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Home Flowers of wisdom CORE WOUNDS OF SPIRIT AND MATTER by Bruce


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Existential wounds are core wounds that block the opening of our full channel from spirit to matter. These are the core wounds that most outer triggers are layered on top of and go back too. Core wounds are the ones we create elaborate protection systems around..and the more personal development work we do, the cleverer we become at managing and working around them.

Core, existential wounds can be accessed through the personal self and personal story, however once we have pierced through the thick, crusty layers of repressed emotions, excavating the personal story can be a never ending pit to mine. Peeling the onion can become an addiction to fixing, improving, healing, looking for the next hit of clearing, the next course, the next healer, the next medicine, going into the minutiae of every traumatic event, looking under every rock and when we run out of places to look, going through past lives, and on and on. It can become a way of distracting and avoiding going to the source. Never really piercing thru the core.

Core existential wounds are not of the personal self, but of the soul. The existential wounds of disconnection from spirit and matter.

First spirit..The existential spirit wound of abandonment. The souls pain of leaving the oneness and peace of the void. Abandonment. Feeling abandoned by god, by spirit, by love. The personal story, in whatever form, can be a gateway when we open through it, feeling fully and piercing through the personal layers on top, to the soul wound. The soul wound place is a deeper feeling place. A place that has many layers of armour, that sometimes takes a dramatic betrayal/abandonment outer story, to be the gateway in..and in..and in..and through.

This wound is accessed and felt as a surrender through death. Not physical death, but shamanic death initiation.

Moving through the core, on the other side of this wound is connection with oneness, with spirit, with the void. Spiritual awakening, expanded awareness. Opening the channel, the path, that creates access to this place. And when we lose connection, our turnaround time is faster opening back to it..first a trickle of connection, then a flow, and then a river of connection and awareness of being held, known and loved, by the divine in the cosmos.

The other existential wound less spoken about, is that of matter..this wound is not around separation from spirit, but rather, not merging fully with the vibrational field of matter. Not descending fully as a soul. Not feeling welcomed, not belonging..an alien in a strange land..a disconnection from matter.

Again the gateway can be accessed through the personal self and story, but it is piercing through and beyond that to the core soul piece that opens the channel. The image i have is following the umbilical cord from the cosmic mother through the birth mother, and story, and softly falling into the earth mother. Descending fully into the land, the earth, the atomic and vibrational field that has lovingly called the unique essence of this soul, and is lovingly welcoming this one to the density of matter.

This wound is accessed and felt, not through shamanic death, but as a shamanic opening to life..

Opening to the feeling of being welcomed, belonging, “I matter”, not just as a personality empowerment story or affirmation, but a deep soul opening into the embodied vibrational essence in each and every atom..opening through the body and the soul fully experiencing entering the matrix of earth, the web of life, the fungal network. Matter as an embodied, vibrational ecstatic experience. A knowing that “I am matter” and “Matter matters”.

From this place living in synergy with the earth, the wild, nature and life is an upwelling of lived and loving truth.

Surrendering through death and opening to life are the souls two paths home. Home to spirit and to matter. Opening the full channel from earth to cosmos. Integrating the spiritual path and the matter path. Holding the truth of both in the heart. And embodying both here and now as wild love, as this planet, this earth, this life.


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