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Flowers of wisdom

If there are obstacles, not 'the infinite

If you can count, not the stars

If you tremble or shake, and not 'a mountain

If increases or decreases, is not 'an ocean

If it passes over the bridges, not 'a river

If you can 'grasp, and not' the rainbow

Here are the parables of the six external perceptions


We Stand for the Integrity and Unity of Europe

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Meditation Vigil for Unity in Europe Brexit

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Thank you Renee Bledsoe. This post you have shared is profound and clearly shows the way of the future as science studies consciousness and the extended senses. Each man and woman can develop these higher senses with the right training. We do not leave the senses behind in our pursuit of perfection and self-realization, We refine them and like "Jacobs Ladder" ascend through their perfection into higher and more refined levels of spiritual contact. I have added to this post a few key quotes on this subject by the Master DK.


“As we have been told, the goal of evolution is the attainment of consciousness on all planes; owing to the small evolutionary attainment of the race only the physical plane is as yet in any way brought under conscious control. The knowledge which deals with that plane, the information which is concerned with densest objectivity, the sumtotal of facts connected with the five lower subplanes of the physical plane are (from the occult standpoint) considered exoteric. During the next two races the other two subplanes will be mastered, and the entire mass of knowledge concerned with physical and etheric matter, with energy, form and experience on the physical plane, will be easily available to man, and concern only his five physical senses.” (TCF 286-7)

“Having apprehended and then contacted his eyes are opened and he recognizes his place in the whole order under the Law of Synthesis.

Hearing Unity
Touch Duality
Sight Triplicity.

In these three senses the present is summed up for us. The work of evolution is to recognise, utilise, co-ordinate, and dominate the whole till the Self, by means of these three, becomes actively aware of every form, of every vibration, and of every pulsation of the not-self; then, through the arranging power of mind, the objective of the self will be to find the truth, or that centre in the circle of manifestation which is, for the Self, the centre of equilibrium, and the one point where the co-ordination is perfected; then the Self can dissociate itself from every veil, every contact, and every sense.

In the final perfection of this third sense of sight, the term used is the wholly inadequate one of realisation. Let the student study carefully the lowest and highest demonstration of the senses as laid down in the tabulation earlier imparted, and note the occult significance of the expressions used in the summation.

Hearing Beatitude. This is realised through the not-self.
Touch Service. The summation of the work of the Self for the not-self.

Sight Realisation. Recognition of the triplicity needed in manifestation, or the reflex action of the Self and the not-self.

Taste Perfection. Evolution completed through the utilisation of the not-self and its realised adequacy.

Smell Perfected Knowledge. The principle of manas in its 
discriminating activity, perfecting the inter-relation between the Self and the not-self.

This all concerns the perfected, realised Personality.

In all these perfections is seen the awareness of the Self, and the graded process of identification, utilisation, manipulation and final rejection of the not-self by that Self who is now consciously aware. He hears the note of nature and that of his monad; he recognises their identity, utilises their vibration, and passes rapidly through the three stages of Creator, Preserver and Destroyer.

He touches or feels the vibration of the form or not-self in all its various grades, recognises his identity in time and space, and for purposes of existence or being and by means of the three Laws of Economy, Attraction and Synthesis utilises, blends and eventually dissociates himself. He sees the threefold evolutionary process and by means of the development of the inner vision, sees within the heart of the system macrocosmic and microcosmic, the one SELF in many forms, and finally identifies himself with that one Self by the conscious rejection of the not-self after its complete subjugation and utilisation. 
(TCF 201-2)



Powerful music to remove negativity at home

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The radiatory chakric centers of our Planet, Gaia Mother Earth, create vortexes of Ley Lines across its surface

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Adam A. Defranco posts...


The radiatory chakric centers of our Planet, Gaia Mother Earth, create vortexes of Ley Lines across its surface. 
Inlets and outlets of huge amounts of Electromagnetic power, massive amounts of life force from multiple subsidiaries spread and create all over the planetary globe and the planetary grid lines.

Such vortexes open Planetary Gates, places of beneficence, Power spots and sacred medicine land.
Various cities, healing centers and retreat centers have been and naturally will be built of such omni-lateral expressions of planetary and cosmic forces. 
Power spots on the planet are often nurtured and overseen by interdimensional beings of both the human and Devic/angelic Kingdoms.
Often they, '' ...are the exoteric expression of the esoteric centre of force...''(AA Bailey)

Many centers and retreat eco-preserves are being built at this time over the planet. 
A certain group of sensitives walking the land on the WRC have often remarked, that maybe this land lies is close proximity to a planetary energy vortex.
Some informative notes and speculations on "Creating the Center" was given by Lucille Cedercrans with her teacher which seem apropos at this time;

''... the vicinity in which the Center of Synthesis will be housed rather than location. This is because the etheric body of the center is a circle which has a 30 mile diameter. Within this 30 mile circle, the Masters have been working to control and train the devic life which constitutes this "etheric center". In this way, the devic life will be able to protect the personnel of the physical Center of Synthesis. This physical center will have two parts to it, an exoteric center and an esoteric center.

The exoteric center of synthesis will be located in this 30 mile area. It is the center of public contact. [At this time, Henry is performing this function at his cabin in Estes].

The esoteric center of synthesis will also be somewhere within this 30 mile area. This esoteric center will provide to humanity, advanced esoteric training in discipleship and its many related fields of service. The work which will be carried on within the esoteric center will not receive publicity or in any way attract undue attention from the public.

The Masters R, DK and M, have chosen this 30 mile area for the center of synthesis. As they bring control to the devic life within this etheric center, not only will there be protection for the center personnel from "negative impacts of all kinds", but an "ease of functioning" for those personnel who will be drawing in and sending out the Hierarchical energies of Synthesis to humanity, particularly within the esoteric center of synthesis.

[I believe that this work with the devic life of the etheric center—both through the long years of patient work by the Masters and our group's meditation work in the Estes Park area, has reached a certain point where the time may be right for the esoteric center of synthesis to make it's appearance.]

The visualization at the end of Lesson 13 is very apropos for the group at this time. Let me know what you think of it. Here it is:

"During these coming months try to establish insofar as you are capable, a group focus, linking up with one another daily, identifying as the conscious Soul incarnate, aligning with the overshadowing Spiritual Soul within the Ashram, and via that overshadowing Spiritual Soul, focusing through your own instrumentality as a group, the energy of synthesis as it reaches you through the Ashramic center, from the Ashramic center; focusing that energy into the whole of the etheric center which has been described to you, visualizing that center as radiating via the etheric network, perfect synthesis of 1,2 and 7 into and throughout the body of humanity.

"Visualize the etheric light body of the Christ as standing within the heart of the Center, maintaining thereby its higher alignment with Divine Purpose and its lower alignment with the indwelling Christ within the body of humanity.

"Visualize from this point within the heart of the Center, this point which you see as the etheric light body of the Christ, visualize from this point the radiant aura of that etheric light body whose periphery constitutes the periphery of the Center itself, and from that periphery, the radiation of the Grace of the Christ through the substantial forces of humanity to the imprisoned Soul of humanity.

"Utilize this visualization and carry out the activity throughout the coming months."...

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