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WILD LOVE 2020 Jonathan Ehrlich

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Jonathan Ehrlich

You might forget
even for a moment
In the darkest times
Or in the unknown twilight
When the heart wants an answer
Between day and night
Or the planet inhales for so long
that it cries through us
And we cannot know
the difference between
a tear and a shooting star

Look to the embers
Forever burning
in the fires of evolution
Sparking to the sound
of every soul that rips through
the stench of death
the bluest diamond
dancing eternally
to the seven symphonies

We refuse to forget

We will not settle 
for anything less than


This is who we are
on the front lines

A primordial tribe 
of Love warriors


Lyon's Dragon Song - Bruce Lyon -

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Sometimes a Wild God - Tom Hiron

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Immortal beloved Bruce Lyon

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Immortal beloved

I have tasted you many times in many places. Caught glimpses of you in many eyes; smelled you in the fragrance emanating from many hearts. But i know when i experience you in fullness and I want you to know that I know. And surrender. I have never felt you so deeply nor experienced the agony and ecstasy of total submission - yes submission! I submit before your presence. I acquiesce. My fingers let go of anything and everything that they are holding in order to meet you with open hands. My heart empties itself of all feelings that it has clung to in memory of you and in consolation for your absence . My awareness throws open all its windows and doors to let the wind of your love empty the library shelves - papers dancing everywhere in the wild emptiness that is so full of you that all beings in all worlds cannot help but cry out with the longing to not exist. For in existing they have entered into you, incarnated you, given themselves to you and yet you are still beyond them - the love that you are is so generous it empties itself of any thing so it can be everything - and not only every - thing but the ocean of connection between all things and the welling up inside them of this same cry that cannot help but burst from my heart this morning. Sing through me and let each cell of my soul and body alike vibrate with the ecstasy of your song - like waves endlessly caressing the unfathomable shorelines on billions of planets all at once. Like the sound before sound. Like the shockwave of spirit that thunders through eternity. Like nothing else. Only You.


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