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Home Flowers of wisdom Nancy Connally - The Reappearance of Christ

Nancy Connally - The Reappearance of Christ

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It probably will not come as any surprise to disciples to consider that the Masters who are members of the Hierarchy work together, each having their own students and ray methods, but all working together toward furthering the Purpose of Sanat Kumara in cooperation with the Christ.
Regarding the anticipated Reappearance of the Christ, "Certain of the Masters have the work under Their control, and through Their grouped disciples are already actively engaged in the work of preparation. The Master Morya, the Master K.H. and the Master Jesus are the three working at this time in closest cooperation with the Christ. With them work the Master Hilarion, He Whom you call the Master D.K., and another Master Who is specially linked with the work of preparation in the sacred land of India. One of the English Masters is also exceptionally active, and the Master in America is laying His plans toward an active participation in the work. These consecrated Workers form a nucleus around the Christ and direct much of the preparatory work. It is not possible for me to tell you the lines of Their activity; I can but give you evidence which may later he demonstrated as true. These Masters are definitely preparing Themselves for the task of outer activity and are intensifying Their work on the astral plane. To this fact can be traced the interest people are now showing in occultism and in the work of the Masters; more and more people [Page 505] are becoming sensitive to and conscious of Their presence, and more and more are finding their way into the groups of disciples." Externalisation of the Hierarchy.
We have been given the information that with the coming Avatar of Synthesis also approaching our planet, it is the LIFE aspect which will be emphasized in the New age, rather than the soul or consciousness aspect. DINA II, P. 403
Both Arcane School and Mary Bailey have said the Life aspect will be expressed through the new Yoga, the Yoga of Synthesis.
Mary Bailey "A Learning Experience" first printing 1990 (Lucis Trust)
"No one can interpret words or the meaning of identification for another. It is those who do so who penerate (sic) (probably means penetrate), esoterically, by living the teaching, who do begin to achieve some measure of identification with the whole of life and freedom from the limitation of their own individuality, and who serve to pioneer the way, to lead humanity forward into the new yoga of the Aquarian age, the yoga of synthesis."
The process of transformation, transmutation and transfiguration of planet Earth can be summed up in the one word--redemption. It is thereforeĀ planetary redemption in which esoteric servers are involved, in conscious cooperation with divine Purpose. This ties in with the emphasis in all true esoteric schools, now and in the future, on theĀ life aspect, on the divine will and on the development of a new yoga--the yoga of synthesis, the "fiery yoga." Arcane School
Now, we know that Master Morya began teaching the Life aspect in the 1920s to his disciples and followers of Agni Yoga to prepare them to practice the Yoga of Self-Sacrifice and to eventually take the Transfiguration Initiation. This so strengthened the Will aspect within those disciples to allow the fusion of soul and personality. The Agni Yoga teachings were to assist with the time of the Dawn of Maitreya.
They were not tasked, however, in bringing the Will aspect into the planetary life, as humanity was not yet ready to receive it. This was approximately 100 years ago we do not know the exact dates of transmissions, but the first books began being printed 91 years ago.
Master Morya told us that:
Agni Yoga 1929188. With each century a special kind of Yoga is introduced, appropriate to the world's condition. The earth element is inapplicable when a fiery cure is required. Nor will water or air serve in place of the wings of fire. Like an inevitable cataclysm that sweeps away continents, so undeferrable is the Yoga of the realization of the fiery power. The ability to recognize the right time for right actions is the mark of an enlightened consciousness.
And we remember, the Hierarchy works together!
Agni Yoga (1929) - 90:
90. A simple affirmation of respect for knowledge will make possible the resolving of all contradictions. True thinking is impossible without reverence for knowledge. The Teacher advises that knowledge be set as the basis for developing the consciousness. Point out that knowledge builds the path to the One Teaching. Is it possible that humanity cannot comprehend that knowledge emanates from the One Source? Therefore, the dividing line between knowledge and ignorance is the dividing line between light and darkness. We are easily able to bring together the Torah with the hymns of the Vedas, or the precepts of Buddha with the words of Christ, for We do not discern differences between Teachings emanating from the One Source.
In 1934 86 years ago, the book A Treatise on White Magic was published (we do not have the date of transmission for this book). In that book, Master DK outlined the blueprints for a new Yoga he called The Yoga of Synthesis, which can be found on p. 429 of that book. But he emphasized "But the time is not yet. The group [The New Group of World Servers] must grow in strength and knowledge and in intuitive perception.
Nevertheless, the foundation for future work was laid and ready for the rest of the construction to begin at the right time, utilizing the foundation laid by the Agni Yoga teachings. Perhaps after the Dawning of the Age of Maitreya recognized and cooperated with by the Agni Yoga Teachings, and the approach of 2025, we are entering the Full Light of Day in the Age of Maitreya which will illumine the whole now that the necessary advancements in the receptivity of humanity have occurred.

It is perhaps no accident that with the coming in of the Life Aspect in the New Age, that those disciples who have been attracted to the Yoga of Synthesis have begun to write about it and practice it in their own lives of service.
Many of these same souls could well have been those who developed the Will Aspect in their own equipment in previous lives, having been students of Master Morya for a very long time through many lifetimes and coming into incarnation at this time to assist with necessary preparations for impending events and recognizing the necessity of The Yoga of Synthesis now that science has recognized that all is energy and humanity is undergoing initiation.

There are many other disciples who in different ashrams who have come into assist at this momentous time in our planetary history and they are aware of the truth of the One Work and add their contributions to the Whole of that Work understanding the one does not contradict another.


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