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Flowers of wisdom

If there are obstacles, not 'the infinite

If you can count, not the stars

If you tremble or shake, and not 'a mountain

If increases or decreases, is not 'an ocean

If it passes over the bridges, not 'a river

If you can 'grasp, and not' the rainbow

Here are the parables of the six external perceptions


Dear Friends, I have largely completed the Seed Thoughts which related to the 'INFINITESSENCE' which I consider the SAME as the ABSOLUTE. ---Michael Robbins

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Dear Friends, I have largely completed the Seed Thoughts which related to the 'INFINITESSENCE' which I consider the SAME as the ABSOLUTE. I have not completed the Hints, Explanations, Injunctions, Affirmations, Questions etc.

I would suggest that each day, for a minute or two, you remind yourself of your ABSOLUTE FULNESS as the ABSOLUTE INFINITY/ABSOLUTE INFINITUDE. It’s not so much what we think we know mentally that counts, but the inperience of these Super-Dimensional States revealed by Infusception. The clear scales must fall from our eyes, and realization come.



Somewhat Loosely Considered

Rigor Comes Later

1. Mostly, in-Universe Speculations…


2.  Every Stabilized Self-Perception by the Universal Logos Is the Creation of an Entity/entity which Is Actually the Becoming by the Universal Logos of an in-Universe Entity/entity. Therefore, All Such Self-Perceptions by that Logos are Entifications/entifications with the ABSOLUTE DEITY ‘STANDING BEHIND’, and the ABSOLUTE SUBSTANDING All.


3.  Universal Logic Entification requires Extreme Concentration/Meditation/Identification—a much Higher Octave of the Process through which creative human beings pass. The lesser flame must be lit from the Great Flame. Then that lesser must be the one which lights a still lesser, and so on until the Will of the Universal Logos stops the Process before a Universe becomes Infinite, which It cannot be if cyclically appearing.


4.  Self-Reduction through the Wilful Reduction of the Scope of Self-Perception Is the Method of Creating Variety used by the Universal Logos. The ABSOLUTE DEITY utilized something similar to CHOOSE the ‘Content’ of the Forthcoming Universe.


5.  In-Universe, things are Self-Perceptions of the Universal Logos.


6.  A Universal Logos has Purpose GATHERED BY the ABSOLUTE DEITY through INNATE FACULTY and the PROCESS of SELF-SIGHT and CHOICE of ‘Finitudes to be Combined’ and, thence, EXTRUDED INTO Finitude which is a Privation—the Temporary Relinquishing of ‘Contact’ with ABSOLUTE INFINITY/ABSOLUTE INFINITUDE.


7.  Our entire Universe and every other Universe (of which there have always been infinitudinous) Is the Self-Perception of a Universal Logos, Preceded, in order to PRODUCE AN Universal Entirety, by the FREE and FINITE CHOICE (of ‘CONTENT’ and ‘SCOPE’) by the ABSOLUTE DEITY in the SUPRA-UNIVERSAL-WORLD.


8.  Regarding the in-Universe Process, however limited in scope may be a creator, behind and within this creator Presides the Universal Logos as the True Creator.


9.  The absolutely inconceivable ever threatens to appear to the aspiring human consciousness.


10.             Perception limits; Infusception homogenizes and destroys RINGS-PASS-NOT.


11.             My inperience has taught me that without the influence of the heart, no infusception is possible.


12.             Infusception Reveals the Non-Formal Otherness which Is Sameness.


13.             Until you have through Identification achieved infusceptional Sameness, you will not know the Source of in-Universe Variety.


14.             Do not rest until Sameness and Differentiation occur simultaneously without interfering with each other.

Michael Robbins



Luce e Verità TPS

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Dissipation of Glamour Web. # 121

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The Dissipation of Glamour Initiative webinar 121, reading no. 61, held on August 2, 2019 has been posted to Makara at: http://makara.us/04mdr/webinars/glamour.html ,


Enthusiasm - 546 *** AGNI

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546 *** AGNI -

' Fundamental and irreplaceable is the element of fire.

Similarly without substitute is psychic energy.

The most self-sufficient, the most refined,

the most upthrusting energy is the

Daughter of Fire!

Not without reason do We call you

to the Fiery Conqueress.

Every manifestation of enthusiasm precipitates a particle

of the treasure.

Each exaltation before nature and Beauty

gather the seeds of light and creates a ray of victory.

Long ago I said, " Through Beauty thou hast Light. "

...Thus, enthusiasm will be the shortest way

to the accumulation of psychic energy.

...the mountain spring


ready to refresh each one who approaches.

Rejoice! '


Identify As BEING Michael Robbins

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The Webinar, Identify As BEING, Series 3, Program 3--Infusception and the Beginning of Studying Infinity has been posted to Makara at


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