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Flowers of wisdom

If there are obstacles, not 'the infinite

If you can count, not the stars

If you tremble or shake, and not 'a mountain

If increases or decreases, is not 'an ocean

If it passes over the bridges, not 'a river

If you can 'grasp, and not' the rainbow

Here are the parables of the six external perceptions


dark Light of the Soul Bruce Lyon

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Feb 24 / 2021
The dark is the fast path because the dark is unconditioned and unconditional. It cannot be related to. The only relationship possible with the dark is the relationship between your identity and the reflection of that identity which inevitably is reflected back from the dark.
This produces the collapse of the opposites which sustain identity. For example if you approach the dark with a longing to connect you will experience rejection. If you approach thinking you are returning to source you will experience abandonment and exile.
If you are seeking rest you will find endless labour. As long as you do not recognise and collapse your own identity and desire then you will project qualities and intentionality on the dark. This is why many people experience it as horrifying because the deepest parts of your own and then the collective psyche are inevitably bought to the surface. This too is not a property of the dark but the result of it having no properties or conditions.
This is why it is said that Shamballa drives the soul to Hierarchy. Hierarchy is capable of relationship. Shamballa is not.
That very unconditionality is unacceptable and indigestible by most souls who are still wrapped in identity. Therefore, if you must project identity on the dark, think of the dark as the most intractable lover possible.
They will always be contrary, resisting giving you what you want or being what you want. They will actively seek to trigger your deepest wounds and know exactly how to hurt you. They will be ruthless with all of your stories and experiences and drive you the point of exasperation and the edge of suicide.
It is wise to choose this lover only after your soul has experienced the deep loving understanding of Hierarchy that supports the gradual liberation of identity from body mind to soul.
However those who resonate with the dark are not wise, they are irresistibly drawn towards their own annihilation. It is the dark in them, the nascent monadic life that is doing the drawing.
Life calls to life.
When the monad begins to come online it will gradually exert an inexorable pull towards the dark that can feel like a compulsion to the soul and personality alike.
The dark at the centre of each black hole is the same dark and it knows itself.
This is the period of the dark night of the soul and the wisdom required is to recognise that this process is occurring.
What is occurring is the burning away of surface levels of identity until there is the revelation that, at the core, each one IS the dark and therefore that which is at the core ( and beyond the core ) of every ‘one.’ It is not the dark that is causing our existential suffering but our longings, our separate identity, our expectations and accumulated experiences as both a soul and a personality.
Once this revelation is stable then an integration becomes possible between the three levels of self - monad, soul and personality - and the fourth quality, which is not a quality at all as we understand it but the presence of our planetary divinity, makes itself felt.
In dark community then, this is not an excuse to treat each other badly in relationships and blame it on the dark but it is a recognition that relating in the glow of the dark is difficult. The dark at the core of each of us is unconditioned and therefore unable to be controlled or related to.
It can only be met by the dark core of another and even then it is not the two cores meeting but the one dark flowing into itself through two or more individuated souls. When our souls and personalities are educated about this process and its inevitable byproduct of legitimate suffering then the result is an increase of compassion for everyone who is engaged with the process.
Our tenderness with and for each other deepens while at the same time the unconditional nature of the dark reveals itself more in our interactions. What may be considered a ruthless quality of the dark ( from the outside experiencing it ) is now known as the innate non-intentionality of the life force which cannot be other than true to itself in the core of each and all.   B.L.

3/2/ '21 Bruce Transmission

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Bruce Lyon Video transmissions

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DEVA & HUMANITY Morya federation

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A consideration of how the Deva and Human Kingdoms interrelate - Morya Federation


The Great Unknown * Agni Yoga

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A staircase has been revealed, with ornament steps. But why is the lower step so decorated, while higher up the ornamentation grows simpler, until on the last step one sees no decoration at all?
The design on the lower step is so intricate that its entire surface is covered.
Perhaps no design is needed on the upper step.
Truly, I see no ornamentation at all at the top.
Thus, think simply.
* Agni Yoga * 305

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