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Home Planets Saturn square to Uranus after the video of Bruce Lyon - Leni Sibilio

Saturn square to Uranus after the video of Bruce Lyon - Leni Sibilio

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On June 2021

Saturn in 13° Aquarius
goes in exact Square , geocentrically ,
to Uranus in 13° Taurus - from 13 to 18 June !

Saturn in Aquarius is backed by Jupiter Second Ray and by Venus, associated to the Fifth Ray of Aquarius,and by the Moon Hierarchically.
Venus is also backed by Uranus esoterically associated to Libra.

Uranus in Taurus is backed by Vulcan , First Ray, who shapes the matter into Light , where the Moon, again,  is exalted in this sign (for an Initiate the 'Mother of the Form' is veiled by Uranus). Venus comes into play , Fifth Ray again, as traditional ruler of Taurus , as well as the Fourth Ray of the Moon!.

The square in synthesis reveals a strong Fifth/ Fourth Ray repetition!
A strong mental struggle between conservative tendencies and innovative ones, in the struggle to change social structures.
Finding the balance between Third ray and Seventh Ray - Saturn and Uranus, calls into play the sign Capricorn which is on both Rays as a peace-keeper.
Interesting square!!!! a possible solution might be to find a third point in between the two Signs which is 28° Virgo and this degree
IS conj. to M-87, 1°47' Libra.
A more optimistic approach to the square given by this Black Hole Super massive Galaxy IS is permanent tendency towards the Future....Uranus Will come to the Front-Line!
May the Future Inspire with the Divine Self ( Monad ) and the Light of the Soul Direct!  LOVE in the Way!


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