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Home Planets Full Moon In Libra 2020 Leni Sibilio

Full Moon In Libra 2020 Leni Sibilio

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Full Moon in Libra 2020
is on the air ,
and the tension between the two Scales of Libra, oscillating
to find an Harmonic third point to find Serenity ,
suggested me to search into the Sabian symbols an input of Light and Love to find the third point of Life.
The ' Astrological Mandala ', written times ago, by
Dane Rudhyar has been much inspiring -
it has to do with
- The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 symbolic Phases-.
Full Moon is occurring at around 8° Libra, if i take the midpoint between the Sun at 8° Libra and the opposite Moon in 8° Aries , will pop out out a 90° apart .... which is 8°Cancer .
This is a middle - point of synthesis between Sun/Moon on the air for these days
along with these Sabian symbols of Wisdom.
Let's reflect on this particular degree,associated to the balancing full Moon of 2020, and ponder if we eventually resonate....
- Phase 98 ( Cancer 8° ): " A group of rabbits dressed in human clothes walk as if on parade".
Keynote: ' The tendency in all forms of life to imitate higher forms
as a stimulus to growth '.
This rather strange symbol points to what is essential in all first attempts at developing consciousness and furthering one's growth through association with those who have already reaches a a superior evolutionary or mental level.
Every seeker looks for an " Exemplar".
The religious mystic speaks of " the Imitation of Christ ."
In Japan the music student sits in front of his/her teacher playing an instrument, and carefully imitates his/her every gesture.
- At this stage we see at work the basic features at the start of all LEARNING PROCESSES-.
An Astrological Mandala - Dane Rudhyar
The Exemplar IS
the *" Imitation of Christ "* in us all !
To Resonate to What We already have in us as LIFE ! - L.S.


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