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Home Planets Jupiter in 14° Acquarius 2021 * Leni Sibilio

Jupiter in 14° Acquarius 2021 * Leni Sibilio

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Jupiter is at 14° Aquarius 2021
and at 12° in 2000 we find there is a Black Hole , DMC X-1 right close to It!
This Galactic point shows that Jupiter expands the need of having multidimensional experiences, different ones, which converge into a conscious unity in Humanity , Galaxies have to do with collective issues, too, and if we are able to Listen, we hear their sound reverberating into the Earth, Black Holes reach the Root Chakra both in the Planet and in the individual .
Synthesis of scattered informations happens in the sinking into the dark hole of this Entity , it is the will to suggest the positive side of the experience of melting in consciousness different currents and merging into a Unity , like Jupiter does right now....
Fusing heart and mind to perform a Service to humanity.
Aquarius esoterically is ruled by this great planet which convey Love/Wisdom in an active movement and the scattering informations are at disposal of the collective.
Devas , too , benefit from this position being on the building -side!
Jupiter is backed by Uranus in this sign and the electrical waves surrounding new urges, directions , distribute fresh ideas and projects, all contribute in synthesis to point out a common purpose into the collective and the individual.
Being Aquarius on the Fifth Ray of the Concrete Mind, the effects are quite practical because the Plan takes form, " its Purpose is the revelation of the mind of God ", " Fifth Ray is the Brother from Sirius ".
Its quality is the 'emergence into form and out of form'.
The Second and Seventh rays ( Jupiter and Uranus ) , reveals , as TPS mentioned ," The Psychosurveyor " , and we may consider this fusion , between the two rays , as " Constructive Love/Wisdom "
in magnetic
radiations !          - Leni Sibilio -


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