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Home Flowers of wisdom Awakening the Higher Mind 13, presented by Duane Carpenter, held on Mar 23, 2019.

Awakening the Higher Mind 13, presented by Duane Carpenter, held on Mar 23, 2019.

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Awakening the Higher Mind and Intuition Through the use of Symbols
Presented by Duane Carpenter
The primary objective of this series of webinars is to awaken the higher mind and the intuition and not necessarily to impart large volumes of information however important as a foundational base. Information is only useful if it eventually leads the student to an expansion of consciousness or changes in the inner sheaths or bodies. We must see the occult path and all of its allied information as a synthesis and how the isolated parts can be brought together into a more organic whole.

Duane has a new Awakening the Higher Mind and Intuition facebook group for questions and sharing experiences that create a bridge between his webinars.  Group work takes on a life of its own through the group mind, group will, and group heart; and this helps build highways between the group and the Masters to facilitate the One Work and to bring these abstract ideas down into a concrete presentation.


Posted in reverse chronological order
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Note: Powerpoint slides are provided below with working links for the embedded videos Duane presented. If you do not have the capability to open a powerpoint document, we have also provided a pdf version of the slides, but the embedded videos do not work in the pdf slides.


Awakening the Higher Mind 13, presented by Duane Carpenter, held on Mar 23, 2019. Duane discussed the 6-fold Ray Charts of individuals, and the associations of the predominant colors of the different rays. Many of us know (or suspect) what are Soul and Personality Rays are, but only a few have an idea of what their Monadic Ray might be. Even if we have a good understanding of our 6-fold rays, each of the vehicles will have a sub-ray, so it can complicate the sub-tone or sub-color of our ray make up. Another factor Duane discussed is that as you become more and more integrated, the rays begin to overlap and blend in your ray chart. They are basically spherical in nature, nesting within each other. There are electrical forces that form discreate bands but as we evolve and radiate more and more, they leap to the next octave. He demonstrated this with an image of the 6-fold spherical chart, blended and blurred, taking on a new look, synthesized together. He also discussed the different points of light within a soul group, ashram, or Ray Ashram and how multitudes of egoic groups form interlocking, radiant yet diverse groups. All members of the human family are grouped according to their rhythm, quality, light, magnetic influence, radiation, and activity. And just as the Master can tell the status of a disciple by viewing his rayological constitution, so can the Planetary Logos tell the status of the various Ray Ashrams and groups who are accomplishing his Divine Plan.
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