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About Hong Kong Phillip Linsday

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Fighting for Democracy in Hong Kong

Some excerpts from a piece I am preparing on the situation in Hong Kong. There is part of our ongoing global transformation and many westerners ignore the far east because it is, “so far away, out of sight, out if mind”! Yet its another crisis that demands to be understood.

As Hong Kong was part of the British Empire for over a 150 years (1842-1997), a subjective influence of the British democratic and legal system still lingers. Hence, it is no coincidence that Hong Kong’s crisis is occurring during Britain’s democratic crisis.

Hong Kong is a gateway to China and an unique bridge between east and west. HK’s modern birth was in 1997 - when the UK’s 99 year lease expired. HK has Aries rising, Sun in Cancer and a Taurus moon – the latter reflecting a legacy of the British Taurus personality - currently “stuck” in its dilemma over Brexit.

Hong Kong is a very dynamic, high energy place and has aggressive Aries rising - with its ruler combative Mars place in Libra opposite, the sign of the peacemaker. Said one protester recently: “I accept revolution and bloodshed. Revolution is a war and no war is without violence. If our violence can bring about positive changes, I am willing to be involved.” Martial arts movies starring the likes of Bruce Lee, have always been big in Honkers. A key factor with Aries is its need for independence.

The sun is in in watery Cancer, whose soul ruler is god of the oceans Neptune – Hong Kong is on the water and surrounded by water! Bruce Lee’s motto of “being water”: adaptable, and mobile – has become the catchcry of the leaderless pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has Uranus and Jupiter in Aquarius, adding to the love of freedom and independence. Hence, radical, revolutionary thought has a fertile environment to gestate. Yet, combined with Aries rising - leads to statements like “Revolution is a war and no war is without violence.” HK’s past is symbolised by the Taurus moon, not only representing its past connection to Britain, but also the older traditions of the various ethnicities, mostly Chinese. China itself is a Taurus soul.

The moon in Taurus is square to Jupiter in Aquarius, indicating a conflict between the past and future – and a deep stubborness to achieve ends. Hence, pro-democracy groups are now resisting the impact of the hard line taken by mainland China – with equal determination. 
The main transits affecting Hong Kong’s horoscope currently are:

1. Transiting Uranus in Taurus square Venus in Leo. Uranus the revolutionary activating Venus in Leo’s need to create an unique and independent, self-rule, by whatever dramatic means possible. This transit will make four hits to Venus, beginning in July-August 2018, April 2019 and finally in February 2020.

Then Uranus will proceed to square its own natal position of Uranus in Aquarius - in May and November 2020, with a final pass in February 2021; it will foment further rebellious activity in Hong Kong - against the very Saturnian Chinese regime. China is a third ray personality ruled by Saturn; it is also a first ray soul and can be utterly ruthless against uprisings, as demonstrated in Tianamen Square in 1976.

2. Transiting Pluto in Capricorn square to HK’s Saturn in Aries. Pluto in Capricorn is the power of the state at odds with HK’s resistant Saturn in warrior Aries.

3. Transiting Saturn in Capricorn square Saturn in Aries. The law, karma – responsibility. This transit has been in effect since February 2019 and will last until the third and final pass in December 2019.

A full report in the forthcoming Virgo and Libra newsletters.



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