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Home Planets Jupiter conj. Saturn in Aquarius on the 21st of december 2020....Leni Sibilio

Jupiter conj. Saturn in Aquarius on the 21st of december 2020....Leni Sibilio

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Jupiter conj. Saturn in Aquarius on the 21st
of december 2020....
Jupiter Hierarchically associated to Virgo , Second Plane, Monadic plane - Love-Wisdom, Second ray.
Saturn associated Hierarchically to Libra - Atmic Plane -
Upper Spiritual Triad - Third ray ,Third Plane - Active and Creative Intelligence.
Both Signs pours naturally into the Fourth , the Buddhic Plane with Mercury ruling Scorpio , linkin' the Higher with the Lower!
In Acquarius , key - note - Group Sharing -
This already powerful 'Life precipitation' is Trine ( harmonious ) to the super-massive Galaxy - M.87 - the super-galactic centre, positioned at 1° 47 Libra (2000) !
We have an emission of large inputs of radio-waves & X rays pouring from this massive black hole ( about 5 billions suns ).
A hole, its gravity is so powerful and magnetic , that nothing , not even light, can escape such a inward collapse.
Dont' be afraid of black holes , they purify , they cleanse the past dust, nobody knows what is inside them, but for sure if you are firm to prove your inner strenght , you'll come out totally renewed.
The Universe, the One , catch their Inner Essence , they are part of the Purpose , they Serve!
When you respond of their magnetism , the Time is altered and who is able and stands this vibration and go with IT , catch another dimension, another type of reality.
Past-Present-Future , along with consciousness-subconsciousness-unconsciousness , come out synthesised in direct motion.
All this brings forgiveness of the Self in the name of the Divine Love of Self-Forgiveness.
A Cosmic experience of another state of being , opening to a future Be-Ness.
The Monad rise the consciousness , surrenders to Life, and the Divine pours...
Responsibility for a sharing mass-karma develops, comin' from the destructions of past ,
releasing finally from deep anxieties.
Being able to perceive the WHOLE Opportunity the Cosmo is whispering produce Change , New Era Inflow!
This IS a Superior Order of Relation this galaxy IS suggesting -
the - Libra / Acquarius / Group Relation!
* LISTEN , and we will PERCEIVE! *
Leni Sibilio


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