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Flowers of wisdom

If there are obstacles, not 'the infinite

If you can count, not the stars

If you tremble or shake, and not 'a mountain

If increases or decreases, is not 'an ocean

If it passes over the bridges, not 'a river

If you can 'grasp, and not' the rainbow

Here are the parables of the six external perceptions


Idea and Form: Hierarchy and Humanity T P S

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Morya Federation Esoteric Education live

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Sun conjunct Merak T.P.S.

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Sun conjunct Merak5 min

1° Rituale - Orsa Maggiore - Punto - Proposito

Today our Sun is aligned, on the ecliptic meridian, to the star Merak, part of the primary Constellation of Great Bear, the Head Centre or source of the Seven Rays for our solar system according to the Tibetan Esoteric Astrology. Our Sun is precisely aligning the Great Bear stars since August 7th (Dubhe, the source of personal will) to September 20th (Alkaid, the bearer of the Great Baer Chariot), just before the Equinox Libra Door (symmetrically, our Earth is astronomically aligned to the Great Bear stars since February 4th – with Dubhe – to March 20th, at the vigil of Aries Equinox. This zodiacal axis Aries-Libra is also vitally and subjectively related to this leading constellation of the Seven Rishis or Fathers of solar and planetary evolution:

Aries—Libra—The Sun (which are an expression of the Great Bear) bring about that focussing of energy in the life of the disciple which makes it possible for him to function consciously and with intention upon the Path of Initiation. He enters the realm of the formless worlds because Aries, the sign of beginnings makes this possible; through the potency of Libra, he has succeeded in achieving that point of balance which makes the final escape from the pairs of opposites possible. He now knows, through transcended feeling and from identification with the seen Vision, the true meaning of being.” (From Esoteric Astrology, p. 466)

“Aries, the initiator of impulses (either the impulse to incarnate or the impulse to return to the originating source) is closely in touch with one of the stars in the Great Bear to which we give the name “Pointer” in common parlance. This Pointer is a “major star of direction” because through it (in this world cycle) flows the will to unify and to bring about synthesis. This is the force which brings about the fusion or integration of the personality, the at-one-ment of personality and soul, the unification of humanity or the Great Approach of the Hierarchy to Humanity. It will produce also the integration of our Earth into the body of the “sacred planets” and the consequent establishing of a triangle of force composed of the Pointer, Aries and our Earth. This triangular relationship will have a potent effect upon the solar system as well as upon the planet itself and is also one of the factors producing the shift in the Earth’s axis. Related to this triangle is a secondary one within our sun’s orbit, composed of Vulcan, Pluto and the Earth. In the Archives of the Great Lodge this is referred to symbolically as:

Schermata 2016-08-11 alle 15.37.01

Merak, in particular, is the source of First Ray, the energy of higher Power and Will, and through the First Ray Planets Vulcan and Pluto stimulates the Head Centre of Hearth, Its solar Government, Shamballa, and ultimately the head centre of human initiates and disciples.

In Shamballa,”the centre where the Will of God is Known”, our “planetary Father” Sanat Kumara rules:

“This great Life, the Ancient of Days, the Lord of the world, Sanat Kumara, the Eternal Youth, the planetary Logos—His many names are of relative unimportance—is the only Existence upon our planet Who is capable of responding to and carrying out the objectives of the solar Logos. He, in His turn, is the only one in our solar system capable of responding to the sevenfold Emanating Cause, expressing Itself through the Great Bear or Ursa Major.”Orsa Maggiore-Arturo-Spica-Polo Nord galattico

Thus the current alignment in Leo indicates a propitious opportunity to “consecrate” our little wills to the higher Will and Purpose irradiating through the Heart of theSun, through the splendor of Truth that is our beautiful fiery Sun and our Heart, “the sun of our system”:

Leo is the sign wherein the consciousness of individuality is developed, utilised and finally consecrated to divine purpose. It is related to Polaris, the Pole Star (found in the Little Bear) and it is also peculiarly susceptible to the influence of that Pointer in the Great Bear which is the nearest to the Pole Star. Esoterically speaking, the Pole Star is regarded as the “star of re-orientation” whereby the art of “refacing and recovering that which is lost” is developed. This eventually brings a man back to his originating source. It might, therefore, be correctly inferred that this Pointer and the energy emanating from it guides humanity upon the involutionary path, and is constantly active in its influence upon the man who is still upon the Mutable Cross. Then the energy of the Pointer furthest from the Pole Star begins to make its presence felt and a sense of right direction or guidance is registered by the disciple upon the Path, and such guidance (when followed) leads man nearer to the Hierarchy. It is here that the divine necessity of achieving alignment is portrayed for us in the symbolism of the sky and when it has been achieved then there is a direct inflow of divine energy and man is linked up in a new and creative manner to sources of divine supply. (…) the two Pointers and the Pole Star. They are mysteriously connected with the three aspects of incarnated man—Spirit, soul and body. (…) These three stars are embodiments of the three aspects of divine will. It is the three aspects of all expressions of divinity in manifestation which underlie the Science of Triangles.” (Ibidem, pp. 196-7)

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men –
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.


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Dancing with your Base Chakra and the Earth! L.S.

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    Base Chakra dance - Leni Sibilio

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