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Home Planets Scorpio New Moon 28 Oct. 2019 * Phillip Linsday

Scorpio New Moon 28 Oct. 2019 * Phillip Linsday

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Scorpio New Moon: Uranus and Mercury

This Scorpio new moon on October 28 promises to be potent for personal and global transformation and reform - during the month of November. Sun-Moon are opposed closely by radical Uranus, agent of revolution and reform. Scorpio is the sign of regeneration, revealing the hidden – within one’s psyche, and the world at large.

Just a few days after the new moon, Mercury in Scorpio goes retrograde, where it will stay for several weeks, helping to reveal secrets, to investigate and penetrate mysteries. This could well be a month of personal, political and spiritual revelations, as well as emotional and sexual healing.

Especially with regard to the latter, as Scorpio ruler Mars is placed in Libra, the sign of relationships – closely square to Saturn in Capricorn; this aspect could certainly represent the termination of relationships or friendships that no longer serve their purpose, drawing upon Scorpio co-ruler Pluto the destroyer. Another alternative is to work hard to preserve existing relationship but to raise it to a new agreement between respective parties. Personally or politically!

Scorpio’s keynote on the “ordinary wheel” is “Let maya flourish and deception rule” – indicating the quagmire of the watery astral plane - in which most of humanity wallows. Hence, the month of Scorpio that embraces these new and full moon cycles over these next weeks, is a great opportunity to pierce personal illusions and beliefs, to apply the blowtorch to personal glamours and to rout the Dweller on the Threshold, the Shadow.


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