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Home Planets The Star Betelgeuse and the NGWS P.L.

The Star Betelgeuse and the NGWS P.L.

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The Star Betelgeuse and the NGWS


Articles about Betelgeuse turning into a supernova, that emerged during NGWS week in Capricorn – appear to be more than a “coincidence”:

“Influential and potent forces pouring in at this time from the great stars Betelgeuse and Sirius.

To these two influences, the disciples of the world in the senior ranks of the New Group of World Servers

definitely react, and they produce a stimulation of the heart centre (Betelgeuse) and the head centre (Sirius).

The secondary effect of these energies is upon the mineral kingdom, particularly upon

that peculiar product, gold, and that enigma, money.13

This passage was written between 1935-9 – 1935 was the beginning of the seven year cycles of World Servers week.

It has been exactly 84 years since that time – the time of the cycle of Uranus, the reformer and ruler of Aquarius.

In an earlier passage written 1921-4, it was stated:

“… the interest awakened in the public mind lately by the giant star Betelgeuse in the constellation of Orion

is due to the fact that at this particular time there has been an interplay of force between our tiny system

and this giant one, and communication between the two informing Existences.”14

Just as each individual is part of a greater group or ashram, so it is with these cosmic existences:

“… the sun Betelgeuse … certain facts connected with this sun have lately come more prominently before the public

is in reality a subjective one. The science of the soul in its various aspects (mental, psychical, and spiritual)

is making much headway now in the world, and is absorbing more and more the attention of thinkers.

Note that Orion is the constellation in which Betelgeuse is placed.

This is the result of certain waves of energy impinging upon our solar system and thus

eventually finding their way to our planet. Betelgeuse from the occult standpoint is a system of the second order,

just as our solar system is one of the fourth order. There is consequently a relation between these two numbers

both in the system and the cosmos. This influence reaches our system via the sign Sagittarius.”


Based upon these passages, esoteric students have proposed that Betelgeuse in the Orion constellation,

is the solar plexus centre of a great cosmic entity called the One About Whom Naught May Be Said (OAWNMBS)

– and our solar system or Sol, is the-as-yet unawakened heart centre of the OAWNMBS.

What therefore, are the implications for Betelegeuse becoming a supernova?


Given that in the evolution of any entity, the solar plexus forces are raised to the heart, the possibilities are profound.

Perhaps its a little premature in the evolution of our solar logos to consider such a development just yet,

but it is certainly a tantalising thought with regard to at least a minor initiation of our Solar Logos (our “local god”)

– and hence the flow-on effect to Earth and the stimulation of the NGWS.

From Phillip Lindsay


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