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Home Planets True Node or North Node at the Galactic point conj to a Pulsar leni Sibilio

True Node or North Node at the Galactic point conj to a Pulsar leni Sibilio

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True Node or North Node

in this period on the Planet, is on Gemini 22° 01' .

The North Node indicates the social trends, the direction of the earthly issues, and is in a very close conj. with the famous Crab Pulsar , named like so because looks like a shape of a crab.

From the Galaxy, this Crab Pulsar , positioned at 22° 47' Gemini  ,  generates strong x-rays signals ,  and it has a very powerful inner importance because of these emanations precipitating on our Earth daily.

The mental is very much stimulated and is able to move in a set of circumstances, rather freely.

The heart becomes very sensible and open, so much that all the distractions disappear in one's environment and a person, nation, etc. stick to the intuition spreading from the hearth.

Disciples and initiates blossom under an intrinsic discipline and focus on the 'Higher Way' with the impulse of the radio-waves of this Pulsar which gives direction.

The most the higher they respond, the more they are involved in Evolution, emotionally/mentally shouldering  a Cause, a Principle  or action related to the Spiritual input , the more direction takes their mental side , capable to give birth to thought- forms of the Beauty of the New Era, relating the Cosmos with the all the living beings also on Earth.

The best , with this Crab Pulsar , is performed without words because the hearth pulsates and introduces a dimension of telepathic interconnections.

Words can get in the way of love and involvements with it .

A Synthesis of body-mind-spirit allows for a major state of consciousness

in Cosmic attunements ,

the Universe IS,

so much is expected by those who Listen to these resonances , at various levels of spiritual unfoldement!

Leni Sibilio


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