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Home Planets -Gemini Earth ( Sagittarius Sun ) - Phillip Sedgwick Heliocentric Astrology

-Gemini Earth ( Sagittarius Sun ) - Phillip Sedgwick Heliocentric Astrology

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"Gemini Earth ( Sagittarius Sun ) -

Lesson -

This sign axis must learn to deal with an intellectually intense duality that teaches that the more consideration and objectivity, the greater the focus.

These people perceive this postulate to be in direct contradiction to the basic programming of the mind.

The blinders must be removed and a willingness to view polar opposition must result.

A mental overload exists until the individual recognizes

that missed objectives result from the inability to adjust or correct a course once in motion.

Long rage effects appear in little steps. As a chinese proverb states, " Journey of thousand miles begins with the first step."

Such is the case for the Gemini Earth.

Steps along the way allow for reconsideration, revision and resolutions to be refined without interruption to the natural direction.

Legacy -

Once in a mode of receptivity and diversification, the Gemini Earth individual becomes one of the most directed and consistent contemplators on the planet.

The lesson taught by these people is that there is no absolute way to get there.

Many paths exist between here and there.

Correction is taught as a positive attribute and not as an indicator of something thought or done incorrectly."

from ' The Sun at the Centre ' - P.S.


Tomorrow Sun in Sagittarius , Soul ruler the Earth ...

From now onwards i'll post the position of the Earth - point of each month - Sign .

I believe this will help , in the long run , to empower the Heart , bringin' more Will and Love to the close entry of 2020 


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