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Home Planets MARS MOVES INTO SCORPIO: Challenging Weeks Ahead! (Nov.19, 2019 – Jan.3, 2020) Phillip Lindsay

MARS MOVES INTO SCORPIO: Challenging Weeks Ahead! (Nov.19, 2019 – Jan.3, 2020) Phillip Lindsay

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MARS MOVES INTO SCORPIO: Challenging Weeks Ahead!
(Nov.19, 2019 – Jan.3, 2020)

This article is related to my previous Facebook post - Scorpio, Memory and the Shadow. The transit of Mars through Scorpio will be concurrent with Mercury’s lingering passage there, adding to the fierceness of the Scorpio battlefield.

Mars enters Scorpio on Nov.19 - on its two-year cycle, promising some intense experiences both personal and planetary - in the next 45 days. On November 24, there will be an opposition from transiting Mars in Scorpio to Uranus in Taurus - that has not occurred on this axis since 1935. Joining Mars at 11.37 am (GMT), will be an exact conjunction of the Moon – that will considerably magnify the expression of this Mars-Uranus opposition.

One point of least resistance for Mars-Uranus is outbursts of impulsive anger, aggressive behaviour and resentment; it can also give rise to situations where one is on the receiving end of unexpected attacks – verbal or physical. Mars rules the solar plexus, seat of the astral body and whilst in Scorpio, can evoke destructive emotions.

Sex is certainly a big theme here, for satiation or satisfaction - or over-ruling the urge - particularly as Uranus is the ruler of the sacral centre, placed in Taurus, the “bull of desire”. Uranus is a “mental” planet, hence can bring about mental control over the simmering passions, such as the Scorpio tendencies of jealousy, anger, hatred, rage, possessiveness, power struggles – how to redirect it all, in creative ways? (Make a painting, have great sex or put your enemy’s head in a vice!)

Mars is one of the best planets to reveal what you need to work on, where you might be out of control. Mars takes no prisoners because its passage through his own sign evokes big brother Pluto, co-ruler of Scorpio. What Mars brings into awareness, Pluto helps to destroy, transform and raise up. That is why Pluto’s new symbol is the upward pointing arrow – indicating the shift of energies from the Mars-ruled solar plexus, up into the heart. Bear in mind Scorpio’s keynote on the reversed wheel: “Warrior am I and from the battle I emerge triumphant.” Scorpio is *the* sign of “discipleship”.

Hence this date will be potent in any horoscope that has planets in orb of 3 degrees of the fixed cross: Taurus-Scorpio, Leo-Aquarius. One interesting example is Britain’s 1801 horoscope – Nov.24 is just 18 days before the British election on 12-12-19. (See chart attached)

Britain has Jupiter in early Leo, whilst Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has Jupiter opposite, in early Aquarius. Tory leader Boris Johnson has the moon in early Scorpio with solar directed Pluto close by. All three horoscopes will participate in a grand cross with the Mars-Uranus opposition n Nov.24.

Perhaps some major event relating to Britain and the leaders’ destiny will arise at this time. Nov.24 will be the critical period before the forthcoming election, where Scorpio’s lower keynote, “Let maya flourish and deception rule” – will be at its strongest; it will be in, “the thick of the battle” - all sorts of dirty tricks and propaganda may be swirling, warring factions, undermining opponents etc.

Also a possibility under Mars-Uranus, is that there is some major stunt or violent attack that is staged in Britain (or elsewhere), meant to disrupt the election or harm political participants. Yet, there are strong soul forces involved in this configuration, namely Britain’s Jupiter-ruled, 2nd ray Love-Wisdom soul, plus the powerful position of Jupiter, soul ruler of Aquarius - in Corbyn’s chart. One cannot say much for Johnson’s Scorpio moon, his point of least resistance is quite predictable, recently analysed in the Scorpio 2019 newsletter.

Earlier, 1935 was mentioned - one of the critical years leading up to WWII. Three years later, occurred the infamous Kristallnacht incident (Night of Broken Glass), where a pogrom against Jews was carried out by the paramilitary and civilians, throughout Nazi Germany. That was Nov.9, 1938 - whilst transiting Sun in Scorpio opposed Uranus in Taurus. The Sun-Uranus opposition is similar to Mars-Uranus, and can have the same kind of consequences - authoritarian rule, persecution and the inciting of violence:

“German authorities looked on without intervening … "Crystal Night" comes from the shards of broken glass that littered the streets after the windows of Jewish-owned stores, buildings and synagogues were smashed. Jewish homes, hospitals and schools were ransacked as the attackers demolished buildings with sledgehammers. The rioters destroyed 267 synagogues throughout Germany … Over 7,000 Jewish businesses were damaged or destroyed, and 30,000 Jewish men were arrested and incarcerated in concentration camps.” (Wikipedia)

This event shocked the world into the realisation that war was imminent – and is only mentioned here to emphasise the potential violence of a Mars-Uranus opposition – personal or planetary. It does not mean that there will be anti-Jewish violence, but could manifest in an event of similar intensity. For instance, disaffected groups lashing out in violent demonstrations around the world.

Or, the intensification of existing turbulence, such as Hong Kong, Chile, France etc. Warrior Mars is fearless in tackling headlong the various political institutions that have not served the people - by subjecting them to repression and economic hardship. In this respect, Britain could become such a battleground if the Conservatives retain power and Brexit succeeds.

It is ironic that Jeremy Corbyn has been under a sustained propaganda attack for several years, by his detractors playing the anti-Semitic card - in a desperate bid to prevent him acquiring power. Whether that issue resurfaces during the election campaign remains to be seen!

Yet, 1935 was also the year that inaugurated the seven year cycles of World Servers festival week - during Capricorn. Hence, the Mars-Uranus opposition and the overall passage of Mars in Scorpio for seven weeks, will be a period where there is developed an increasing awareness of the New Group of World Servers (NGWS) - on a higher turn of the evolutionary cycle – 84 years on; Mars in Scorpio will lay the groundwork for the imminent 7-year cycle of World Servers week in Capricorn (Dec.21-28) – and will be potently present through until Jan.3, 2020.

Uranus (an 84 year cycle) is the ruler of the incoming Aquarian Age for which the NGWS pave the way. As the darkness of WWII loomed large in the 1930’s, so now the potential for a new material age - engineered by the resistant forces of the passing Piscean Age - must be offset by the combined efforts of all light-workers.

It is a daunting task, given the stranglehold of material forces globally, but one that must be met with absolute resolution, staunchly drawing upon Mars in Scorpio!


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