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Home Flowers of wisdom THE BURNING GROUND AND OCCULT PHYSICS Duane Carpenter


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There have been a number of comments and post on the subject of Vegetarianism that I would like to comment on and somewhat expand.

We must always try to ascertain the level that the master DK is speaking of in his many comments and the correct contexts for his many apparent contradictory statements on this subject. I say apparently because when the big picture is seen his diverse comments become very compatible and sequential. Is the Tibetan Master DK speaking to an aspirant and probationer, early discipleship, advanced discipleship or to those who are of initiate consciousness.

There are so many different areas and levels that Vegetarianism apply to it is easy to get sidetracked on one’s own personal interest and level of polarization. We must never underestimate the power of the personality to rationalize its behavior in spite of the occult facts to the contrary because of personal caprices and individual desires.

As you know this period historically is considered by the Hierarchy as a time of “the gathering in of the Arharts” just as it was in the time of the Buddha who will now take the third initiation. The tests for this initiation are so severe because the Will of the Father now pours down into the higher head centers and the base of the spine energy rise and meet, that someone who is not duly prepared will not be able to stand the strain. Technically, and I might add paradoxically, one may have won the karmic right to undergo this initiation but their 3 lower vehicles may not be sufficiently prepared.

If the purification process of the three lower vehicles is not sufficiently achieved much damage, disorientating and burning will occur. The Tibetan has outline the different types of “burning grounds” the disciple will encountered as different levels of devic and elemental substance meet and are incompatible with each other. It’s all about occult physics as well as the obvious moral and ethical issues.

Here in this simple chart I have added to this post I offer the group visually all of the trials and tests through the science of triangles and the centers that must be created and experienced between the 1st and 5th initiation. Each disciple must find themselves through the use of this chart-map or some parallel outline that will help them negotiate this vast and complex subject of initiation safely and with as much mental clarity as is required.

Blessings to those students and disciples who see and understand that there is only “One Life” and what you do to these so called “lesser lives or little ones” which is in this case animal life, you do in fact to yourself.


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