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Cultural history: a generation of artists - 1974-1984

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An exhibition reflects the hazards of defining cultural history.   In the Metropolitan Museum of Art in N.Y.(through Aug.2) they are thinking in terms of generational artists.

"The Picture Generation from 1974 - to 1984" represents the attempt to see how the selection of artists was worked out. The making of art - painting and sculpture - was historically a social activity.

 We can find out, as Astrologers, that entire generation of artists express some values and inputs inspired by the energy planetary components in a certain decade.  They represent some form-thoughts and emotions peculiar for each generation in actions and, I think this exhibition, try to clarify some characteristics of that period of social life.

First of all we see that many women are there: Ericka Beckman, Dara Birnbaum, Barbara Bloom, Sarah Charlesworth, Nancy Dwyer, Barbara Kruger, Louise lawler, Laurie Simmons, Ms Levine and ms Sherman. In the early 70s there was a strong feminist movement in Art well known for its experiments with nontraditional mediums and for its critique of the representation of women in popular culture and in art.

Astrology define this generational period - 1975-1981: "The Explorers" ( Uranus in Scorpio, Neptune in Sagittarius,Pluto in Libra ) .  This group of artists reflect an intense, exuberant and disciplined outstanding art. They might be mellow, but also very cynical.  Relationships and sex are very important to this generation. They explore the extremes and travel widely. They see the lurking danger to their future, so they investigate the roots of our problems, others act out their alienation destructively.

With Uranus in Scorpio we find a type of art seeking the birth of new archetypes, both for the individual and for the collective, ending up outdated thought-forms. The correct use of sexual energy is thus very much a testing point for this generation of artists.

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