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Lyon's Dragon Song - Bruce Lyon -

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Sometimes a Wild God - Tom Hiron

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Immortal beloved Bruce Lyon

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Immortal beloved

I have tasted you many times in many places. Caught glimpses of you in many eyes; smelled you in the fragrance emanating from many hearts. But i know when i experience you in fullness and I want you to know that I know. And surrender. I have never felt you so deeply nor experienced the agony and ecstasy of total submission - yes submission! I submit before your presence. I acquiesce. My fingers let go of anything and everything that they are holding in order to meet you with open hands. My heart empties itself of all feelings that it has clung to in memory of you and in consolation for your absence . My awareness throws open all its windows and doors to let the wind of your love empty the library shelves - papers dancing everywhere in the wild emptiness that is so full of you that all beings in all worlds cannot help but cry out with the longing to not exist. For in existing they have entered into you, incarnated you, given themselves to you and yet you are still beyond them - the love that you are is so generous it empties itself of any thing so it can be everything - and not only every - thing but the ocean of connection between all things and the welling up inside them of this same cry that cannot help but burst from my heart this morning. Sing through me and let each cell of my soul and body alike vibrate with the ecstasy of your song - like waves endlessly caressing the unfathomable shorelines on billions of planets all at once. Like the sound before sound. Like the shockwave of spirit that thunders through eternity. Like nothing else. Only You.



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Duane Carpenter to The Reappearance of the Christ


The incoming 7th ray will bring with it a wave of practical workers who will reveal the Ancient Mysteries in new and dynamic ways. Their expertise will lie in the ability to visualize these hidden forces of nature and God prior to their full subjective recognition, truths that can only be alluded to by the written word or text. These new 7th ray workers will reveal these ancient truths through new audio- visual inventions and electronic tools that may be only seen as entertainment devices at first but can be turned to much deeper teaching modalities and esoteric use.

These new 7th ray Aquarian workers will be equally capable of clothing abstract ideas into new and tangible forms that are scientifically accurate as well as aesthetical beautiful and pleasing. We have been told by the Tibetan Master DK that the capacity to visualize that which is hidden will be one of the key characterizes of the new discipleship training found in all of the Esoteric Schools that are now historically externalizing and forming.

For those students who are interested in what teachings or modes of approach to deity that may be emerging after the conclave of 2025 would do well to study what master DK has said on the subject of Sound and its influence in the coming cycles as well as training for the 3rd Cosmic Path and the new Psychology of Color, Sound, and Geometry.

This next quote is extracted from Letters on Occult Meditation p-50 Titled Letter 4-- Use of the Sacred Word in Meditation.

“The subject that we are to deal with today is of such profundity and of such vital moment that your shrinking from even considering it is exceedingly natural. No matter what we may say upon the matter, we can but touch the fringe of it, and the depths of what will be left unsaid may seem so great, that the data communicated may assume too small proportions. 
Fundamental Postulates.

First, I seek to lay down certain basic postulates which, though realized as mental concepts, may yet be too deep for easy comprehension.

These postulates are five in number—five out of a number too vast for your apprehension. These postulates themselves are based on certain fundamental facts, and these facts (seven in number) are not as yet all comprehended. H.P.B. touched on three in his statement of the fundamentals of the Secret Doctrine. Four yet remain hid, though the fourth is emerging somewhat through the study of psychology and mental science. The other three fundamentals will emerge during the next three rounds. This round will see the apprehension of the fourth fundamental.

These postulates are as follows:
1. That all that exists is based on sound or on the Word.
2. That differentiation is the result of sound.
3. That on each plane the Word has a different effect.
4. That according to the note of the Word, or the vibration of the sound, will the work of building-in or casting-out be accomplished.
5. That the one threefold Word has seven keys, and these seven keys have their own subtones”.

“Special aptitude in colour and sound predisposes the choice, and the ability to work with the "psyche," or with the Spirits in evolution, marks a man out for this high post. We might say that the planetary Logoi are the divine psychologists, and therefore in the training for this post psychology is the basic subject, though it is a psychology inconceivable as yet to us.” (TCF 1255)



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" A condition of complete simplicity

Costing not less than everything

And all shall be well

And all manner of things shall be well

When the tongues of flame are in-folded

Into the crowned knot of fire

And the fire and the rose are one. "

T.S.Eliot, " Little Gidding , The Four Quarters "


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