interrelated forces giving my body life, affect every molecule, every atom, every electron in my body. In precisely the same way the cosmic spirits, the Forces of Nature, have a range of action so vast, an intellect so far-reaching and a time-period so immense, that we cannot grasp it.

A last point to complete the general description of Fohat is the idea of the Circulations of the Cosmos. The Circulations of the Cosmos are the pathways or channels connecting the invisible worlds of the solar system by means of the vital and “nervous” cosmic flows. The solar system, just as the human body, has its own network of nerves, arteries, and veins, as well as its pathways along which run to and from the flows of forces embodying various degrees of cosmic life. The sun, as the heart and brain of the solar system [7], receives the circulations of the solar system at its North Pole. They pass through the heart of the sun, are cleansed and washed and leave at the south pole of the sun. The same picture applies to the planets, like our Earth: each has its receptor at the North Pole, and its ejector at the South Pole. And the periodic pulsations in those circulating flows are the “heart beats” of the organism of the solar system. We can recognize an identical image for the flows in the blood and nervous system in the human body. 
In this respect I would like to mention a relevant quotation from ‘Notes on the Bhagavad-Gita’ by W.Q. Judge and R. Crosbie:


Synthesis and the Sacred Feminine By Maria Calegari

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Synthesis and the Sacred Feminine
By Maria Calegari
The bird of the Spirit of Humanity cannot fly with only one wing.*

The Epoch of Maitreya is the Epoch of the Mother of the World.**

It seems the time has come, as we move more fully into the Aquarian Age, working for the Reappearance of the Christ, that we, the worldwide esoteric community, do our utmost to honor the aspect of the Sacred Feminine and restore Her to our everyday consciousness. Clearly in the works of Agni Yoga the call has gone forth, "The New Epoch must manifest due respect to the Mother of the World, to the feminine element." (Letters of Helena Roerich, Volume One) And, with this, there is much work to be done.

The rebirth of the Christ consciousness requires greater resonance of the feminine aspect within humanity. The new yoga, that of the Yoga of Synthesis asks that we work with the balance of the two energies—the masculine and the feminine; spirit and matter. The Eastern religions have always kept the flames of the feminine alive with many deities honoring the Mother of the World, but here in the West, a predominantly patriarchal system along with the distortion of materialism, has done great damage. The Master Morya in the Agni Yoga books reminds us of the need for "Golden Balance" and he refers to this fundamental principal as "Dual Origin."

Stirrings of new waves of consciousness can come in unexpected ways. Whether accepted as fact or fiction, the recent popular film and book, "The Da Vinci Code", has rekindled the image of the lost feminine. "The Gospel of Mary Magdalene", translation and commentary by Jeans-Yves Leloup, gives us insight into a female initiate's experience of Christ. This information can set us thinking in new ways about balance and synthesis.

In Esoteric Astrology by Alice Bailey, the Tibetan remarks on the Virgo esoteric keynote which is "I am the Mother and the child, I God, I matter am." He states, "The time has come when you can, if you so choose, proclaim your identity with both divine aspects, matter and spirit, the mother and the child."

It is interesting to go back in history to reflect on the terrible persecution that women have endured. In the Letters of Helena Roerich Volume Two, she reveals that the battle between Lucifer and the Great Brothers had much to do with the degradation of women. "Remarkable is the fact that in order to achieve his [Lucifer's] goal of becoming the full and only ruler of Earth, his chief efforts were directed toward the humiliation of women. He knew that with the demeaning of women, the coarsening and degeneration of humanity was unavoidable."

She goes on to write that with the New Epoch, the incoming energies of Uranus and Venus would bring the "Renaissance of Women."

Certainly we have seen great strides with women's rights in the last decades. The current United Nations Millennium Development Goals address the problem of gender equality in goal three. However, the UN update from 2005 reports that despite improvements, women hold only 16% of parliamentary positions throughout the world today. We need more women in leadership roles.

How can we do our part in the work of the Restoration of the Mother of the World to enable the Reappearance of the Christ?

First, we can recognize the qualities of the Mother and implement them in our daily thoughts, meditation and service. We can deepen our appreciation of the beauty of the feminine image and the subtle energies of the Heart-sacrifice and courage, practicing these in our daily lives.

Another quote from the Letters of Helena Roerich, Volume One is even more sobering as to our responsibility in creating synthesis: "Could the terrors and crimes of today be possible if both Origins had been balanced? In the hands of woman lies the salvation of Humanity and our planet. Woman must realize her significance, the great mission of the Mother of the World. She should be prepared to take responsibilities for the destiny of Humanity." These are powerful words that we need to hear and heed.

Synchronicity in current events can confirm new patterns of group thought. On his recent visit to America, the Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri Al-Maliki, addressed a joint session of Congress. His words on greater equality and respect for Iraqi women received a standing ovation. Basic human rights that have been denied so many women for so long are now being brought into the light.

It is with these and other subtle changes that we can return the Mother of the World to her sacred throne here on Earth and in so doing make way for the Coming One. 


Death and Dying Well master D.K.

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