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Home Flowers of wisdom Joy unto ye! Duane C.

Joy unto ye! Duane C.

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Duane Carpenter
"Someday another phase of the Secret Doctrine will be given and the significance of the Heart of God and its vibratory quality of love will be presented, and will be seen as the attractive agent producing meaning, evolutionary possibility and coherence and this underlying the created manifested world." (Sept21,1947. The Tibetan Master Djwal Khul’s Unpublished Writings.)
Humanity, collectively is at the crossroads and he will either learn and incorporate this new Law or presentation of Love into his life or he will continue to slowly destroy the planetary eco-system and possibly perish with it.

Master Morya in the Agni Yoga series of books indicated that if man continues at his present course of destruction it may be necessary to separate humanity and transfer large groups of spiritual disciples to another system and leave the chaos here on the planet to those laggards who created it.
Is it possible that only a global world crises like the Corona-virus can help people awaken from their united sleep and inability to see a larger group and planetary perspective? To help unite a race of men who’s natural propensity is largely one of separatism and selfishness. A planetary crises of such immense proportions that it would dissolve the false ideas that there are existing boundaries between individuals, nations, and whole races of people.
When men cannot do with their own free will what is required to get to the next level of evolutionary development certain restrictions may be levied upon them by the great Lords of karma who’s deeper mission is not simply to extract due service for past or present errors, nor any type of retribution as it is commonly believed, but on a far higher turn of the spiritual spiral set in motion those adjustments that will help them to awaken to this new and greater Law of Love.

It is this condition of a Loving constitution and an opening of the Heart that will give the needed respect for this magnificent planet upon which we live and call our home. Simply accruing more information about these debilitating world and environmental conditions may be an important place to start but without a parallel in actions has clearly demonstrated it is not enough? Men need to be inspired and motivated emotionally, and from the deepest recesses of their Hearts and Souls to take the needed actions to help restore balance and integrity to the planet.
It has been said by certain indigenous groups around the world that man is the only creature that will “soil his own nest” whereas all other creatures or units of evolving life in the animal kingdom will keep their homes, be it a small nest high in the trees, or a darken cave free from contaminants.
This new Law of Love is not some vague idealism but the foundation of a new set of principles and laws that will govern the Age of Aquarius we are now moving into.
“...All the glories of Nature... the aroma of the flowers ... the stars, flowers of the fire strewn over the sky; the glow worms, ... all these have been created to render the Adept worthy of Nature, at the moment when for the first time she exclaims...'I am yours,'- words formed of a divine perfume of the soul, which, breathed forth, ascend to heaven together with the perfume of the flowers... it is the moment which expiates and pays for a whole life of bitter regrets.”
"that moment- it is the price of all our miseries." (H.P.B. Secret Doctrine.

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