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Home Flowers of wisdom Seeds of Infinite M.R. INFUSCEPTION

Seeds of Infinite M.R. INFUSCEPTION

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Infusception is that type of in-Universe Perception which reveals the Beingness/Being from which

all in-Universe Self-Perception of the Universal Logos emanate.

Infusception reveals the intra-Universal Formless Substance from which all emanations extend.

When infusception occurs, it will be registered in the heart center.

Infusception equalizes all in-Universe F/forms.

Infusception negates the in-Universe Reality of all Forms/forms. Infusception does not negate

the Actuality of all in-Universe F/forms.

Infusception can (i) be practiced between the P/perceiver and the P/perceived.

By extending the number of in-Universe P/perceivables in the Act of Infusception one will become more adept

at registering Being/Beingness.

In the Act of Infusception the quality of infusceived F/forms is ignored.


Infusception allows us (as human beings) to identify our Beingness/Being with That which pervades our entire Universe.

We see ourselves as That Which Pervades and are utterly Formless/formless.







Perceptions 'unitize'; do infusceptions unitize?

Perceptions are not identifications; infusceptions are identifications

Infusception relates to the BE-NESS-as-Beingness of any perception

Infusception is identicality with the thing perceived

Infusception is the great escape from Maha-Maya

Infusception is identification as Being-as-BEING

Perception unitizes; infusception infinitizes

Infusception of That is also possible but it is not ultimate inception

Infusception is actually a process of identifying as progressively vaster and deeper infusions until,

at last inception of the One Universal Being is experienced on the way to the inception

of the ONE BEING at the dissolution of the Universe

So there is ONE ULTIMATE INFUSCEPTION (PARACEPTION), an infinitude of Penultimate Infusception

(in the SUPRA-NOUMENAL REALM), and, in-Universe, progressive inceptions leading to ever deeper

and vaster identifications

Infusception draws all to the center of the Heart

Infusception demands the superimposition of all points

Infusception is the key to identification

Infusception is identificatory

Infusception infinitizes

Melt all perceptions into infusceptions

Of two forms of registration (perception and inception--introception-infusception) make one

Inceiving, Infusception, Infusceptual, Infusceptualism, Infusceive, Infusception, Inceiving, Inceivable,

Infusceptual, Infusceptualistic, Infusceive, Infusceptional


Infusception is formless amalgamation

Infusception is registration of that "something far more deeply interfused"

Infusception overflows all formal demarcations

Always the infusorial contrast is required

Carry Infusception always

Infusception reveals how one form merges with another

Do not be captivated by the demarcation of forms

P/points are capable of perception, and infusception

To abide the perception of change while sustaining the infusception of Reality and the Paraception of REALITY

Ignore the apparent boundaries of forms through introception, through infusception

Dwell in Infusception

Infusception is rooted in the Heart

Change Your perception to infusception and be not trapped

Change Your perception to infusception and be not trapped

Distinguish between PARACEPTION, Infusception and Perception

'in-Universe' Total Perception is the Infusception of the Universal Logos

Infusception reveals the true nature of T/this and T/that

Infusception reveals a certain intensity of 'Being-in-Universe'

Register the Ontological Obtrusion through Infusception

The infusceptional registration of Ontological Obtrusion reveals Sameness

The infusceptional Realization of Ontological Obtrusion is Being-in-God. The infusceptional Realization

of Ontological Obtrusion is Being-as-Go

Awaken through the infusceptional Realization of Ontological Obtrusion

The infusception of identicality comes with a slight movement in the Heart

The friction between infusception and perception must be overcome

All 'intra-Universal' Infusceptions are My Infusceptions

All P/perceptions and I/infusceptions 'in-Universe' are ultimately MY 'PERCEPTIONS' and 'INFUSCEPTIONS'

To renounce a F/form is to engage in infusception

Sustained infusception of the Presence of the ' '-as-8 negates Time and Sequence

Sustained infusception of the One. Sustained infusception of the One Being. Engage in sustained infusception

of the One

Through infusception sustain Identification as the One

Isolate the Unity through Infusception

To engage in infusception is contemplation

Live in perpetual infusception

Wherever there is perception there 8 AM through infusception

Infusception reveals Unity

Perceptions unitize, infusceptions infinitize

Infusception is identicality with the thing perceived

Infusception is the great escape from Maha-Maya



























































































































































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