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The Manifested Purpose In Physical Matter Larry Penigar plus Duane

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The Manifested Purpose 
In Physical Matter
The Life of God, 
His energy, and vitality, 
are found in every 
manifested atom..

His essence 
indwells all forms.

This we call Spirit, 
yet He Himself 
is other than those forms, 
just as man knows himself 
to be other than his bodies.

He knows himself to be 
a will, and a purpose, 
and as he progresses 
in evolution that "Purpose"
& "Will" become to him 
ever more consciously 
(Inner structure of Man)

Men have 
within themselves 
The ability "to arrive" 
& .. "to achieve" 
Full Self-Consciousness.

(For a Disciple..) 
Direct alignment 
with the Ego 
via the centres 
& the physical brain 
is the goal of his life 
of meditation 
& of discipline.

This is in order 
that the Inner God 
may function 
in full consciousness 
& wield full control 
on the physical plane.
(The unfolding awarenesses 
and the growth in the inner 
consciousness of the true 
man have been little noted..)

The Etheric Body
being the true intermediary 
between the inner worlds 
and the outer man.

The Endo-crine 
or "Glandular System," 
acting under impulses 
entering the physical body 
via the seven centres 
in the etheric body.

The glands 
condition the man 
through the blood stream, 
being in their turn 
by the centres..

The solar plexus centre 
is the seat of the instinctual life, 
of the animal soul
& of the highly developed 
emotional nature.
The Emotional Body
(a.k.a "Astral Body")

From this vehicle 
emanate the desires, 
impulses, aspirations 
and those conflicts of duality 
which so oft afflict 
and hinder the disciple.

It is the seat 
also of the creative, 
imaginative life of man.

It also possesses 
centres of force 
which are counterparts 
of those to be found 
in the etheric body, 
but for the majority of people 
it is energised mainly from 
the world of illusion.

It is from this plane 
of "Illusory Awareness"
that the advanced man 
has to learn to withdraw 

(..So potent are the forces 
generated by the "Over Use"
of the solar plexus)
The solar plexus centre 
is, at this time, highly active 
among men & women 

In every country 
millions of people 
are over-sensitised, 
emotional frequently 
to the point of hysteria, 
full of dreams, visions & fears, 
& highly nervous.

This produces 
widespread gastric difficulties, 
indigestion, stomachic & liver ills 
& diseases, & intestinal disorders.

Cleavage, astralism, delusions, 
hallucinations, nervous disorders 
of every kind and difficulties 
of a physical nature..

Which definitely involve 
the intestinal tract, the liver 
& the pancreas are only some 
of the problems which arise 
from the "Uncontrolled Use" 
of the solar plexus centre. 
The forces flowing 
through the masses 
of average intelligent 
men today.. 
(and by that I mean 
those men who are educated 
and able to recognise 
the world news & to discuss 
world events and trends)

..Are constituting 
the experimental ground 
for the transference of the energy 
of the sacral centre 
to the solar plexus.

This leads inevitably 
to turmoil, over-stimulation, 
revolt and many other difficulties.

The problems, therefore, 
are many but are subject 
to solution..

Let that not be forgotten.
The Mystery 
Of The Earthly Man
(Part 2 with IndigoDisciple Penigar Jr.)
<3 https://www.youtube.com/watch…
...12:12 See you soon


La visione dell'Arte oggigiorno TPS

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Joan Mirò - Dormir sous la Lune -

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Le piste selvagge - Leni S.

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Le piste selvagge Leni S.


Le piste ignote ,

selvagge ,

fuori dalla portata del pensiero comune ,

dove brucia

il fuoco della visione ,

fiamma di un cerino o esplosione galattica,

là mi trova

la mia anima,

incantata dall'entusiasmo

della Vita!       -     L.S.


Gruffalo docet 2018 Halloween!!!

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H A P P Y    H A L L O O W E E N  !!!

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