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Home Planets PULSAR at 2° LEO by Leni Sibilio

PULSAR at 2° LEO by Leni Sibilio

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At 2° 36' LEO
we find the conjunction to a PULSAR,
the APO 0823+26 .
Basically a Pulsar is an active dynamic point in space,
it is a radio source, with radio signals repeating at a
cyclic rate ( 1/30 " to 3 " ).
A Pulsar is a Neutron Star and seems is developed
by a supernova explosion.
Pulsar is the need to communicate at a Universal level
to make clear misunderstandings.
And in this we can find the link with our Earth.
Individuals with this contact in the chart must express
the essence of things how they capture them, to stimulate others in a new higher frequency and spectrum of willful evolved perspectives.
As far as the individual/nation, etc. is in contact with this point,
the necessity to great regularity of the trasmission blossoms
in a deep growing energy, enthusiasm follows the communication!
APO 0823+26 in 2°36' Leo is a point in space which suggest strongly an education of the Will ,
a sense of the Divine Will !
To the one 'interested' , suggestion
IS To Listen, too! * Leni Sibilio


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