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2025 September

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Leni Sibilio ...The entrance ,one year ago, of Uranus in Taurus

calls for new archetypes in the world of finances under the supervision of the Seventh ray

and the Good-Will in all exchanges ( let's see the actual world situation, right now,

how the economy will collapse... and will be set on a new higher spiral , not in theory...Mankind learns...).

In September 2025 pops out a marvellous inspiring futuristic period heralded by the alignement

of Uranus in Gemini Sextile to Neptune in Aries and Trine to Pluto in Aquarius ...

The entire work of Uranus in Taurus just begun its course of evolution, it will be a circulation of finances

more along lines of real relationships ( Gemini the sign of relating ) circulation of money more free among nations

and because will be trine to Pluto a tremendous elevation in consciousness to inventiveness ,

to an exploration of potential levels of energy ( money IS pranic energy from the Sun ).

(A.O. talks of a generation with tremendous mechanical genius

that will create a vast (Neptune) number of new occupations dealing with increasingly technological tendencies of our age)....

Regeneration IS /WILL be aligned with Intuition...

will see... we are already building the future NOW,

under our open eyes!!


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