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Home Flowers of wisdom Phillip Lindsay · Master Rákóczi: The Annual October Council Phillip Lindsay

Phillip Lindsay · Master Rákóczi: The Annual October Council Phillip Lindsay

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Master Rákóczi: The Annual October Council
“Every October and every March, the Master R. gathers together His council of helpers, the Masters and the senior initiates in the Ashrams of the third, the fifth and the seventh rays. Though He is the Head of the third Ray of Aspect and is in control, therefore, of the two Rays of Attribute mentioned above, He does not Himself wield these forces, because He is One of the three Heads of the Hierarchy and His work cannot be confined to the activity of any one ray. He works through the Ashrams of these rays, but He Himself works primarily in cooperation with the Christ and the Manu.”
March-October corresponds to Aries- Libra and it stands to reason that Master R would preside over these meetings – in his role as the Lord of Civilisation and the “regent” of Europe and America.
Aries is the first impulse of the spiritual year, where the seeds of the annually modified Planetary Plan are sown. Polar opposite sign Libra reveals how plentiful or not the harvest has been – whether the seeds, “fell on fertile or stony ground”.
This is why Libra is a sign intimately associated with karma – the consequences of thought/ideas sown in Aries, bear their bounty in Libra. Saturn, the lord of karma is exalted in Libra and rules Libra hierarchically. Saturn also rules the third ray of active-intelligence – the only ray to pass through Libra – and the province of the third hierarchical department of The Mahachohan – another name for the Lord of Civilisation. All the “rays of attribute” – 4, 5, 6, 7 – fall under the aegis of the Mahachohan.
Within Hierarchical circles, Master R is known as “The Count”, alluding to the “incarnation” immediately following Francis Rákóczi of Hungary – which led him to taking the “post” of Lord of Civilisation. Previously as the fifth degree initiate Master R, he was the head of the seventh ray ashram. Hence he has a lot of experience in wielding these ray forces and working with nations in crisis. (For example, his work as Count St. Germain around the French Revolution.)
Since World War II, Master R’s work has been exceedingly difficult in bringing in the new Aquarian civilisation, working with the energy of the seventh ray of Order, Organisation or Ceremonial Magic. This ray is ruled by Uranus, which is also the higher or soul ruler of Libra.
The seventh ray corresponds to the seventh physical plane, hence the, “power of the developed Libran to project the inner spiritual purpose or intended will into physical expression.” The following passage was written in the late 1940’s but is still very appropriate today, as many “evil personalities” have once again taken control:
“The entire rhythm of international thinking has to be altered, and that constitutes a slow and arduous task; the evil personalities which, in every country, are responsible for the chaos and uncertainty, have eventually to be replaced by those who can work in cooperation with the rhythm of the seventh ray, and thus produce ordered beauty.
… two elements in every land and nation: those people who hold on to the bad old things of the past, and those who work for the extreme opposite of this point of view and for that which is new. Under the influence of this seventh ray energy balance has to be brought about and preserved, so that the “noble middle way” [Libra] of right action and of right human relations [Libra] can be safely trodden.
The task of the Master R. is, however, lightened by the fact that the seventh ray is now coming into activity and its potency is increasing year by year. His task is also aided by the intelligent work done by the Ashram of the English Master Who works consistently with the awakening and the arising masses.”
Indeed, the power of this new seventh ray cycle which began in 1945, is becoming stronger and is starting to overcome the outgoing sixth ray.
As “the regent of Europe”, Master R has the responsibility of overseeing its development and unity, hence bringing into focus the esoteric triangle that exists between two major planetary centres – London and Geneva – plus the headquarters of the European Union – Brussels.


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