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Duane Carpenter to The Reappearance of the Christ
“When a man starts out to follow the path of occult meditation, it takes well-nigh fourteen years to rebuild the subtle bodies, and incidentally the physical. All through that period it is not safe to tamper with the unknown for only the very strong refined physical body, the controlled stable and equalised emotional body and the properly striated mental body can enter into the subtler planes and literally work with Fohat, for that is what the occult does. Therefore is the emphasis laid by all wise Teachers everywhere on the Path of Purification, which must precede the Path of Illumination. They lay the emphasis on the building in of spiritual faculty before psychic faculty can be safely permitted; they demand service to the race every day throughout the scope of life before a man may be permitted to manipulate the forces of nature, to dominate the elementals, to co-operate with the devas, and to learn the forms and ceremonies, the mantrams and the key-words, that will bring those forces within the circle of manifestation. (LOM 131)
Here we see in the attached video striated electrical fields shifting alternately from to positive and negative. This alternating electrical shift takes place because there is no resistance and all of the tiny atoms or electrons that make up these units of life are situated parallel and striated to each other. These electrical striations, in the nomenclature of contemporary science, are properly “entrained” and follow a path of least resistance without obstructions. This same dynamic is also is now taking place with our own planetary logos (Earth) as the poles reverse their magnetic currents. This dynamic pole shift seen in the video happens in mere seconds but on a larger planetary or cosmic scale it can take cyclically millions or billions of years.
As we will demonstrate it is the obstructions in the movement of energy flows that cause disturbances and counter-currents in the striated electrical fields of all living organism. Men call these interior disturbances in their lives karma, stress, chaos or pain but in reality most discomforts are the result of an improper balancing or response to interior energies and forces of which man knows practically nothing.
Applying this outline we have just shared to the planet Jupiter we can see how even planetary Logoi or the 7 sacred Heavenly Men in our solar system on their more exalted level also struggle to take over higher and more refined spiritual levels. The next abbreviate commentary gives an example outwardly of the planet Jupiter and its inner urge or push to exceed its own limitations electrically. It is knowledge of these occult facts that allows any spiritual entity to enter the immense magnetic flows that cross and criss-cross the inner hidden spiritual worlds and dimensions with safety and self-confidence.
Condensed and truncated from a commentary titled:
“Similarities in fluid flow obstruction in the Laboratory Assays and Jupiter.” By Branko R Babic
Research into turbulent plasma flows in and around the planet Jupiter reveal a clear picture of the way fluid molecules behave when impacting on obstructing surfaces and the repeatable formed turbulence flow patterns.
Other “impenetrable fluid flow obstructions” would seem to be present on Jupiter and on the poles are seen huge areas of turbulence where magnetic field lines flow into the Jupiter mass.
And as science is a discipline of reproducible results, the vortexes seen in the above obstructed fluid flow; it seems that similarities in the flow behaviour of the fluids on Jupiter demonstrate familiar characteristics reproducible in the laboratory. The “Great Spot” behaves like a solid obstruction to the flowing fluid in that layer and the vortex development is similar to solid obstruction to fluid flow in a laboratory.
Clearly, all current information on Jupiter states that there are no solid objects on Jupiter and so the obstructions seen there, has to be of other impenetrable phenomena. The obvious candidate to put forward for discussion is the flow of “Plasma” along magnetic fields generated by Jupiter. Intense, directed plasma flow along “conduits of plasma current” will form impenetrable barriers to fluid flow and that will cause turbulence in the flow volume of the Jupiter fluids.
In summary we can say that man on his tiny scale, who is also an electrical unit of life, must duplicate in miniature what these higher and more exalted beings are undertaking with physical purity, high emotional aspirations, mental clarity and intension.

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