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If there are obstacles, not 'the infinite

If you can count, not the stars

If you tremble or shake, and not 'a mountain

If increases or decreases, is not 'an ocean

If it passes over the bridges, not 'a river

If you can 'grasp, and not' the rainbow

Here are the parables of the six external perceptions



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Fiery World III, 593 (Where) danger threatens their flesh, people are ready to renounce habits, but it never enters their heads that thought can result in a far more dangerous explosion, invisible yet irreparable.
Many people are dreaming about the General Good and even are ready to work for it as long as it does not interfere with their habits and prosperity. But true service to the General Good, which leads to the gates of the Stronghold of Light, requires sacrifice and complete disdain for everything personal, in other words, the complete abandonment of selfhood. When the consciousness is broadened, when all feelings and comprehension are refined, the law of sacrifice will be accepted as the highest achievement. There will be no room for self-pity, fear for the future, offenses and envy because with every breath will sublimity, beauty, and the highest joy of service be realized.
Aum, 47. Man prays for forgiveness, yet fails to alter his manner of living. Man bewails his misfortune, but does not abandon a single habit which brought him into his state of sorrow. Just praying for forgiveness has no meaning if it is not accompanied by reformation of life. It is not sorrow but hypocrisy when the Higher Wisdom is burdened by self-pity. Equally meaningless is enforced prayer.
As long as people do not comprehend the significance of the link with the Higher World, they only blaspheme by the insincerity of their prayers. One cannot lie before Truth, nor conceal anything in the face of all-pervading Light. Moreover, why conceal that which is sacred and justified by the heart? The bond with the Higher World will be attractive when the heart affirms its own judgment.
Brotherhood, 64. It must be understood that approach to such a lofty concept as Brotherhood imposes not an easy obligation. Each deliverance from a petty habit requires tension of the will. Furthermore, it may happen that a seemingly abandoned habit comes back again, and in a stronger degree; this means that this defect has continued to exist in the depths of the consciousness. It may be asked, Do habits linger on for several incarnations? They can remain, and even grow, if the sojourn in the Subtle World has not been passed in the higher spheres. Everywhere motive has the decisive significance.
Brotherhood, 529. Habit is second nature-a wise proverb indicating to what an extent habit dominates man. Precisely, habits render a man immobile and unreceptive. One can suppress habits, but it is not easy to eradicate them. People are continually encountered who boast of their victory over habits. But observe the daily routine of such victors, and you will find them slaves of habit. They have become so imbued with habits that they do not even feel the weight of such a yoke. It is especially tragic when a man is convinced that he is free, whereas he is really shackled in the fetters of his habits. It is most difficult to cure a sick man who denies his illness. Each one can name such incurable ones among people known to him. Yet in order to assimilate the concept of Brotherhood, mastery of existing habits is indispensable. Under habits We have in mind not the service for good, but the petty habits of selfhood.
It is Our custom to test those who are approaching the Brotherhood on liberation from habits. Such testings must be unexpected. It is best to begin with small habits. Man is often concerned with defending them more than anything else. They are considered to be natural qualities, like birthmarks. Yet the newly born have no habits. Atavism, the family, and school foster the growth of habits. In any case, a routine habit is an enemy of evolution.
Brotherhood, 530. Through realization of true values routine habits will be rendered insignificant. The best liberation comes through a comparison of insignificance with greatness. It must not be thought that one should not speak about the small on the way to Brotherhood. It is justly regrettable that the fundamentals of cooperation and community are not understood by humanity. The chief enemies of cooperation will be the small habits of selfishness. But is it possible to think of Brotherhood if even cooperation is not realized?
Supermundane II, 370. Urusvati knows that self-betterment must begin with the eradication of small, but harmful, habits. We particularly stress the importance of daily habits. People believe they must overcome the main obstacles at once, only to find that such drastic measures are beyond their capacity. One may also often observe instances when people imagine that they have rid themselves of their major sins, yet remain burdened with little ugly habits. A tree bent by the weight of ugly fruit, developed over ages, is a sad sight indeed.
Bear in mind that it is not easy to rid oneself of petty habits. Among them there are always some of which one is not even aware, and which only a keen-eyed observer can discern. Yet, the uncovering of such hidden habits often leads to complete transformation. Remember the ancient saying, If you seize the lesser devil by the tail, he will lead you to his superior.
The wisdom of folklore should always be remembered; it will lead to a practical application of the Teaching, rather than a superficial reading. Many people read all the books, but remain without knowledge. Sometimes such unreceptive readers even regress, and prove to be worse off than if they had been illiterate. People should try to understand exactly what has been assimilated from their reading, and what can be useful in its application to their lives. Let them ask themselves what negative habits they have successfully overcome, and write down those paragraphs from the books that have influenced their minds in a beneficial way. How can one expect harmony amidst the uproar of disharmony if the smallest habits remain untouched and unchanged? Thus, do not forget to warn friends against the dangers of petty habits. The Thinker was careful about His habits, and knew how to relinquish any of them. His motto was, Do not carry unneeded stones in your pockets.
Supermundane II, 411. Urusvati knows that impatience is an undesirable trait that is frequently confused with other qualities. For instance, it can be compared to aspiration, but is quite different in its essence. Constant aspiration is harmonious and generates beautiful rhythms, while impatience is discordant and acts fitfully, disturbing the rhythm. Impatience demonstrates ignorance of the basic law that the essence of Being is in a state of constant motion. Only patient, alert, ardent observation can reveal the power of energy.
Therefore find the balance between action and patience; without this equilibrium you will find no rhythm and no true cooperation. An unbalanced person will say, I can wait no longer! and in these words reveals his impotence. The lack of power is lack of will, because will is developed through human power. If we examine all these traits, we shall come to the conclusion that they are subject to human power.
One will exclaim, I am impatient by nature. Let him rather say that his habits have brought him a loss of will. Then let us take the other extreme, those who understand patience as inaction, and in this error engender new sufferings. Truly, the most assiduous patience can be combined with intense activity. If people cannot discern the constant motion of the Substance of Being, they can still perform good work within the limits of their abilities. The ancients used to say, Let us work while we wait. Skills are the best discipline for patience and are within reach for all humanity. Let our labors serve as a reminder about active patience. Patience gives accuracy to our work, and in the high quality of labor we shall understand the meaning of harmony. The Thinker said, I would like to have in all labor the resounding of the chords of space. The Great Music is the labor of our Patrons, the Muses.
Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 13 May 1931. If after such an honest and many-sided review our hearts do not overflow with gratitude, devotion and love toward the Giver and the Leader, then verily they have dried up and our consciousness has become small. If for one moment our intellect could grasp all the power, all the beauty and all the immutability of the great law of Hierarchy, our petty and low feelings and thoughts would melt away in one infinite striving to fulfil the purpose of the leading and creative principle. We should firmly remember that by fulfillment of the given indications, we first of all help ourselves. Never is an indication given unless it can be applied and fulfilled. The apparent non-applicability only means that our small consciousness is not ready, that we do not exercise presence of mind, and that we have a habit of giving up with the first obstacles; also, that we respect the opinions of shallow-minded, vulgar, conceited people and are afraid, whispering, "What will they think of us?" But who will think? It is time to realize your own power and dignity. As a great thinker said: "The one who is interested in the opinion of the masses will never rise above the crowd."
Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 3 June 1931. Yes, it is time to purify the consciousness, to rid oneself of old habits, as time does not wait. It will be terrible if events get beyond us. I beg you to forget the old misunderstandings and to think only of helping the united work. Everyone must make his best contribution toward the whole work. Let us learn to ignore the petty stings of injured self-love. Let us discern why we must not be offended by the little complications caused by some co-workers. Verily, the one who is able to meet pettiness with a smile will be a conqueror. And how contemptible is the one who casts stones under the feet of his co-worker! He will not escape the glance of the Lord! As it is said, "These stones will grow into a mountain for him."
Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 3 June 1931. Therefore, the people who wish to approach the Teaching should thoroughly analyze to what extent their habits have changed after their acceptance of the Teaching. What happened to their prejudices? Have they changed their lives, or just their words? Let them confess their thoughts to themselves or to the chosen Guru. There are too many parrots; what is the use of multiplying them? Often, parrots place their owners in awkward positions; they utter blasphemy instead of praise, and vice versa.
Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 3 June 1931. It is also useful to note our worst habits and immediately start to eradicate them. Every day the disciples should enter into their diaries what has been done in this respect. Let them first struggle with one habit, as it is not so simple to alter oneself. It is very useful to watch the quality of thought and not allow any malicious, petty, and, in general, mean-spirited thoughts. The purifying of consciousness is the first step. After that, we advise the discipline of thought: to learn how to think in one direction, without being distracted even for a moment. It is wonderful if one can concentrate on the Image of the Teacher.


Master Djwhal Khul

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This is a painting of the Tibetan Lama, DK, who was the teacher of Alice Bailey. He requested her help in the writing and publishing of the many books that followed. At first she refused but upon reflection toke on this great and formidable task. The various dictations that followed over the next 30 yrs of her life have inspired many over the past 100 yrs;
''The Tibetan instructed one of his disciples about the underlying power of love:

"Love more my brother you only love two or three people; let that limited love be the seed which will produce the flowering forth of a loving spirit. Disciples need to remember that love brings all earthly karma to an end. Love induces that radiation which invokes and evokes not only the heart of God but the heart of humanity also. Love is the cause of all creation and the sustaining factor in all living....
Make your remaining years expressive of radiating love.... Say not always the nice or loving thing, but learn to say the hard things with unalterable love." [ Discipleship in the New Age II, page 541-2
Jeronim Schwendinger

The Tibetan instructed one of his disciples about the underlying power of love:
"Love more my brother. You only deeply love two or three people; let that limite...

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Re - Wilding @Spirit Camp Nevada city northern California

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An Initiation for the heart of humanity Bruce Lyon

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2020 - An initiation for the Heart of Humanity Bruce Lyon

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2020 - An initiation for the Heart of Humanity

In the life of mass humanity the times of the eclipses are particularly valuable in making a collective approach to divinity. The higher octave of the eclipses that will be used by initiates occur twice a year when the sun/earth axis also forms a relationship with the direction of the galactic centre in Sagittarius. When the higher and lower alignments are both present - i.e. a lunar or solar eclipse occurs when the sun and earth are aligned with the galactic centre then an opportunity of peculiar potency is available. Occult Cosmology p 204

2020 is a critical year in the collective awakening process for humanity. Looking back I think we will see it as a watershed year that launched a decade more influential than the 60’s. It marks a time of civilisational change and the emergence of the world soul.

Looks like an amazing movie in the making here: http://changingofthegods.com/

In January we have the conjunction of Pluto and Saturn at 22 degrees capricorn( january 10 heliocentric and January 12 geocentric ) The forces of restriction and the status quo meet the forces of irresistible transformation. This transit has sparked wars, revolutions and economic crises. It should mark the point of deepest crystallisation and calcification of the power structures of our modern society. When fully crystallised they are also the most brittle and can therefore crack easily. Look for that crack in whatever world events are manifesting that will let the dark light of the eternal in. This is also a good time not to get embroiled in the tension between the forces of suppression and revolution but to wait for the third option - the emergence of the the heart through the middle point of the crisis.

At the solstice of june 21 we have a solar eclipse ( interesting background take on it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTT8KTp6DxU and here https://grahamhancock.com/harpert1/ ) that fulfils the hint given in Occult cosmology that an opportunity of particular potency is available for the collective. This is when we plan to launch the Wild Love tour and encourage people all over the planet to simply emerge as the Love they are. To follow the emergence of the planetary soul through the crack. This impulse is reinforced by the conjunction of Pluto and Jupiter ( the empowerment and transformation of the heart ). This will occur heliocentrically on Jul 31 but have its geocentric impacts on Apr 5, June 30 and Nov 12. In August Pluto will also square Eris ( a dwarf planet the size of Pluto discovered in 2005 coinciding with revelations about dark matter and dark light ). Eris was the greek goddess of discord who through the apple which sparked the Trojan War.

At the end of the year Saturn conjuncts Jupiter ( heliocentrically on Nov 2 and geocentrically on the solstice of December 21 ) The joining of these two planets indicates the opportunity for new societal structures based on Love.

So to sum up we have a year of tension resulting in crisis which could produce the emergence of the soul of humanity in unprecedented ways and result in the beginnings of a civilisation based on the inherent qualities of love and freedom in the human soul.

Big picture astrology offers us the insight to prepare ourselves in advance and to add our conscious cooperation and willing consent to the archetypal forces shaping evolution. We can use the precious gift of free will to choose the path for ourselves and support others to make that choice. An initiation lies ahead for the heart of humanity and all initiations reflect that which we choose with all our strength at the times of greatest tension and deepest vulnerability.

Bruce Lyon

https://www.lunarplanner.com/~lunarpla/2020/index.html great image of planets around sun






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