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Home Planets When an Inspired Galaxy turns to BE....! Leni Sibilio

When an Inspired Galaxy turns to BE....! Leni Sibilio

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When an Inspired Galaxy turns to Be....
" Being The Great Attractor 14° Sagittarius ,
it suggests that the Hierarchical ruler of the Sign, Mars , is cooperating in the precipitation of the Sixth Ray or the Power of Idealism and Devotion , this is happening because in Sagittarius the disciple has already won the battles of Scorpio, and , finally, he is free to move on for the Great Adventure with the Energy of Inspiration that is connected with the Arrow.
So IS the Direction!
Purpose stimulates the quality of Will ,
and this Enormous Galaxy ,I believe, has the Purpose to connect strongly , thru' Its Intrinsic Cosmic Attraction , the Energy of Monadic activation, purposely , towards the Earth ( esoterical ruler of the 'Archer' ) , awakening the Kundalini not only in individuals, but in the Planetary Logos too.
So immense is the Principle of the Freedom from all low-ego -issues, it lets the Beauty of the Great Attractor who is acting as a Cosmic Magnet , to dive deeply into all obstacles which stand in front of the inner Peace in the disciple who won it by discharging the old unwanted and obsolete .
He /She stands firmly and blessed , Becoming an ambassador, an example of the inner and outer harmony , in the entire world, Inspiring to Go Forwards along with the Divine Law! And Serving IT! "
Leni Sibilio


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