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Home Planets Uranus in Taurus

Uranus in Taurus

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Leni Sibilio

What i love of this interaction - Uranus in Taurus - is the Presence of Vulcan the Hierarchical ruler of Taurus

and Uranus the Hierarchical ruler of Aries, both are First and Seventh ray in action.

Those who are able , as spiritual individuals , to resonate to the potency of this combination ,

will be the servers ( NGWS ) for the collective new forms of development and reorientation in terms of societies, individuals, etc.

The Presence of the Fourth ray of Taurus gives us the gift to be able to tapple the Higher and the Lower Planes,

and so with the duality spirit-matter.

Thru' this Fourth ray the Lightening of Uranus will break the crystallised form of Taurus

and the descending Vulcan will shape matter at any point of of evolution...be it an atom or a country,

everything will be Hammered with the Love of the Fourth Ray which produce critical changes to arrive to a temporary Harmony ,

on & on...

We just had Uranus in Aries...the seed of the Will has been sown, the pressure has been palpable,

now how will florish and how matter reacts IS up to all of us,


the Planets and the Signs indicate the Path to the true Life-force humans who are able to withstand such an esoteric potency,

but they let us free to choose!

Pluto, Vulcan and the Earth represent the First ray Triangle thru' which pours the lightening of Uranus,

precipitating into matter..., LOVE, LOVE, and Will-to Love IS on the way... ⚡️♥️


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