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Russia 2021 L.S.

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I had the flash

that the actual transit of Saturn in these days in 5° Aquarius

falls in exact conjunction with the natal Saturn on the same degree and sign,in the chart of Russia erected by the 25th december 1991 at the time of the raising of the flag at 7.45 p.m.in Moscow.-  L.S.

' The house is the sixth where we find this conj. and it rules service, and therefore rules workers, the employed classes and their political institutions such as socialist parties and trade unions, soldiers, armies and national defence. the public service , i.e. the civil service, is particularly ruled by this house.

Liz Green ( well known int. astrologer ) has called Saturn the membrane which separate the personal unconscious from the collective unconscious. In a state it represents the institutions which distinguish order from chaos....

Saturn more than any other planet, represents the State and its institutions and, collectively, the amount of freedom a society permits or denies itself.

Saturn represents the legal system, the permanent civil service, and all conservative and restraining bodies It may also, as in this case, be the repressive and controlling forces in a State, for example the police....

It governs authority and tradition. It shows reactionary forces and the fear which resists to change! '.

-  Mundane Astrology - Charles Harvey -


* Natal chart - Rising Sun Leo - Sun in 3° Capricorn ,

in a two years the Sun in Progression in Aquarius, is now at 3°, and then, will be exactly conjunct to the natal Saturn in 5°....will be a very restraining situation for the ones who wants freedom ( Aquarius - point )!

In the Galaxy near to this position of Saturn we find JP 1953 at 9°Aquarius 40', a Pulsar, it emits radio waves, and the 'personal versus the transpersonal is the issue in communication', flexibility must be retained , something must be 'To Let Go', no attachment and move on to incorporate that which demands attention.

The most spiritual side of Saturn which is (in its Essence ) the ruler of all the Cosmic Laws, will show!

Leni Sibilio


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