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Fohat Duane Carpenter

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Adam A. DeFranco to Esoteric Cosmology and Science of the Wisdom Retreat Center

Cosmic desire has an emanated force-field pervading all;

''What is Fohat and what is its role in Emanation?
In the process of Emanation Fohat plays an important role.

What is Fohat? 
The main verbal root foh is a Tibetan-Mongolian word which could be translated as Buddha-life or Buddha-vitality. Fohat is a philosophical term, having the general meaning of cosmic life or cosmic vitality, ever guided by cosmic mind or intelligence [2]. Why did the Mongolians use this term? Because they refused to see in the wonderful, symmetrical, mathematical and harmonic structure of the Universe, a play of blind and soulless forces on dead matter such as has been the dominating way of scientific thinking in the West for so many years. They gave it the name Fohat because their consciousness conceived of the cosmic vitality under its proper meaning – Buddha-life:
- the intelligent buddhic foundation of the manifested universe;
- the cosmic life, conveyed by universal consciousness, universal wisdom, and therefore correctly understood to be universal life, embodying and directed by universal intelligence.
In the Secret Doctrine I (p. 107-8) this is expressed as follows:
Fohat is the steed: the Cosmic Thought is the rider.

The source of Fohat is Cosmic kama or desire in the Cosmic Thought [3]. In a specific meaning it is identical with the old mystic Greek word Eros. ''

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