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Flowers of wisdom

If there are obstacles, not 'the infinite

If you can count, not the stars

If you tremble or shake, and not 'a mountain

If increases or decreases, is not 'an ocean

If it passes over the bridges, not 'a river

If you can 'grasp, and not' the rainbow

Here are the parables of the six external perceptions


Webinar Presented by Duane Carpenter Saturday, 25 May 2019, 11:59 pm – 2:30 am GMT

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Awakening the Higher Mind and the Intuition

Through the Use of Symbols

Presented by Duane Carpenter

Saturday, 25 May 2019, 11:59 pm – 2:30 am GMT

Saturday, 25 May 2019, 4:59 pm – 6:30 pm PST


Lyon's Dragon Song - Bruce Lyon -

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"I am the Shadow 
The Man in Black, the Darkness You deny.

I am the number 13, and I wear the hat that’s black. 
You may no longer shame me, for I have been to Hell, And Now I’m Back.

I stand for Job, for Jonah, and for Judas

Who took the Bitter Apple when Christ Said, “Someone has got to do this.”

I stand for worms and snakes, For things that crawl and creep, For long forgotten deeds that surface from the deep. I am the child that reached for love, But reaches no more.

The Callousness of the Criminal, The Sullenness of the Poor.

I am all the things that scream in dreams 
But the Pain there, isn’t Yours. 
I am the Dragon who builds his lair In the pit of your stomach, 
Where It’s dark down there and cold.

No love reaches my lair. Ah but there is power there.

Yes I feed well on bits and pieces of Yourselves that you do not like, 
That you don’t want others to see. And so pushed down into my domain, I feed and grow powerful.

Sometimes I lend you that power When the loneliness is too much, 
Or in times of crisis, I break out and I free you for a moment! 
But what then? Gratitude? Forgiveness? No! 
It's back to my stinking lair. 
I see the horror in your eyes, “What’s this? A dragon in the kingdom? 
Send down a white knight to slay the foul beast!”

And as I watch them come down the stairs to my cave, 
With their bright armor and their shining swords, My heart sinks. 
So many have come. And they cut and they cut until their own blood runs in rivers.

My cave is littered with their brave and foolish bones. 
How I long for One to descend-- Not with armor and a sword. But with a Lantern and an Open Heart. 
For yes, I am the Raven, But I do not hate the Dove. And yes, I chose the darkness, But I chose it out of love. 
And I would give up your power gladly, Become the Dragon’s Feet beneath the Golden Throne, If your heart would just grow large enough to welcome me-- Back home." - words by Bruce Lyon


Brexit Group Meditation P.L.

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Brexit Group Meditation: Suggested Visualisation

This meditation has been created in a response to some strong impressions by the author in these past few days (late March 2019). The meditation can be used in group, individually or incorporated into your current triangles work. The aim of the group meditation is to help stabilise the chaotic nature of the UK Parliament in these final crucial days before April 12, and to link and co-operate with certain members of Hierarchy.

Many spiritually oriented people are not aware of just how serious the situation is in Britain. If Brexit or some other outcome occurs, other than staying in the European Union – it will have a negative impact upon the world as a whole,  profoundly undermining the democratic system. If the UK remains in the EU, then a road to reorganisation of the entire EU lays open – with the potential of Britain being one of the main catalysts. The principle of democracy is at stake – in a nation that is the main founder of modern democracy.

It appears that a five-pointed star is the most appropriate formation to use because it factors in the main Hierarchical figures who are responsible for politics, racial evolution and Britain. Hence, both English Masters, Master R, Master M and the Manu are the most appropriate. (See below some detailed descriptions of their roles from DK’s writings.)

The Manu naturally takes the postion of the tip of the pentagram, his two closest co-operators – R and M – are the “arms”, whilst the two English Masters are the “feet” of the pentagram. Inside the pentagram is the British parliament and certain key figures can be included, according to each individual or group preference listed below.

Bear in mind, we may all have reservations or resistances about some of these individuals, but as meditating disciples, must rise above the duality of partisan politics. There are most assuredly disciples on both sides of the UK parliament, though it may not be so obvious to some.

The pentagram or five-pointed star, is of course a powerful magical symbol of human evolution, mind and the Fifth Rootrace – of which Britain is a leading nation. London is also the proposed throat centre of the Fifth Rootrace and a second ray soul that seeks to assist in the implementation of the Planetary Plan. The meditation visualisation can certainly invoke that second ray soul, seeing it pouring down into the parliamentary chamber, infusing it with Love and Wisdom. This pentagram focussed in London, can also be linked to the triangle of Brussels and Geneva.

Key figures for consideration
– Amber Rudd, the leader of the new moderate Tory faction that seeks to contain the far right faction.
– Labour Party or Conservatives: Tory Dominic Grieve, Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn and House Speaker, John Bercow.
– Ian Blackford and Joanna Cherry Q.C., organisers of the Revoke movement.
– Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, and a key player who is pro-Remain.

– Famous Resisters: Caroline Lucas (Green Party ex-leader, brave, moral, vocal against PM); Dominic Grieve (Cons); the main TIG’ers (new group): Anna Soubry (ex-Cons.) Heidi Allen (ex-Cons now group leader), Chukka Umunna, (ex-Lab) Dr. Sarah Wollaston (ex-Cons). Vince Cable (leader of Lib Dems) plus all Lib Dems and SNP.

– Those who need to up their resistance to Brexit: Jeremy Corbyn, Tom Watson, Keir Starmer, Yvette Cooper, Margarett Beckett, Hilary Benn.

The Manu “directing the minds of statesmen everywhere so that racial government will proceed as desired, and conditions be brought about which will produce those needed for the fostering of any particular type.”

Master Morya “As the Master M. is upon the first Ray, that of Will or Power, His work largely concerns itself with the carrying out of the plans of the present Manu.  He acts as the Inspirer of the statesmen of the world, He manipulates forces, through the Mahachohan, that will bring about the conditions desired for the furthering of racial evolution.  On the physical plane those great national executives who have far vision and the international ideal are influenced by Him, and with Him co-operate certain of the great devas of the mental plane, and three great groups of angels work with Him on mental levels, in connection with the lesser devas who vitalise thoughtforms, and thus keep alive the thoughtforms of the Guides of the race for the benefit of the whole of humanity.”

Master R is the Lord of Civilisation and presides over racial development and politics (Master M also for the latter). “It must be remembered here that though the Master R., for instance, belongs to the seventh ray, and thus comes under the department of energy of the Mahachohan, yet in Hierarchical work He may and does hold office temporarily under the Manu.  These regents hold in Their hands the reins of government for continents and nations, thus guiding, even if unknown, their destinies; They impress and inspire statesmen and rulers; They pour forth mental energy on governing groups, thus bringing about the desired results wherever co-operation and receptive intuition can be found amongst the thinkers.”

English Master (1) is “also exceptionally active in preparation for the externalisation of the Hierarchy.” “A more stable state of affairs is gradually being brought about, and this may permit of definite occult work being attempted with success. The Master R. is working upon this problem, and likewise the Master of the English race…”

English Master (2) “The Master Who was responsible for the organisation of Labour. This work He began to do in the latter part of the nineteenth century … the Master Who started “the labour movement”, regarded by the Hierarchy as one of the most successful attempts in all history to awaken the masses of men (in the brackets called middle class and lower class) to general betterment, and thus set up a momentum which would, occultly speaking, “swing them into light.” One of his disciples was Arnold Toynbee (1852−1883), an English economist and social reformer who started the trade union movement.

His Ashram is occupied with the problems of industry, and the goal of all the thinking, all the planning and all the work of impressing receptive minds is directed towards spiritualising the concepts of the labour party in every country, and of industrialists, thus turning them towards the goal of right sharing, as a major step towards right human relations.

This Master therefore cooperates with the Master R.—Who is the Head of the third ray Ashram, and Who is also one of the Triangle of Forces which controls the greater Ashram of the Hierarchy Itself.

This Master is necessarily an Englishman, for the industrial revolution started nearly one hundred years ago in England, and the potency of the work done is related to its mass effect and to the results achieved in every land by labour and its methods. All the great labour organisations, national and international, are loosely knit together subjectively, because in each group this Master has His disciples who are working constantly to hold the movement in line with the divine Plan.

The Ashram of this Master is therefore occupied with worldwide economic problems, and also with a direct attack upon the basic materialism to be found in the modern world. The problems of barter and exchange, the significance of money, the value of gold (a basic symbol of the third Ray of Active Intelligence), the production of right attitudes towards material living, and the entire process of right distribution are among the many problems dealt with in this Ashram; the work done is enormous and of great importance in preparing men’s mind for the return of the Christ and for the New Age which He will inaugurate.

Capitalists and labour leaders, financial experts and thinking workers, and members of all the differing ideologies which are prevalent in the world today are to be found actively working within this Ashram. Many of them are what the orthodox religious man or the hide-bound occult student would regard as non-spiritual, yet all of them are in reality deeply spiritual in the correct sense, but they care not for labels, for schools of thought nor for academic, esoteric teaching. They exemplify within themselves a livingness which is the hallmark of discipleship.”

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Glamour Work - M. Robbins

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Transpersonal Journey - Part ONE Sharon Lyon

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Transpersonal Journey - Part ONE
Alchemist through the ages have attempted to produce gold through various means but the true Gold of our own Nature is beyond the rarest jewel, only to be found when every illusion about who we ‘think’ we are ....is burnt away. Welcome to the Path of Fire!
Life’s journey however you cut it has the requirement to burn. ‘Steadily from the dark, the Dragon Fire burns away the illusory self and ascends up the central column annihilating anything that stands in the way of direct ‘gnosis’ or knowing the Truth of One’s Essential Nature.
With a deep sigh and hand on my heart I bow to this Path and all its myriad multidimensional experiences. I bow also to the uniqueness of this journey in a female body.
So how does gender relate to the Path and to finding one’s GOLD?
Like the best treasure map ever, it takes a bit of hunting, some research & perseverance, even a bit of cunning and deduction and more than just the occasional dead-end to find the Gold. X marks the spot right?
It’s only after scouring the four corners & full spectrum of the earthly experience, if you’re courageous enough and then mounting the ego cross of anilihation that the intrepid seeker finally comes to the portal of an initially less desirable setting .....straight for the Mysterious Center, the Core and “Ore” of one’s Own Being.
Two Pillars stand at the portal of any Temple. They are sometimes seen with the Sun and the Moon on each respectively. They represent the Solar & Lunar Mysteries and are experienced as the Masculine & Feminine Pathways that each must not just walk but ‘marry’ inside oneself. Initiations go hand in hand with both these paths to uncover the keys required to Unlock the Door to the Higher Way. The tests & trials taken & passed and failed at times, take place in the crucible of our own being & are the bread of our daily lives & relationships.
Until you are the Bread, the Door, the Key & the Opening, no-one passes.
And so the mystery deepens....
At the Center, in the Inner Sanctum of any Temple is the Holy, Wholly - Divine Couple in Ecstatic Union. This is both the Seat and the Heart of True Tantra & both the pathway and the goal of one’s own Tantric~Relationship.
Once the dual gates are balanced and everything is surrendered to the Fire, the single Inner Flame Ignites, having never been extinguished ......and the The HEART of The Temple of the Living GOD-GODDESS is Illumined.
Getting there is an illusion busting, freedom generating, shadow eating process for the conditioned ego-mind especially. The addiction of the outer play, no matter how appealing, requires taking back all your projections & getting to know your SELF like a LOVER, as The Lover & then as LOVE ITSELF.
One of the pieces I’ve been missing and it feels like the World has been missing is The Feminine in fully embodied PRESENCE ..... in women and in men.
The Divine Feminine. Where has S-HE been?
Cast from the Temple it seems or withdrawn. She certainly hasnot been in Church lately or seated at the political table and is not a banker, not of trinkets that is. But she does hold your GOLD until you have mined down deep enough and humbled your ‘mighty ego’ enough to genuinely ask for Her .... and Her help!
Nothing is more certain that there will be that day that you do. On your knees no less, not just through desperation but through Grace will S-He come.
Her Holy penetrating warmth defibrillates the most withered heart. S-He comes only if you ask & when you ask. Until this is the currency that holds the most value to you, you wont see her, just the lack of Her Presence ... take a look at the world!
The Vision is of Masculine & Feminine energies in perfect balance ‘coming together’ in both sexes and igniting the LIFE of the central column in full conscious ecstatic ‘sexual’ union.
Individually, in couples or in group formation, honouring, embracing and balancing the Solar & Lunar pathways and aspects of our Being OPENS the door wide to the Higher Temple and to the experience of the Divinely Embodied Ecstatic State.
This is not just the experience of Full Presence, but the Gift.
Sacred Marriage is the ‘coming together’ & transcendence of duality which not only holographically brings us closer to reality, but also allows us to dance in its refreshing mist.
This is the territory of alchemy and the True Gold worth mining.
Embodied Spirit can be a unique individualised transmission, but not a separate one.
How could the Personal & Transpersonal in any ‘form’ be seperate?
Dancing with duality gives us a Masculine-Centric view which is looking for an empowered independent life. Embracing the feminine on this ride brings in the illusion busting Super Powers of the Feminine which is more naturally & sensitively aware of the Whole, as well as the Beauty and subtleties of Life’s interrelationships.
Her Journey is not one of passive acquiescence. Feminine energy, even though receptive, isnot inactive but in an embodied Soul~ is a ‘conscious transducer’ or Vessel of Divine Will.
The root of the word ‘passive’ along with ‘compassion’ comes from a latin word meaning, “capable of suffering’ and I can share from deep experience that part of the Feminine Journey IS ....to suffer.
Its part of the ego shedding process of surrendering to what IS.
Embracing what IS instead of what the ego or lower nature wants it to be ... try that one on for size? Herein lays some of the battleground that rages within individuals and is seen collectively plastered over our world stage, on our tv screens and in our mind-body reality, The cost of this battle eventually becomes too high for every ego.
Sovereignty beyond duality games doesn’t mean you simply bolster an individual or independent egoic “I,” which doesn’t in reality even exist, nor does Freedom mean you can now somehow guiltlessly embrace your desires.
But the the gift of “FREE WILL’ does allow you to choose to align with Higher ‘Divine’ Will and then without effort & through Grace, a seamless meshing can take place that allows a new and uniquely Integrated “I” experience of LIFE.
One aspect of the masculine seems fixated on death. Such is its propagation, propaganda and in some sense, passion. In its lower aspect its afraid of its own demise and does anything and everything ‘not to die.’ In my current view the best thing the masculine on one level can do is to “die.” Die to its illusory separate existence, die to its grasping & personal ambition, die to its limited perceptions, controls and grand-standing.
A masculine centric view is looking for an independent life. But how could the personal in any form and the Transpersonal be seperate? Embodied Spirit can be a unique individualised transmission, but not a separate one.
Reborn the masculine births into the Real World and into the “VIBRANT UNKNOWN” seeing it, the world, LIFE and its possibilities, maybe for the first time.
The Feminine as a fractal of the Divine Life is in harmony with Nature and receptive to HER Divine Will.
Her Path and offering is not one of submission and certainly not to any masculine ego, but to the Ground of BEING that She Herself IS.
Achieved through Surrender to a Profound Stillness found in Her Divine Consort - Shiva & Only in the Present Moment, Peace comes along with Rest. A rest that seeks no-thing having realised Intrinsic connection with Every-thing.
Spirit, Source, the grounded ‘Still Point’ fully ‘consciously’ registering, recognized & experienced in the body...... as Ecstasy & Bliss. The integrated genius that imbues every-thing with ease & from which perfect spontaneous timeless action arises & through which synchronicity or Divine Intelligence flows. Perfect activity nourished by the perfect stillness.
This is the Sacred Marriage Bed, the Alchemical Marriage of Masculine & Feminine. Nothing of any value or reality is possible without it.
Choice is one thing, being already betrothed is another.
With the deepest humility I bow to what IS. The joke is I could never have asked for or created anything better! An ordinary, extraordinary vessel of the Divine.
I AM the Vessel and the cool, thirst quenching nourishing water that Springs from IT .... and the Roaring Silence of the Present Moment and the ROAR!
How has this journey been in a Female incarnation?
As a Woman, Restoration of the Mysteries has been as much about finding a rightful place in my being for Kundalini, Cunt & Queen energy, which all share the same root of embodied Feminine Power.
Prior to that ‘making it’ was much more about proving my worth within a male framework, penetrating the Solar Mysteries as a Spiritual Warrior, scaling the Heights & measuring my accomplishments mainly by a masculine yardstick which in so many ways I’ve been proud of. My feminine already felt in tact, developed and waiting .....
I had an experience a few years ago in a sacred temple ceremony where I descended to the underworld & saw a hideous old witch surrounded by snakes. She was frightening. She was designed to be. The faint-hearted always turn back from her domain. I took one of her serpents and ingested it whole and became it. My eyes then caught sight of some flickering fire reflected on a cave wall and then the sound a Dragon was heard! I walked towards it down deeper into its lair with the full knowing that this was ‘My Dragon’ and I had come for it and it was waiting! The rest of the experience involved riding my dragon and traversing the earthly landscapes but not without first seeing a brighter clear LIGHT down even further. THIS was the Realm of the QUEEN OF HEAVEN and I knew her Gold & Treasure was there.
Of course I thought, the serpents and the dragon guard the treasure! Off with my dragon and getting use to the power of the ride I knew I wasn’t quite ready to enter HER Throne room but I knew S-He was there!
Its crazy really because this is how we all enter the world... from Her Throne Room & through HER Sacred Gates!
The pelvic floor is the seat of Feminine consciousness. When we incarnate we are ‘Crowned’ by Her and blessed by Her sacred juices. Her’s is the path of Embodiment.
Nothing happens that isnot inclusive of the body, however dissociatedly the mind attempts to rule. Every pontification of the ego-mind happens literally within the framework of feminine embodiment. Mind cannot achieve wholeness.
On my journey of SELF discovery a hard one has been the gender game. I’ve come to learn the hard way that its best & easier IF you become ‘dis-allusioned” sooner rather than later with anything in the ‘dual realm.’ The projection of one’s inner masculine, or feminine OUTward is a compelling experience & at a certain point a major distraction as well.
Who would have thought that the divide or the separation of the sexes had its origination within you?
Initially its easy to project ones “other half’ out onto the face of strangers, but eventually the price too high.
Projections have a way of sticking, but not for too long. Lets give thanks for that because if they did last we wouldn’t go looking for where the true gold of our own nature lay hidden & waiting to be found.
So how does GOLD relate to The PATH, to gender and the relational path in particular? In the Inner Sanctum of a True ‘Tantric’ Temple is the Divine Couple in Eternal Ecstatic Embrace. This ‘couple’ is essentially YOU! We are all ‘made’ in the image & likeness of the One Mother-Father GOD. Their Loving flow is like a reservoir pulsing the beat of our Hearts.
As with a well fashioned chalice, the Gold is always on the inside!
The Alchemy & deeper integration between the Two Paths is part of what catalyses & alchemises turning the lead of our lower nature into GOLD. When the fire burns at its brightest all is gone - except for the GOLD of our true Nature.
The SOUL being androgynous chooses a male or female body to incarnate into with the spectrum of masculine & feminine qualities ‘within’ to draw on. Once the dual gates are balanced and everything surrendered to the Fire, the single inner flame ignites, having never been extinguished and with it the The HEART Temple of the Living GOD-DESS is illumined.
Thy Will not my will isnot a duality but a ‘state’ that naturally arises when the two are as ONE.
Being super conscious includes being aware of your inherent dual nature and as Identification shifts to what arises from & through the Center of both with it free will opens up much more than simple choice but resonance with the Divine Will of the Mother-Father GODHEAD. Then without effort & through Grace, a seamless meshing takes place that allows a new unique “I” experience of LIFE.
With the deepest humility I bow to what IS. The joke is I could never have asked for or created anything better! An ordinary, extraordinary vessel of the Divine I AM. The Vessel and the cool thirst quenching nourishing water that Springs from IT .... and the Roaring Silence of the Present Moment and the ROAR!


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