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Path 1 Earth Service

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In ancient teachings, the word for light was often understood to be synonymous with the word for God.
Theosophical writings propose that many millions of years ago, a great event, called individualisation, took place on our planet. In that far distant time, there occurred a potent inpouring of the light of consciousness, which ignited the spark of mind within the animal forms of the human beings of the day.
"The causal body is that sheath of mental substance which is formed at the moment of individualization by the contact of the two fires. The force or energy that pours through from the higher planes (the breath of the Monad, if you care so to term it) produces a vacuum, or something analogous to a bubble in koilon, and the sheath of the causal body -- the ring-pass-not of the central Life is formed."
Therefore, you have at the moment of individualization, which is the term used to express this hour of contact, on the third subplane of the mental plane a point of light, enclosing three atoms, and itself enclosed in a sheath of mental matter. The work then to be done consists of:
1. Causing that point of light to become a flame, by steadily fanning the spark and feeding the fire.
2. Causing the causal body to grow and expand from being a colorless ovoid, holding the Ego like a yolk within the egg-shell, to a thing of rare beauty, containing within itself all the color of the rainbow.
The causal body will palpitate in due course of time with an inner irradiation, and an inner glowing flame that will gradually work its way from the center to the periphery.
It will then pierce through that periphery, using the body (that product of millennia of lives of pain and endeavor) as fuel for its flames.
It will burn all up, it will mount upward to the Triad, and (becoming one with that Triad) will be reabsorbed into the spiritual consciousness,—will carry with it—using heat as the symbol—an intensity of heat or quality of color or vibration that before were lacking."
Perhaps the most significant symbol presaging a new Age of Light in human life is the laser. First created in 1960, these potent instruments of light are intimately bound up in the storage, retrieval and transmission of knowledge, for the Internet is largely made of fibre optic cable contained a laser.
It is no surprise that such a powerful tool has the potential for both creative and destructive uses, for light can blind as well as illuminate. As ever, the responsibility for right use lies within human hands.
What gives the laser its peculiar potency? Everyone knows that the light from a laser is of only one colour, and that this light can be projected as a very narrow beam. These two qualities are different aspects of the key characteristic, namely coherence. In simple terms, this means that each individual waveform of light, each photon, is ‘in step’ with all others, like soldiers marching in close formation.
This gives the light its extraordinary purity, intensity, and power of focused projection.
An interesting analogy could be made with the mind of a trained meditator, which can penetrate into previously unknown realms of consciousness.
Another analogy , is coherence between two of the principles essential to our times, namely the principles of unanimity and essential divinity.
In the case of unanimity, we could say that it is where a group is consciously striving to find the highest common point of agreement on a specific course of action.
This distinguishes it from the much-maligned ‘groupthink’, where people agree with whatever others think in order to minimise conflict.
Instead, those striving for unanimity intend to seek the harmony that lies beyond conflict, by critically assessing all ideas, without attaching any importance to their source.
The principle of essential divinity works in a similar way, as members of a group from different spiritual traditions gradually recognise the essential qualities of Spirit , allowing them to participate in a shared approach to the source of all Light and Love, however it is labelled.
Another intriguing application of lasers is in the creation of a state of matter that only exists at very low temperatures, in which many atoms effectively act as one large ‘super-atom’, which can then themselves be used to briefly ‘freeze’ light.
Again, an analogy suggests itself with group meditation, where the minds of those involved may coalesce around a coherent pattern of thought, which can capture and sustain a high spiritual inspiration for much longer than normal thinking.
The light of the soul leads eventually into a new and expanded state of consciousness, often called enlightenment.
The word enlightenment is defined as “to make luminous, to shine.” It is through the steady appropriation of light and the growing ability to let that light shine that the eventual transformation that is enlightenment occurs.
To get ourselves upon the path of the soul, and integrate with it - we have to battle with dragon of the lower mind... we have to take the spiritual kingdom by the strength of the will, and force ourselves through the electric door of dualities to the blaziing Sun of monad.
Attributes - Wise-compassion.
Source - Constellation of the Dragon, via Libra.
Method - Twelve cosmic Identifications.
Hierarchy - The sixth.
Symbol - A green dragon issuing from the center of a blazing sun. Behind the sun and over-topping it can be seen two pillars on either side of a closed door.
A, Bailey TCF. pic by D .CARPENTER.

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