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I am for those....W.W.

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* Dedicated to this month in LEO! *



I am for those that have never been master'd,

For men and women whose tempers

have never been master'd,

For those whom laws, theories, conventions,

can never master.


I am for those who walk abreast with the whole earth,

Who inaugurate one to inaugurate all!


Walt Whitman


Milarepa - Roerich Nicholas

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Nicholas Roerich Museum
4 hrs ·

Pictured here is “Milarepa, The One Who Harkened,” painted in 1925 and part of Roerich’s Banners of the East series. Milarepa, who lived in the 12th century, is one of the most famous Tibetan yogis and poets. He is known for having embraced Buddhism despite a troubled past and for becoming an exemplar of dedication and mastery.

On the bottom left, you’ll see a photo of the Lamayuru monastery in Ladakh. Inside the the monastery is the Naropa cave (bottom center), the actual place where Naropa, Milarepa’s teacher, meditated for several years. The statue in the photograph is one of Naropa in the canonical pose used for representing both Naropa and Milarepa. On the bottom right, you can see another example of Milarepa in this canonical pose from a recent auction at Christie’s. Roerich visited Lamayuru and must have seen this statue, which no doubt inspired his painting of Milarepa.

If you’d like to see this painting in person, please visit our museum. Our hours are listed on our website, roerich.org.

*Photos copyright Gvido Trepsa


Joseph Elmer

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Joseph Elmer Yoakum, Grand Prarie Cherryale Kans, n.d., Watercolor, graphite on paper, 9 x 12 in, 22.9 x 30.5 cm.


WILD LOVE 2020 Jonathan Ehrlich

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Jonathan Ehrlich

You might forget
even for a moment
In the darkest times
Or in the unknown twilight
When the heart wants an answer
Between day and night
Or the planet inhales for so long
that it cries through us
And we cannot know
the difference between
a tear and a shooting star

Look to the embers
Forever burning
in the fires of evolution
Sparking to the sound
of every soul that rips through
the stench of death
the bluest diamond
dancing eternally
to the seven symphonies

We refuse to forget

We will not settle 
for anything less than


This is who we are
on the front lines

A primordial tribe 
of Love warriors


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