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You should be worried about women shortage - Human Rights Watch

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Its Australia's Federation birthday today, P.L.

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Its Australia's Federation birthday today, using the 1901 horoscope. Capricorn Australia will be covered in the forthcoming newsletter in a few days - with some of the esoteric reasons of what is going on. It is truly an unprecedented and ferocious firestorm that does not look like letting up.

Many south coastal towns in NSW were literally "midnight at midday", totally blacked out - a very eerie and unsettling situation for many. Supermarkets are running out of food, likewise fuel, mobile phone towers are out - people queuing up at phone boxes, once thought redundant.


I fiori della primavera... KHALIL GIBRAN

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I fiori della primavera
sono i sogni dell’inverno raccontati,

la mattina,

al tavolo degli angeli.

(Khalil Gibran)


19 y.o. indigenous climate activist ...a woman again!

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MOCEAN a film

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