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Flowers of wisdom

If there are obstacles, not 'the infinite

If you can count, not the stars

If you tremble or shake, and not 'a mountain

If increases or decreases, is not 'an ocean

If it passes over the bridges, not 'a river

If you can 'grasp, and not' the rainbow

Here are the parables of the six external perceptions


As Coronavirus spreads around the world Bruce Lyon

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As Coronavirus spreads around the world, and we start to realise the scale of what is coming, this passage from Bruce's work with DK has been in my awareness.

"The period up until 2025 will be seen in hindsight to be one of deep conflict and suffering, as well as enormous opportunity. The suffering will be accepted and embraced by advanced members of humanity, for they know that it is not meaningless but suffering with a purpose. That purpose will begin to dawn on humanity as a whole by the time 2025 arrives. The incoming Fourth Ray will bring with it the first taste of the ‘light of victory’ for the fourth kingdom [humanity]. One of the reasons for the giving out of this teaching now is to strengthen the spirit of disciples, preparing them for a prolonged period of intense struggle ahead.

There are many souls in incarnation now who carry what might be called the seeds of darkness—a higher ‘non-dual’ or divine darkness that is in reality a blinding light. These souls are the disciples and initiates who are able to esoterically ‘see in the dark light’. That seeing will enable them to stand firm and secure through the period of testing ahead. Indeed this is how the power structures and resources of the world will shift from the planetary personality to the planetary soul. In times of deep crisis the personality is unable to offer solutions—it is blinded and revealed for what it essentially is—a very clever survival system. Those who are soul-infused will be able to stand and withstand the blast of spirit as forerunners of the Externalisation [of the planetary soul] process and heralds of the new civilisation. Indeed for them it will also be a time of great joy, as they will witness the things they have stood and fought for over many years finally able to break through the cracks in the old and crumbling world order. Esoterically they can anchor themselves in the future, in the time window of 2025 where the light of victory is breaking even now. There the hour is always now. These teachings are designed to provide an energetic antahkarana [bridge] to that future ever-present light."

From the book, Occult Cosmology, pages 40-41.


La Forza costruttiva e il pensiero igneo TPS

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It is estimated that millions of tons of pesticides have been dumped into the planetary ecosystem in the last 75 years resulting in serious and debilitating conditions. These toxins are in the air, water and the earth no matter where you reside. These toxins over time weaken the immune system of the individual and the whole entire human race to a greater or lesser degree depending upon where you live and the lifestyle you have chosen.
This new corona virus outbreak may not be unique or new but has been available and latent along with other disease for quite some time and has now found an easier opportunity to spread faster and with more deadly results. This can also be said of many other viruses and diseases.
According to the Master DK all sickness, ill health and disease is the result of a lack of soul contact and that alone is the primary factor that will bring true immunity from the many diseases that are inherent in the very soil we walk upon and that often come from previous cycles. This awakening of soul consciousness should automatically bring a parallel development in the lower bodies or instruments on physical-etheric levels. One without the other will fail to bring the full-person to the required level of integration and refinement. High spiritual energy cannot ground or seat itself safely in a diseased or impure physical form. In fact these higher redemptive forces can be outright dangerous when they impact lower elemental substance that is not ready for their entry or integration.
Over-stimulation from high energy may be one of the key factors of why so many people are disorientated and suffering from all sorts of ill health at this time historically. The Spiritual Hierarchy and great Lord of Love are now pouring down their redemptive fire, but like the biblical metaphor will stimulate the weeds in the human garden as well as the flowers unless this garden is well tended. Many people are not prepared or ready to pass through the divine initiation experience because they have not done the preparatory work of personality purification or integration. This fact results in a repudiation of the higher angelic and devic substance by the lower elemental groups whose evolutionary goal should be to submit and integrate with these new and more powerful spiritual forces.
Although we have stated that only soul consciousness can bring true healing to the whole person paradoxically spiritual energy misused or used incorrectly can also bring ill health and all sorts of debilitating conditions.
DK has pointed out that sickness and disease can also be the result of an imbalance in the students chakras or force centers where there is either too much energy going through one or other of these many centers or not enough. This is also why the study of triangles are so important since they always demonstrate where the next saving level of energy can be found and used correctly in spiritual alignments and meditation.

(See the attached chart to this commentary.)

Unless you know your level of development and what triangles of energy and force you presently work with on the inner planes how will you know the next steps to take and what meditations are appropriate for you?
These ideas presented here are the ABC’s of the coming One World Religion which will demonstrate how scientifically everything is composed of different types of energy and force, and that each disciple must be trained in how to control and manipulate these forces for the reconstruction of themselves, the groups with which they work, and the entire planetary body.

Il Corpo Eterico - Bailey & D.K.

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"...La nuova medicina non potrà mai essere scientificamente formulata o sostenuta con intelligenza finché non si accetti
il 'fatto' del corpo eterico, e non se ne riconosca ' l'esistenza, quale
apparato energetico e aspetto vitale della forma esterna'.
Il medico d'allora in poi, non accentrerà più la propria attenzione sugli effetti esterni e tangibili, ma sulle loro cause interiori, presenti nei centri e nelle regioni cui essi presiedono.
nell'area colpita dal male, si verificano certi fatti esoterici, che hanno validità generale.
1 - La causa immediata della malattia risale al corpo eterico individuale quando è locale, o a quello planetario ( in particolare a quello del quarto regno ) quando si tratta di epidemie o di guerre, che coinvolgono grandi quantità di uomini.
2 - Il corpo eterico non è finora considerato come effettivamente esistente dalla medicina ortodossa, nonostante la tendenza moderna a studiare la ' vitalità ' negli alimenti, nelle vitamine somministrate per provocare una reazione vitale.
E' il primo sintomo della necessità, ancora inconscia, di accrescere la potenza del corpo eterico.
3 - Lo stato di questo corpo protegge dalla malattia, conferendo la forza necessaria per resistere all'aggressione di elementi epidemici o deterioranti, o predispone al male, per sua debolezza intrinseca.
4 - Il corpo eterico è l'apparato della vita pranica e sottostà al sistema nervoso oggettivo, esteriore, che alimenta e muove tutte le parti dell'organismo fisico.
Il rapporto fra centri, nadi e sistema nervoso, è il vero campo della nuova medicina, dove le ricerche saranno più fruttuose.
Due sono le cause principali di tutte le malattie:
a- Carenza o eccesso di stimolo dei vari centri.
Ciò comporta, semplicemente, difettosa o eccessiva attività di qualche centro, in una parte del corpo.
Quando il flusso di energia è commensurato alle esigenze del corpo fisico in qualunque suo stadio di sviluppo, praticamente non esiste pericolo di malattia.
b- Effetti karmici insiti nelle tre massime malattie planetarie:
cancro, tubercolosi, sifilide.
Un giorno la medicina accerterà che qualsiasi singola malattia ( esclusion fatta per incidenti e guerra ) ha in sé queste tre grandi tendenze del corpo umano. E' una verità fondamentale..."
da GUARIGIONE ESOTERICA pag. 251 - 252 ed it.
Alice A. Bailey

About RESPONSIBILITY Mercury Trasmissions B. LYON & D.K.

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About Responsibility...

" At the ninth Initiation of Refusal, the revelation presented to the Master concerns the nature of Being and of existence.

There is naught I can say to you which could be in any way explanatory of Being, for being is related to THAT which creates, to the universal point of planetary or solar Life which is, and has ever been, responsible for the life of all forms from the greatest manifestation to the smallest.

When that revelation is accorded to the initiate, he/she for the first time receives his initial contact with what is called in the occult and esoteric books

" the Central Spiritual Sun ".

He realises for himself that those words concern a basic fact and are related to the purpose of the solar system, just as " the Heart of the Sun " revealed to him the quality of the solar system.

When it is realised that our planetary purpose is mysteriously related to the revelation of love upon our little planet, the Earth, through the process of creation, the concept emerges that there is the probability

that our planet has a unique relation to the Heart of the Sun! "

* R.I. p. 728 - Mercury Trasmissions -

Bruce Lyon & D.K.


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