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Home Planets ~ THE COSMOLOGY OF 2020 ~ Bruce Lyon

~ THE COSMOLOGY OF 2020 ~ Bruce Lyon

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"2020 is a critical year in the collective awakening process for humanity. Looking back, we will see it as a watershed year that launched a decade more influential than the 60’s. It marks a time of civilisational change and the emergence of the world soul.
In January we have the conjunction of Pluto and Saturn at 22 degrees Capricorn (January 10th heliocentric and January 12th geocentric ) The forces of restriction and the status quo meet the forces of irresistible transformation. This transit has sparked wars, revolutions and economic crises. It should mark the point of deepest crystallisation and calcification of the power structures of our modern society.
When fully crystallised they are also the most brittle and can, therefore, crack easily. Look for that crack in whatever world events are manifesting that will let the dark light of the eternal in. This is also a good time not to get embroiled in the tension between the forces of suppression and revolution but to wait for the third option - the emergence of the heart through the middle point of the crisis.
At the solstice of June 21st, we have a solar eclipse (interesting background take on it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTT8KTp6DxU and here https://grahamhancock.com/harpert1/ ) that fulfils the hint given in Occult cosmology that an opportunity of particular potency is available for the collective.
This is when the Wild Love tour will launch and encourage people all over the planet to simply emerge as the Love they are - to follow the emergence of the planetary soul through the crack. This impulse is reinforced by the conjunction of Pluto and Jupiter ( the empowerment and transformation of the heart ). This will occur heliocentrically on Jul 31 but have its geocentric impacts on Apr 5, June 30 and Nov 12. In August Pluto will also square Eris ( a dwarf planet the size of Pluto discovered in 2005 coinciding with revelations about dark matter and dark light ). Eris was the Greek goddess of discord who threw the apple which sparked the Trojan War.
At the end of the year, Saturn conjuncts Jupiter (heliocentrically on Nov 2 and geocentrically on the solstice of December 21 ) The joining of these two planets indicates the opportunity for new societal structures based on Love.
To sum up we have a year of tension resulting in crisis which could produce the emergence of the soul of humanity in unprecedented ways and result in the beginnings of a civilisation based on the inherent qualities of love and freedom in the human soul.
Big picture astrology offers us the insight to prepare ourselves in advance and to add our conscious cooperation and willing consent to the archetypal forces shaping evolution. We can use the precious gift of free will to choose the path for ourselves and support others to make that choice. An initiation lies ahead for the heart of humanity and all initiations reflect that which we choose with all our strength at the times of greatest tension and deepest vulnerability."
- Bruce Lyon


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