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If there are obstacles, not 'the infinite

If you can count, not the stars

If you tremble or shake, and not 'a mountain

If increases or decreases, is not 'an ocean

If it passes over the bridges, not 'a river

If you can 'grasp, and not' the rainbow

Here are the parables of the six external perceptions


Solar minimum predicted for 2025 Duane Carpenter

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** PART 1**
The ageless wisdom teachings indicate there are great changes prophesied to emerge at this time historically, and that the science of esoteric astrology will play an important role in understanding these changes. Added to the powerful conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius at December 21st of this year should be added an even more powerful dynamic and an even larger cycle that is taking place. This dynamic relates to the first aspect of divinity or the Father aspect of divine will. The next 2 articles will give a brief overview of the subject.
The Sun we know cyclically changes its polarity every 11 years and we have just emerged out of one of the lowest solar minimums during the 2019- 2020 period. What is interesting is the timing of another solar minimum scheduled to reoccur around July of 2025. Paul Dorian the author of the attached metrological article states.
“The sun continues to be very quiet and it has been without sunspots 77% of the time this year which is the same exact percentage experienced during all of 2019. In fact, last year turned out to be the quietest year in terms of sunspots since 1913 with 281 spotless days as the solar minimum phase intensified from the year before. Back-to-back years of very high levels of spotlessness on the sun would certainly support the notion this is indeed a noteworthy and deep solar minimum. Solar minimum represents the end of solar cycle #24 which featured the fewest number of sunspots since solar cycle 14 peaked in February 1906. Some of the predictions for solar cycle #25 suggest that it may peak in July 2025 and continue the trend of weakening solar cycles that began around 1980 when solar cycle 21 peaked in sunspot activity.” (See accompanied graphs to this post for greater clarification)
What is so unique about solar cycle minimums is that Cosmic Rays from other constellations or star systems are no longer dissipated or deflected by the suns huge plasma fields that surround it during solar maximums, and can now reach humanity via the planets more directly and with increased power.
As we have outlined and demonstrated in earlier posts on this theme the whole entire universe embodies many different types of spiritual force that are powerfully active. The four of the most important star systems or constellations filtering through our own Solar Logos given by DK and therefore have a direct influence on our planetary and all the kingdoms of nature at this time are.
Ray 1. Great Bear (Ursa Major)
Ray 2. Sirius
Ray 3. Pleiades
Ray 7. Draco
DK further states.
“To these would be added other streams of energy which definitely play upon and affect our planetary life, such as those coming from that great star, Betelgeuse, or from Antares and other stupendous suns and solar systems which are related to the constellations of the zodiac and whose force reaches us through these constellations and not directly.”
(EP 2 15-16)
“Students may be surprised to know that the source of the peculiar cosmic energy which is found streaming towards our system along this cosmic Path is that of the sun Betelgeuse. This name is, however, a blind. The reason that certain facts connected with this sun have lately come more prominently before the public is in reality a subjective one. The science of the soul in its various aspects (mental, psychical, and spiritual) is making much headway now in the world, and is absorbing more and more the attention of thinkers. This is the result of certain waves of energy impinging upon our solar system and thus eventually finding their way to our planet. Betelgeuse from the occult standpoint is a system of the second order, just as our solar system is one of the fourth order. There is consequently a relation between these two numbers both in the system and the cosmos. This influence reaches our system via the sign Sagittarius.” (TCF 1256)
These many star systems just outlined by DK can now precipitate their powerful Cosmic ray forces with less resistance because of the historical solar minimum we have just entered. Although all these Cosmic influences distribute different ray qualities they all in their higher expressions embody some aspect of Divine Will or what DK has also designated “the Principal of Directed Purpose.”
Following this path of decent from the highest levels to the lowest this Will force will eventually pass through Shamballa at these two solar minimums at both 2020 and 2025. Because of this solar minimum predicted by NASA at 2025 Shamballa can now descend more directly into the different ashramic and discipleship groups with less resistance and impact humanities auric fields with greater potency.
“ Influential and potent forces pouring in at this time from the great stars Betelgeuse and Sirius. To these two influences, the disciples of the world in the senior ranks of the New Group of World Servers definitely react, and they produce a stimulation of the heart centre (Betelgeuse) and the head centre (Sirius.” (EP 1 722)
For those who have studied the esoteric arts and sciences the impact of high spiritual force onto a lower organism will always bring to the surface temporarily unredeemed elemental substance that is associated with ill health and disease. Contrary to popular belief the Corona 19 virus pandemic we are now experiencing when understood esoterically may be helping to facilitate these planetary changes and purification for the good when the deeper laws of karma and cause and effect are better understood.
(See part 2 of this commentary for additional clarification.)

Phillip Linsday * The Externalisation process

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"Steps in the Externalisation Process
“For some time, ever since 1425 A.D., the Hierarchy has been aware that the time would come when this projected move would take place. Preparations have gone steadily forward.
A point to be remembered is that this impulsed intention (emanating in the first place from Shamballa) came as a major disturbance to the rhythm of many tens of thousands of years; it has been a basic conditioning factor.... Two things must be realised as the interested student considers this event of externalisation:
1. The senior Members of the Hierarchy will not at first be the ones who will make the needed approach. Under Their direction and Their close supervision, this approach will be made—in the early stages—by initiates of and under the degree of the third initiation, and also by those disciples who will be chosen and designated to implement Their efforts and so will work under Their direction.
It is only in the later stages, and when the time has come for the return into recognised physical expression of the Christ, leading to the definite restoration of the Mysteries, that certain of the senior Members of the Hierarchy will appear and take outer and recognisable physical control of world affairs. The time for this will be dependent necessarily upon the success of the steps taken by the members of the Hierarchy who are not so advanced.
2. Members of the Hierarchy, whether working in the early stages or later when the true externalisation takes place, will work as members of the human familyand not as proclaimed members of the kingdom of God or of souls, known to us as the Hierarchy; they will appear in office of some kind or another; they will be the current politicians, business men, financiers, religious teachers or churchmen; they will be scientists and philosophers, college professors and educators; they will be the mayors of cities and thecustodians of all public ethical movements.

The spiritual forcefulness of their lives, their clear, pure wisdom, the sanity and the modern acceptableness of their proposed measures in any department in which they choose to function, will be so [Page 571] convincing that little impediment will be set in the way of their undertakings.
At the present stage of preparation, the task of the disciple who is charged with laying the foundation for the New Age methods and with the labour of getting ready for the first group of Ashram members, is hard indeed.

He stands for so much that is deemed visionary and impossible; the difficulties which confront him seem impossible; he teaches truths whose first effect is necessarily destructive, because he endeavours to rid humanity of old forms of religious, economic and political doctrine; his impersonality—which recognises faults as well as virtues—enrages many and often those from whom he had expected understanding and a true impartiality; his failure to be impressed or attentive to old rites and ceremonies, to ancient and obsolete but precious ideas, and his constant warfare on conditioning glamours and illusions meet, in these early stages, with little encouragement.
He works frequently alone and usually with little recognition and lacks time for his own personal hierarchical contacts; he is not necessarily connected with any so-called esoteric groups and—if he is—his task is that much harder; only advanced disciples with a full and conscious constant contact with their particular Ashram are able to work in this way.

Occult bodies and esoteric groups are, at this time, the most glamoured of any of the world groups; the work of any disciple in such groups is bound, in the early stages, to be destructive. The present occult groups which came into existence prior to 1919 will eventually all disappear; the members who are true and sound, broad-minded and sane, and rightly oriented and dedicated, will find their way into esoteric bodies which are free from dogmatism and doctrines and which are recipients of hierarchical life.
The preparatory work of externalisation, therefore, falls into three phases or stages, as far as relation to mankind is concerned:
First. The present stage in which a few isolated disciples and initiates, scattered all over the world, are doing [Page 572] the important task of destruction, plus the enunciation of principles. They are preparing the way for the first organised body of disciples and initiates who—coming from certain Ashrams—will proceed with the next phase of the work.
Second. The stage of the first real externalisation upon a large and organised scale will succeed upon the above endeavours. These disciples and initiates will be the real Builders of the new world, of the new civilisation; they will assume leadership in most countries and take high office in all departments of human life. This they will do by the free choice of the people and by virtue of their advanced and proven merit. By this means, gradually the Hierarchy will take over the control upon the physical plane—subjectively as well as objectively—of the direction of human affairs.

This direction will be in virtue of their known and approved capacity and will not involve the imposition of any hierarchical control or authority; it will simply signify the free recognition by free people of certain spiritual qualities and effective activities which they believe signify that these men are adequate to the demanded job, and whom they therefore choose as directing agents in the new and coming world.
Freedom of choice under the authority of a spiritual livingness which demonstrates competency will be distinctive of the attitude of the general public. Men will be put into high office and into positions of power not because they are disciples or initiates, but because they are wise and intelligent servants of the public, with an internal awareness, a deeply religious and inclusive consciousness, and a well-trained mind with an obedient brain.
This stage of hierarchical appearance is dependent upon the effective service of the first group of isolated and hard-working disciples who are the senior members of the New Group of World Servers and who are today working among the sons of men. This second group will take over from them, and theirs will be the task of instituting a more unified preparation for the return of the Christ. The first group prepare humanity for the possibility; the second group [Page 573] definitely prepare for the return itself.
They will build for a future which will arise out of the wreckage of the past, which wreckage they will remove; they will instill certain basic concepts anent right human relations into men's minds. Their immediate group work, when they are coming into power and recognition, will consist of a sweetening and a clarification of the political situation and the presentation of those ideas which will eventually lead to a fusion of those principles which govern a democracy and which also condition the hierarchical method—which is somewhat different; this effort will produce a third political situation which will not be entirely dependent upon the choices of an unintelligent public or on the control which the hierarchical technique evidently involves. The mode of this new type of political guidance will later appear.
This second group will implement the new religion; by the time they come into control the old theological activities will have been completely broken; Judaism will be fast disappearing; Buddhism will be spreading and becoming increasingly dogmatic; Christianity will be in a state of chaotic divisions and upheavals. When this takes place and the situation is acute enough, the Master Jesus will take certain initial steps towards reassuming control of His Church; the Buddha will send two trained disciples to reform Buddhism; other steps will also be taken in this department of religions and of education, over which the Christ rules, and He will move to restore the ancient spiritual landmarksto eliminate that which is nonessential, and to reorganise the entire religious field—again in preparation for the restoration of the Mysteries. These Mysteries, when restored, will unify all faiths.
Groups of spiritually-minded financiers who are conscious members of an Ashram will take hold of the world economic situation and bring about great and needed changes. All these activities, built upon the preparatory work of the first group, are also preparatory in nature.
Third. The stage wherein Christ and the Masters of [Page 574] the Wisdom can make public appearance and begin to work publicly, openly and outwardly in the world of men. The time of Their coming will be dependent upon the success of the work undertaken by the first two groups;it is not possible for me to prophesy anent this matter. So many factors are involved: the earnest work of the two groups, the readiness and the willingness of mankind to learn, the rapidity with which the forces of restoration and of resurrection can rehabilitate the world, the responsiveness of advanced humanitarians and intelligentsia to the opportunity to rebuild, to recreate and to reorganise the factors which the new culture and the new civilisationwill demand. Even the Hierarchy Itself, with all Its sources of information, does not know how long this will take, but They are ready to move at any time.” (EOH571-4)
13Duane Carpenter e altri 12


The Cosmic bloodstream * Lucistrust.org

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WSS Social Movement Engine

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“Imparate la gioia.... Sovramundano * 231 - Agni Yoga

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“Imparate la gioia.

È una delle Muse,

ma scende in voi a proteggervi

solo se chiamata da pensieri e parole di Bellezza.

Minacce o pretese non servono:

la gioia vola solo sulle vie del Bello.” * (Sovramundano I § 231, Collana Agni Yoga)


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