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Why do so many people who have been lifetime meat eaters get sick when they start with a new vegetarian life-style? One of the most important is that the toxins and lower atomic substance stored in the physical and etheric body are forced to the surface by this new and more advanced energy alignment, and in this process of being expelled, temporarily create in the person just the opposite effect then what they were expecting. Instead of feeling good they often feel really bad. This temporary discomfort or weakening of the physical constitution is simply a part of purification as more advance elemental or devic substance is draw into the students spiritual sheaths, centers or auric fields.

Technically, if we could see etherically we would understand that the point of tension between the older energy being dislodged by the newer and higher forces is a necessary but temporary dynamic of what DK has called the entry into the “burning ground” that everyone must undergo at some point in their development. The student feels this burning sensation in their physical-etheric bodies as they undergo this transmutation process. Those who are unfortunately unable to see the broader dynamic taking place on the inner planes often interpret this discomfort as a bad sign and that it must indicate they may be doing something wrong or that this new vegetarian diet will not work for them.

A note of warning if any of the statements made here in this brief outline are accurate it indicates the importance of slow and rhythmic change.

This idea that some Yogi’s do not eat meat, not out of concern for the animals welfare or their unfortunate demise, but purely for dietary purposes, is a narrow and self-serving Yoga that focuses too much on personal development and not enough on the central and paramount idea of just simply not taking life.

The old Laya Yoga of Pisces we are moving away from orientated the disciple towards their own special personal development, and the new Laya Yoga of the Age of Aquarius focuses more on the group dynamic and how any improvement in ones personal or spiritual development may have a major effect upon their fellow group of disciples, colleagues and co-workers. It is the spiritual group and its broader needs that will emerge in the coming cycle and not a self-serving emphases of the lower personality. This is a difficult concept for the average spiritual aspirant to understand. They may verbally enunciate or avow these idealistic and platitudinous concerns for world salvaging but when closely observed their primary focus is mainly on themselves and their own individual development.

On this subject DK has stated:


“Hence, when the pranic vehicle is working perfectly in all three groups, human, planetary and solar, the union with latent fire will be accomplished. Here lies the reason for the emphasis laid on the necessity for building pure, refined physical vehicles. The more refined and rarefied the form, the better a receiver of prana will it be, and the less will be the resistance found to the uprising of kundalini at the appointed time. Coarse matter and crude immature physical bodies are a menace to the occultist, and no true seer will be found with a body of a gross quality. The dangers of disruption are too great, and the menace of disintegration by fire too awful. Once in the history of the race (in Lemurian days) this was seen in the destruction of the race and the continents by means of fire. 45 The Guides of the race at that time availed Themselves of just this very thing to bring about the finish of an inadequate form. The latent fire of matter (as seen in volcanic display, for instance) and the radiatory fire of the system were combined. Planetary kundalini and solar emanation rushed into conjunction, and the work of destruction was accomplished. The same thing may again be seen, only in matter of the second ether, and the effects therefore will be less severe owing to the rarity of this ether and the comparatively greater refinement of the vehicles.” (TCF 103)

Everything on the Occult Path deals with energy and force and the science of how to transmute the lower into the higher. When ones eating habits have formed the right rhythm with the right foods that are good for the whole organism the function of eating will automatically fall below the threshold of ones perceptions and no longer need any special attention.


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